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  1. Thank you. That's what I noticed about Rory since his switch to the Sim 2 and new shafts. He's driving the ball far more offline regardless of his seemingly good strokes gained off the tee stats. Last year he was T119th in distance from the edge of fairway and this year he's 186th. His proximity to hole on approach shots has only dropped from 142nd to 158th. Still garbage compared to 2019 when he was 29th in that stat and won 4 times.
  2. Yes, it sucks. It was okay until 10 minutes ago.
  3. He mentioned his swing has been off for a while taking the club back too far to the inside. But even before that I noticed he's been missing tons of fairways with the new driver shaft combo. His strokes gained off the tee still looked okay during that time, but that's because hitting from the rough isn't much of an issue for these guys. Water though? Yeah, can't hit out of that most of the time.
  4. They are two clubs stronger, at least compared to Tiger who has old school lofts. Bryson: Pitching wedge though 4-iron = 42° to 18° Tiger: Pitching wedge though 3 iron = 50 to 22.5° He still hits it nine miles though.
  5. That's even longer than yesterday's drive without as much wind assistance. Absurd.
  6. There's your proof that Rory isn't close to as long as Bryson. Dang that hurts.
  7. I was going to say he can certainly be a threat, he's proven it with his consecutive 2nd place finishes. What he's doing this week is more of the same. 64th out of 71 players off the tee combined with brilliant putting and iron play.
  8. Somebody is nervous out there! Hit that first 3-footer way too firm and wasn't even close with the comebacker.
  9. I might have reverse jinxed him after harping about his driving. Yesterday he only hit 2/14 fairways today he's 5/5!
  10. Jordan Spieth only hit 2 fairways (dead last in the field), but still shot a decent round of -4 because of his outstanding putting (+3.811, only Sam Burns at +4.793 was better for the round). I thought him switching to the new driver last year was going to help, after all how could things be any worse? Here are his Strokes gained off the tee ranks since his historic 2015 season. 2015: 15th 2016: 29th 2017: 44th 2018: 50th 2019: 176th 2020: 165th 2021 206th (15 measured rounds) That's basically a David Duval like fall off in ter
  11. That's the biggest difference in Tiger this week vs the rest of the year. His short game looks world class once again.
  12. Tiger's draw is working today. He rarely hits the fairway on #2, spot on this time!
  13. Indeed, I seem to recall a few times he's hooked it into the trees left. I always attributed it to first tee jitters.
  14. The real test is #5, bogeyed that every round during his win in 2019.
  15. Zach Johnson is probably the closest. Obviously not in the same ballpark, but 2 majors 12 wins total is nothing to sniff at. Oh and Jim Furyk with 17 wins including a major. Both players were shorter than Nick Faldo was compared to the rest of the field as far as I can tell.
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