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  1. Nothing is sadder than watching a sports icon create a caricature of themselves.
  2. In my experience, kids make their own choices. I have two kids, both well out of high school. The older kid realized he loved to play the game (varsity starter for a couple of years), but hated the competition, quit playing and took up guitar. My younger child wasn't nearly as good, the writing was on the wall, so they chose a separate route to athletics as well. True specialization is internal. In my experience, any external push toward an activity might garner immediate results, but over time, if the kid isn't into it, then the parent has wasted their time AND limited the child's experi
  3. The human race has transformed the world. In many ways we would have to be considered the apex predator, but the evolution of our species isn't borne out of physical skills but rather our minds. Our ability to reason, our inherent curiosity, our ability to create when a problem arises. We, unlike any other species rely on past accomplishments to succeed. The old, "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" is a misnomer, and this weekend was a brutal reminder of this for P3P. Years ago someone developed the combustible engine, the ability to burn resources to heat, and of course the titanium hea
  4. That’s probably true. I forgot who I picked. And the browns Winn omg by 3, c’mon. I just came back to change my initial reactions on.
  5. This topic comes up often, and there are a number of studies on it. Specialization at a young age statistically and physically is limiting to a child's growth and the potential. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence on both sides of this, Tiger/Marinovich vs Bo Jackson/Deion. Personally, I don't think a kid should ever specialize in a sport purposely. As a child ages they will gravitate toward one sport vs the others, but generally the decision is either made by the coach (getting cut), or their friends who stop playing. Golf is a physical motion, and regardless of the applicabilit
  6. You got it straight. The inventory carrying costs, the shipping, the employee who gets them for you, and overhead cost more, but you as the consumer get a free look with no intention of purchasing them there because you can get a "better deal" somewhere else. And depending on from whom you are buying them, the eBay market is generally where failing stores go to offload inventory. And to be clear, you also go to retail stores to try on shoes. I can assure you, if everyone only went to buy gloves, tees and other accessories you wouldn't have this place to do your shoe trying on exercise
  7. You do know, the store in which you go to try them on paid to have those shoes available to you? You also know they pay rent so you can go there and try on a pair to see if they fit your hard to fit feet. They also paid for the shipping, the individual who will help you, the power, the display racks, and on and on. So you would really go there, then buy them off the internet to save $10. And then we as golfers moan about the loss of specialty retail stores. Here is a perfect example of why this happens.
  8. I have been offered a life preserver. The kids are coming over tonight to carve pumpkins. No debate. No Eagles/Giants. Phew
  9. Everyone in this thread is keenly aware I am suffering from election fatigue. The past 4 months have taken an otherwise even keeled guy and made him frustrated and angry with the lengthy process. So tonight, we are confronted with either the Eagles/Giants, or a debate which will surely devolve into a shouting match. Give me the debate tonight, the NFL game is that bad.
  10. I have heard, "Everytime he speaks he drops a bomb, but if you fire him its an even bigger bomb." What we have here is a failure to communicate, and sometimes guys work in an industry for 40 years and all of the sudden they are no longer capable. It reminds me of St. Stephen when one man gathers what another man spills. This is for all those devoted employees who get spurned when they are just playing with the cards dealt. Happy birthday to Bobby. It wasn't that long ago, the Browns were the laughingstock of the NFL, and now look at them, they are 4-2 but still getting absolutely poun
  11. Is it possible I am 11-9? I think I screwed up. But I am 2-1 this week, so there is that. I will review my overall to get an accurate assessment. Nevermind, I have now scrolled through the whole thread. I am 10-8. Now the math works.
  12. Friendship is one thing. 0-3 picking him. That is too effing much. Flamma, you’re out. 1-1 now, the KC rout tomorrow should put me over .500.
  13. I was in 6th grade and all I wanted to do was see Molly Hatchet. Alas, by the time I could go on my own... they were gone.
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