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  1. Haven't been there in years. Remember one of the 9's opening tee shot was like off a cliff. What were conditions like? Good greens?
  2. That's awesome! How is your season going? Mine could've been better so far...I started golf late in life around collage age and my first tournament was in 2006 or so. I've had some (limited) success qualifying for state and county final events. It is still a work in progress, but every year I feel excited about the next. One step at a time...I'll be eligible for "pre-senior" in about 4 years lol!
  3. River Vale yesterday - greens were fast and true, which was nice. I didn't make any birdies, but no 3 putts either. Just was not my day- played the par 5's poorly and one of the par 3's. Just just missed making it to Rock Springs....will play better next time. Played with some cool dudes and had fun trying. I qualified two years ago through galloping hill and got to play 36 holes at heron glen...wasn't able to play in it last year. How about you? good luck
  4. I don't know, that putt on #2 was maybe the best putt I've ever seen without dropping. Hit me up if you need someone to fill a foursome. Had the pleasure of playing with Gioguy21 - he's a player. Good luck on next event. See you at mid-am
  5. Played my first two events of the year and could have been a lot better. No birds and too many mistakes in first event. Second event starts like this: really good warm up, topped 3w on first tee, 6i then 80yd LW in the hole for a birdie start - yeah, crazy. Fast forward to 18, +5 on tee and need a birdie to have any chance. Hit a bomb, bounces in fairway towards left rough. Didn't know the course that well and get out there and the ball is lost...walk of shame back to tee and make a mess of it...
  6. Sorry to hear that. Maybe one on eBay? This one is not face balanced; has some toe hang.
  7. You said it. Social or not social - I can't stand the clueless individuals; walking in lines, never know where there ball is, not fixing any divots/ball marks, making noise in your backswing, etc.
  8. Bought the same in May this year and has been in the bag since! I've been the type to rotate between 3 sometimes 4 putters depending on how 'they' performed lol I'm sticking with this one
  9. I've tried it at pga SS and it feels really good off the face, but don't know I can get past the looks or price ?
  10. I think I'm in this stage of clubs being worth more than car.... To the OP, sorry to hear it - good luck
  11. Four wedge setup here: PW (46): Mizuno T7 blue, 8º 50º: RTX4 Black Satin, 10º/Mid 54º: RTX4 Raw, 10º/Mid 58º: RTX4 chrome, low All different colors so I never hit the wrong one by mistake ? Was a vokey guy, but this is the first year with Cleveland in a decade or so. I'm happy with them.
  12. Hominy is an awesome course. Love that place. I've never played shark but both charleston courses and howell are nice. Monmouth county golf is really good
  13. > @mcputter said: > > @fastswinger said: > > Just made an albatross on 8/14@blue Bell cc in PA. 17th hole from the blues was playing 465. I hit driver in fairway and had 173 in. Playing for the front, grabbed an 8 iron and flushed it. Get up to the green and nothing is there. Grab my wedge and putter and take a walk around the green. Nothing. So I then walk to the hole and it was in there! It was hard to believe, but I'll take it. Went on to birdie 18! It was the first time playing Blue Bell and it will always be a favorite course of mine ?. I played with a buddy fro
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