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  1. I don't watch college football. I don't even like college football though it may change if the kids get more than a second rate education because playing football is a full time job already. Until then, I know nothing of anything. Give me Bama and the points. I don't like Nick Saban, but he seems to do pretty well. Also Iowa was number 2 in the country eons ago. I will take them and give the points. Pass me a plate of concussion and no reasonable way to support myself at 24 please.
  2. Fandom carries so many different looks. For example, at a golf course in Cabo when P48 tees off, I suspect his companions yell Mashed Potatoes! Even with the injured wheel, I would hope there is the yell at impact like Jack "Hammer," for the benefit of those around you. Happy birthday, I hope it is excellent. Not a lot of games I like this weekend, some bigger spreads and a lot of inconsistencies in all the teams. So with fandom in mind, off we go. Tua came in with a lot of fanfare, and the Giants appear to slog their way through a season. Tua makes me think of the fan I saw at a Grateful Dead show in 8th grade. It was the first intermission, the lights were up (so not drums for the GD aware), and as I walked to get my Coca Cola there was a young woman throwing glitter on herself and twirling. I didn't know what it meant at the time, but Tua reminds me of the twirler in my memories, and she was clearly winning. So I am going to take Tua and Phins to win and I will give the points. Anyone have the glitter? I don't really care about this game, but I do think the Vikings will sneak by the Lions by more than a TD. Jerry Lee Lewis had a true love of cousins, not unlike what Touch shows for Kirk. In MN they show their fandom with the long O and cowbells. Think Walken in SNL, not in A View to a Kill, and see Jerry Lee Lewis and his Cousins running away with it. I feel like a teenage girl swooning during Great Balls of Fire. G1 is the inspiration for this story. About 15 years ago we jumped the Tube to see the visiting ManU face off against the recently called up Charlton squad. It was the season kick-off, Wayne Rooney was suspended, Giggsy was hurt, but Ronaldo played, Ezra played, my favorite Scholes played, and ManU thumped 'em. We were there with the folks after a 6 day stint in Scotland golfing we met up with the wives in London for another 8 days, and there we were. My folks were in their mid-70s and we were 2 rows back down in the corner by the ManU fans. They were swearing at the Charlton fans (our seats) and flipping us off, etc. It was pretty funny, though weird to be flipping off 70+ people... anyway. 3-0, we are walking out back to the Tube. Leisurely 70 year old walk. The mounted police shuffle us to the side of the boulevard and tell us to stand still. I ask the cop, what's up? And, down the boulevard surrounded by police, the ManU fans who had been penned up waiting for us to clear out come charging down the street. The cops with their billy clubs keep them inside the horses so no one gets hurt. After they pass, we start to continue to the walk to the Tube. We want to see what's happening, so we pick up the pace a bit. There are 4 trains waiting at the station just for these fans. They get shuffled onto the train, they are still singing, and as soon as the first train is full it is off, then the second so one, all the while the cops are there to make sure nothing goes awry. The platform empties out, we sit down and catch our train back to Mayfair. I don't quite envision the WFT crowd in a similar manner, but it is something to strive for, and perhaps what the Ravens fan will be doing in Steeltown this weekend. The Steeler D is a sieve, Baltimore isn't much better on D, but I just see a higher scoring game than 44 points, so I am taking the over. Have a great week, happy birthday and glad to hear about the Panther game. P48, it never gets old for me:
  3. I had a pair of progressives and I felt like I dropped a hit of acid every time I swung the club as the ball blurred, cleared, got bigger and smaller. Wrap arounds for me with single prescription sunglasses are my go to.
  4. That's eye of the Tiger stuff right there. The boys better step back when you walk by. Thanksgiving has become a small event for us. I did, and I don't do it often, drink beer over the holiday weekend, and it always feels a little weird to be drinking beer at the house. I did hit the sim to get a feel for the power outage and oddly enough I fixed the hybrids and irons after many balls, but the driver? Not so much. I have to remind myself to stand tall with bent legs or I fold up a little bit and lose power. On the driver, with the limited leg bend I was standing up and not hitting the sweet spot often enough. I, of course, because I am a moron couldn't keep to the 1/2 swings and woke up this morning with a little soreness. I know I have mentioned I have given myself 4 months to take off the BL weight of the summer and I have recruited a cadre of virtual trainers to help me in my efforts. My wife knows if she didn't do it with me I would be fairly lax, so this morning we did a "Shred Pyramid" for the second time. I and the Mrs. saw the name and knew we had to take part in a 10 minute shred event and then immediately followed with a Foundation of Strength for beginners afterward. I am sure my virtual trainer was giving me the usual accolades about being in shape, my form, and focusing on my "Why," but I was so close to passing out/throwing up I missed it all. Working out for fat guys isn't for the faint of heart. I will say, I did lose a little this week which is surprising given the general fare and beers.
  5. Maybe not. Clearly i was TOO shallow chipping. Everyone has a different malady, and then as Monty says, it eventually becomes a brain issue. And I cannot remember the instructor who focuses on yips, but he has a successful program. I am deep in the Rockies so no help out here. The video may be the wrong fix, it’s hard to say from the front on video, but once I found this video, and the repair drill, I was new person around the greens. If too shallow is now the issue for you, this may be the cure. At first I was manipulating the club bc I felt so foreign and didn’t see results, but after some time it became much more natural. Best of luck. Coming from a guy who whiffed a couple of chips… yep whiffed.
  6. I had the chip yips for about three years. I spent a lot of time at the chipping green trying you name it; right hand only, feel like you’re trying to hook it, keep your hand high, turn your chest, don’t break your wrists, use a putting stroke, use the toe of the club, reverse grip, split grip, eyes closed, eyes on target, no glove, sacrificing a chicken in the rough, it didn’t matter. Then a guy I don’t normally play golf with says, your swing is super shallow. He tells me all my swings are, and it isn’t bad, it just is, but it means you have to be more precise. That evening he sent me the Padraig Harrington chipping video and said watch the first ten minutes or so. Obviously, if your issue isn’t being too shallow it may not help, but I haven’t stubbed or bladed a chip for months after really committing to his practice regimen.
  7. I would never bet on a dude who didn’t regularly keep score. Ever.
  8. I am there for the group. In Japanese, "P" is actually the symbol "10." Konnitchiwa
  9. Last week I went to see Milky Chance and Giant Rooks as the opener. Milky was really good, no doubt about it, but these boys got a standing "O" as the opener. That is unheard of. They were very, very good and I would highly recommend going to see the show. And, the video is pretty slow by comparison to how this worked out live.
  10. What can I say? I am a disaster, but I keep coming back. This week feels good to me. We have a holiday so its a short week, and since the world is in vacation mode, I have some time when I normally wouldn't. Let's start out on the Ohio River. The PGH team is heading down the Ohio to the Queen City. Joe and Ja'Mar are really coming together, and truthfully, I don't know if the backend of the Steelers will be back, but I suspect Watt will be. The Steelers figured something out Sunday night about 45 minutes into the game. BB plays one way, and the OC has to let him call the game, and the team will put up points. So I am going against the grain of the Steeler D and picking the over. I like the prime time games, you live by the sword and die by the sword. So these are both doubled up: Baltimore has an atrocious pass defense, and Baker is the type of player who struggles against good teams, but cleans up against bad ones. So with this thought in my head, I see the Browns covering if not outright winning the game. I don't know if Jackson is back, but I don't care. Plus, he will be away from the Dog Pound. No wonder they are booing him, they are so used to winning, this must be really tough on them... C'mon Man! The Browns have sucked since Testaverde, can anyone recall Tim Couch. Get over yourselves, your team stinks, but they still cover. Seattle stinks. Washington put up a bunch of points on the Panthers last week, and using the same formula, I see them doing the same thing to the Hawks. I see the Hawks arriving in DC and thinking WWTD? Well, Touch would frost his tips, put on his dancing shoes, and try to coax the ladies into his web of sensitivity. The problem is, none of the Seattle players have the Bosworth mullet so it won't be exactly WWTD, but you get the idea. I see the WFT winning this one, and the metrosexuals head back across country despondent and frustrated. Have a great holiday everyone.
  11. Without further ado, I will pick: Chicago against the best winless team in the history of the NFL and give the points. I see a pre-facelift type game from the Boys. They stink, but so do the Raiders, its a reach, but I see the Cowboys winning by more than 7... I have no idea why. Buffalo is on the ropes, but when you need the magic elixir, the snake oil, so what kind of guru are you? Buffalo and giving the points please.
  12. Well, 2-2 this week for a total of 26-17. Boy are Steelers poor on defense when 6 starters are injured.
  13. Double me up on an under if you might?
  14. Does my eye spy a mullet? The fact I knew each chord progression by Fred, I did not have one. The monetization of the Koepka/Dechambeau just shows the fickle nature of money. These boys are able to look past what appeared to be a pretty acrimonious 2-3 years for the almighty $$$$$. Makes me sad. I am happy I don’t have cable bc I would totally be the rubbernecker to see if it was lame or if kindling was thrown for new fireworks.
  15. Just in case you have never seen a Coach T interview.
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