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  1. This is the hybrid I currently carry. From around 2005ish. I keep it bc I know it's number. I am just looking for something newer to try out. I have the Flash three wood that I lofted up to 16* and it has been a game changer. I was thinking to do the same to a five wood and lofting it up 2*.
  2. I am looking to replace the 20* hybrid in my bag. Something to have for my gap between my three wood and 4 iron.
  3. Looking into buying a Callaway Epic Flash 7 wood, 3 hybrid, or lofted up 5 wood. I currently game a Callaway 20* hybrid now. Thoughts and opinions are appreciated. 10 handicap. This club would be a fairway finder on tight par fours and replacing a 3 iron in the bag.
  4. Awesome info. Very much appreciated.
  5. Besides the USA Kids line of clubs, what are the best clubs for kids? Ping, Callaway, and Cobra seem to provide decent lines? All opinions and advice is appreciated.
  6. I am looking into purchasing a machine putter that is similar to my Scott Newport. All opinions and insight is appreciated.
  7. I got 3/4 of an inch cut off my callaway epic irons at Edwinn Watts. How much weight in tape do I need to add back to the head? Thanks.
  8. Mr. 31

    toulon putters

    I was actually looking at some on Callaway's preowned site. I've putted some with the Austin and San Diego models at the local pgass and really liked them. Very sleek older models but Odyssey is really killing them with all the branding. They look like a Nascar now with all the logos and stamps. Thanks for the Austin=Anser=Newport reference.
  9. Mr. 31

    toulon putters

    It seems to me that the Callaway staffers on tour have not chosen to game Toulon putters after Callaway bought the company. I am interested in everyone's opinion of this? I know Sergio uses one. Also, which model is closest to the Ping Anser and the Scotty Newport?
  10. I'm going to give callawaypreowned.com some money soon for a set of irons. I have narrowed my choices down to the Epic and Rogue irons. I am currently at a 10 handicap. The prices are preowned so I don't want cost factor to be an issue in the decision. Thank you for your opinions.
  11. The Callaway XR 16 is the best 3 wood I've hit. Shallower face. Very solid off the tee and fairways.
  12. Mr. 31

    Vokey purchase

    I appreciate everyone’s input. I carry a 60* but wanted to try out the 62* but I didn’t want to pay a lot for it and end up not liking it and going with a 60* in the end. Thanks.
  13. Contemplating purchasing this vokey sm6 62* wedge used. Do you guys think the small nick on the club face near the heel will have any effect on the playability of the wedge? A pic of the wedge is attached below. Thanks.
  14. I currently own a Vokey 54.08 degree sm6 M grind wedge and love it. I want to replace my Callaway 60.10 wedge with either a 60.08 or 62.08 sm6 M grind. I currently use my 60.10 around greens, bunkers, high lobs, back foot lower shots. I am looking for input on whether to get a 60.08 or a 62.08? I am a 10-12 handicap. Thanks.
  15. Thank you guys for your input. Next will probably be Callaway. Last two sets have been Callaway so I’ll probably stick with them. I’ll measure the wrist to floor and look into the true length.
  16. Thank you for your $0.02. . Very much appreciated.
  17. I am 5’3” and require my irons bent to 3 degrees flat. My current set of irons I have bent to 2 degrees flat, bc they are cast irons, and cut 1/2 inch short to make up for the other degree. My question is for my next set, should I stick with my current set up or get my next set bent to 3 degrees flat and keep he standard length? Thank you for your advice.
  18. I went with the 54.08 M and the 60.08 M after hitting them today. Thanks for your help.
  19. I am looking into purchasing a 54* and 60* wedge. I have a shallow swing but still create an average divot. I live in Jacksonville, FL to give an idea of course conditions. I am also a 15 handicap. Thank you for your input.
  20. Does anyone have an idea what equipment company made Tiger’s irons?
  21. From what I've read, there are a few details to identify the square groove Ping Eye 2 irons. They must have US Patents D4512577 and D276644. They must also have been produced from 1985 to 1990. Are there any other identifiable details that anyone has? Thank you for your imput.
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