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  1. He needed to make that 8 foot birdie putt early on. Stroke looks okay, they just aren't dropping like yesterday.
  2. Tiger's pitching sucks. It's been like that for a while now.
  3. He's hitting the ball better on tee and approach shots than yesterday. Bunker play is suspect and putting is average is the main difference.
  4. Oops. My bad. Oh well, got to look up those cool Vijay stats.
  5. How has nobody mentioned Vijay Singh yet?? He won 9 tournaments in 2004 and he was 129th in strokes gained putting for the season. He also won 3 tournaments in 2008 while being 172nd. His last win came in 2008 and it was special because it was the worst SG putting performance by a winner listed in Mark Broadie's book.
  6. Probably drove the ball worse today than I have ever seen him. Last weekend he missed a bunch of fairways by just inches and today he was missing fairways 40 yards left consistently. Okay, fairways are narrower here, so it probably wasn't any worse, but it was certainly ugly. He hit 42% of his fairways back in the 2006 US Open and only 14% today.
  7. Made a couple clutch 6 foot par putts which has been rare this season.
  8. Wait, why isn't Jordan dropping a ball near the tree instead of re-teeing? Also, rotten luck of his tee shot on 2 and approach on 1.
  9. or 6 putts inside 8 feet. That's discouraging I thought he had turned a corner with the putter day 1.
  10. They just mentioned Corey Pavin's 26, but that was "only" 8-under though 9 holes.
  11. Pretty awful chips from Tiger. Sad to say. He likes to play those shots off his back foot and it just brings so much of the leading edge in play. I wish he would use more bounce.
  12. Collin has missed short putts before... But when it mattered PGA Championship week he made everything.
  13. He did it, what a round! The next best round of the week was (a bunch) of 64s while Emiliano Grillo is on pace to shoot a 63.
  14. I don't think anyone expects him to miss out on those. They've been rescheduled to the 2020-21 season.
  15. Rory's punchy wedge swing always makes me nervous.
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