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  1. To start all prices include shipping conus. Feel free to make an offer if you feel my pricing is off. send me a pm for questions and offers. Thanks for looking 1. I have a near mint 2018 Scotty squareback. It is 35 inches and has original grip. $310 shipped 2. This one is a stealth CS limited run seemore. It has a tour snsr grip. This putter does have some rusting going on but not much and it’s shown in the pictures. $190 shipped 3. Here is a set of kbs c taper lites x flex. They do have extensions to play slightly longer. 7 iron is 36.25. $100 shipped 4. Next up is a diamana b series driver shaft with a tm tip. 70 gram x flex with mcc align grip and is right at 44 inches not installed. $100 shipped
  2. I’ve just realized that my pictures uploaded in a crazy order so I’ll get that fixed tomorrow when I have a few minutes.
  3. I’ve got here today several things for sale. All prices are shipped conus and I’ll listen to reasonable offers. I’m going to list every thing and it’s price and have all the pictures at the bottom. PayPal is [email protected] Shoot me a message if you have questions or offers.Thanks for looking. Edit***just saw my pictures Uploaded out of order but I don’t have time to fix tonight. I’ll get that fixed tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. 1. A set of old cg 15 wedges that have been used a bit but still some life in them. Setup is 50 54 58. 2 don’t have shafts so I’ll start the at 65$. 2. And old set of cg 14s with a tour raw finish so yes that is some rust. Again they are used but still have life in them. The ferrules have slid up on these. 55 $shipped DROP $45 shipped 3. Another cg 14 set with the same finish and setup 54 58. 55$ shipped DROPPED $45 shipped 4. A set of fourteen rm wedges with a tour raw finish. 52 57 60. The 60 has a spinner shaft and other 2 are tour issue dg. These also have plenty left in them.These go for about 80$ per club on eBay so I’ll start at 210$ shipped PRICE DROPPED $170 shipped 5. Brand new stx putter at 35 inches. 50$ shipped PRICE DROPPED $30 6. SOLD*****An old daddy long legs putter that is about 35.25. Not much to say about this putter. $80 shipped 7. This is an evenflow blue 6.0 65 gram driver shaft. It measures 44.5 but to the tip. Has a taylormade tip. 125$ $100 shipped 9. Project x handcrafted red driver shaft with a Taylor made tip. 6.0 62 gram shaft that measures a shade under 44.5 175$ 150$ shipped 10. This is a v2 proforce 3 wood shaft with a taylormade tip measures 42 1/4. 50$ shipped 11. Last and what I should have listed first but uploaded my pictures in reverse order and was too lazy to start over is a set of nearly new jpx 919 forged. Used for a few rounds and made a switch. The pictures speak for themselves. They are a half in over Mizuno standard with standard loft and lie shafted with c taper lites. 900$ $870 shipped. ![] (https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/6x/upfllfpe0ecr.jpeg "") sh! [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/i9/6u338pdyzscl.jpeg "") ipped ![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/0h/g69lojnp2rj3.jpeg ""](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/zb/638lhij6zq2c.jpeg "") pin 7/7
  4. Evo is sold and only the freakin cheap miuras are left.... Someone take them please!!!
  5. I've never found the ad di to be stout at all. It has the factory recommended tipping but no extra.
  6. I just realised that the picture of the rock nic on the 9 iron is behind the golfwrx mark. I'll take another and post it later tonight.
  7. I'm going to list everything then post pictures and the bottom. Pricing includes shipping conus except irons which we can work something out. if you have questions just shoot me a message and I'll get back with you. No trades at this time.Thanks for looking! 1. First up is a set 3-pw of the miura cb 501s. Got this in a trade a while back but never really played them. All still in good shape except a rock mark on the sole of the 9 iron which is pictured. It can't be seen at address and obviously doesn't effect playability. Shafted with project x 6.5, half in long and 2 degrees flat but could be bent back to stock. also the pic showing length is the 7 iron. price starting at $725 DROP $680*******DROP $580***********$550******$525*****$500 2.***** SOLD *****The tour ad di 7x with a taylormade tip. High launch and low to mid spin. It is the black version and is 44.25 from but to tip. 175 shipped *****DROP $160********$150 SOLD 3.****SOLD****** This is the speeder evolution iii 661x. I feel is a true mid mid shaft. It's 44.75 butt to tip. $150 shipped ******DROP $135********$125 shipped 4. Last up is an odyssey works 2 ball. 35 inches long. I never really used this so it's still in really good shape. $105 SOLD You can feel free to ask for more pictures or make am offer via dm. Thanks again
  8. PRICE drops and make an offer!! I get it, they are not all buttonbacks but still some really quality putters. Let's get these sold!!
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