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  1. My gamer is a 12 club bag. Driver 4w 23° 5-pw 54/58 putter The two clubs I removed are: 7w, and just choke up on the 4w, or swing 100% with the 23° 50°, I put MP4 blade in pw spot, and it's each to hit an 80% shot to cover the gap wedge spot Hit em good
  2. I got a Jones bag this year, and I love it. I want to start walking with it, but it is a little too heavy to walk 18 holes, with all 14 clubs, even with all of the non-essentials taken out. For those that walk and carry, do you carry all 14 clubs, or do you trim down the set? If you trim down, what do you usually carry? (I know, if I have to ask, maybe I should just get a push cart...... ?) Thanks guys, Hit em good
  3. It's not an equipment issue. The balloon or powerslide is going to occur with any of those clubs. You need to hit a draw into the wind. It's not your natural shot, but you can learn to do it. Hit em good
  4. Now that's a grown man's bag. Pure player there.
  5. I tried to go GI about 5 - 6 years ago. (Im a 6-7 capper BTW). My scores were no different. I didn't hit any more, or any less, GIR, so my scores don't change.
  6. Yeah, new is probably best if youre going to reshaft. Otherwise, you can find some used MP4's in good shape. They get huge love here. Hit em good
  7. I go: 16.5° 4 wood 21° 7 wood 23° hybrid 5 iron...... Hit em good
  8. I'm starting to get curious about this Minimalist golf concept. The idea of walking with a small carry bag and a few clubs sounds like a great idea this Fall. So, what is Minimalist golf all about? Why do you do it? Are there a max number of clubs to be legit at it? What is your set up? Is there a common set up? Any other standards? And anything else about it. Thanks fellas. Hit em good
  9. When I combo my MP4 / MP54, I go blade pw - 7i, then cb 6i - 3i. Hit em good
  10. With my vintage bag, I use a set 4 iron. Wilson Staff bullet back, 1969 model, blade. With modern set, 23° hybrid. Hit em good
  11. I agree. In my case though..., I still have the G25 7 wood in the bag. The newer models are great, but not better enough to kick out the G25! Hit em good
  12. Nice bag my friend. But definitely, you need to put the clubs in the opposite ends of the bag. Could lower your capp.... Hit em good
  13. For chips, ie; bump and runs, I use 46° pw. Mizuno MP4 . With my vintage set, I use the 7 iron, old school style. Hit em good
  14. 23° hybrid PIng G25 This covers the 3iron and 4iron spot for me
  15. I will putt if possible. I'm a good lag putter, and not a great chipper. If fringe is too long, I'll use a pw if there is enough room to roll out. Otherwise 54° wedge. Hit em good
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