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  1. I really like carrying the persimmons, but miss my Mizuno MP 64's, and Cleveland wedges. Anything wrong with me carrying the persimmons, and the Mizuno's together? Thanks fellas, Hit em good
  2. Thanks for the great insight fellas! Looking forward to my 1pm tee time tomorrow! I hope you all can get out to play too. Hit em good
  3. I think there is clear laquer type finish over the entire face. The grooves are nearly all filled in. I just picked up a set of Hogan persimmon 1-3-5 a few minutes ago. The faces looked in good shape and they didn't look refinished. Only $58, so no harm if they don't work out. I'm looking forward to seeing the difference. I may try a different ball too. The wilson is super soft. What ball to you guys use?
  4. Thanks much Deejaid. I knew you and Stu would respond and provide great insight. Your clubs look beautiful, and look like wood should look. I'm sure they sound great. Mine look dipped in poly, and the grooves can hardly be distinguished. Not sure if you can tell from the pics below. I'm going to buy an "unfinished" persimmon set. I'm looking for the old school experience. Thanks again. I appreciate it. Hit em good
  5. Happy New Year gents, I'm still very new to playing vintage irons (1969 Wilson's) and persimmon woods (MacGregor eye o matics), so this question may just be common knowledge. If so, I apologize in advance. My question..., The persimmons sound muted, and make very little sound, when I hit them. They are refinished with a heavy coat of laquer, it looks like. I hit the Wilson Duo Soft balls. My memory of hitting old school persimmons, with balata's is a beautiful wood "whack" sound. Is my memory just off, or is it the ball, or the laquer finish perhaps? I was thinking of buying another set of vintage persimmon woods without the laquer finish, but don't want to waste the money if that is not the issue. I'd like to get the vintage sound and feel experience. Anyway, I knew that you fellas would know the answer. Thanks for any insight you can provide. Hit em good
  6. I with you 100% on these sentiments. I'm full time persimmon and 1960's era irons. I have moved up a tee, due to back surgery coupled with the old clubs. I'm loving the game more than ever. Hit em good
  7. My gamer is a 12 club bag. Driver 4w 23° 5-pw 54/58 putter The two clubs I removed are: 7w, and just choke up on the 4w, or swing 100% with the 23° 50°, I put MP4 blade in pw spot, and it's each to hit an 80% shot to cover the gap wedge spot Hit em good
  8. I got a Jones bag this year, and I love it. I want to start walking with it, but it is a little too heavy to walk 18 holes, with all 14 clubs, even with all of the non-essentials taken out. For those that walk and carry, do you carry all 14 clubs, or do you trim down the set? If you trim down, what do you usually carry? (I know, if I have to ask, maybe I should just get a push cart...... ?) Thanks guys, Hit em good
  9. It's not an equipment issue. The balloon or powerslide is going to occur with any of those clubs. You need to hit a draw into the wind. It's not your natural shot, but you can learn to do it. Hit em good
  10. Now that's a grown man's bag. Pure player there.
  11. I tried to go GI about 5 - 6 years ago. (Im a 6-7 capper BTW). My scores were no different. I didn't hit any more, or any less, GIR, so my scores don't change.
  12. Yeah, new is probably best if youre going to reshaft. Otherwise, you can find some used MP4's in good shape. They get huge love here. Hit em good
  13. I go: 16.5° 4 wood 21° 7 wood 23° hybrid 5 iron...... Hit em good
  14. I'm starting to get curious about this Minimalist golf concept. The idea of walking with a small carry bag and a few clubs sounds like a great idea this Fall. So, what is Minimalist golf all about? Why do you do it? Are there a max number of clubs to be legit at it? What is your set up? Is there a common set up? Any other standards? And anything else about it. Thanks fellas. Hit em good
  15. When I combo my MP4 / MP54, I go blade pw - 7i, then cb 6i - 3i. Hit em good
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