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  1. All factory standard loft length and lie. Brand new Lamkin Sonar grips standard size. Used 10-15 rounds. $725 CONUS
  2. Lightly used set of callaway apex 19 4-aw factory installed shafts. Factory standard, length, loft and 1 flat. Midsize sonar grips. $750 CONUS
  3. As described and doesn't really look used. Weight kit and headcover included. $old
  4. Carpet rolled only. Matching headcover included. 34 Inches. $old
  5. Standard length, loft and 2 degrees flat. Recoil 95 F4(stiff). NDMC grips. All work done at factory. Perfect condition with extremely light wear. $old
  6. Used a 1/2 dozen rounds. All specs standard. Very nice set. $old
  7. Standard length, loft and 1 up. Tour velvet Jumbo(trying to be Bryson). TT AMT White S300. All work done by Titleist. Used one round. Mint. $750 CONUS NOW $700
  8. Lightly used for 2 or 3 rounds set of Titleist T200 4-PW. Standard length loft and 1 degree flat. Factory installed Kurokage 85 LB Stiff. All serial numbers match except 4 iron which was sent back to Titleist for reshaft. Tour velvet on 4...tour wrap on 5-PW. ***there are not marks on the bottom of the clubs...that is ceiling lights reflecting*** $900 CONUS NOW $old Lightly used Vokey Sm8 black 48 factory Kurokage 105 LB stiff. Standard length loft and 1 degree flat. Vokey z cord. $125 CONUS NOW $100
  9. Nope...have t200 with kurokage 85...graphite better for tendinitis. Actually g425 are a big improvement on 410 and 400 IMO
  10. As described. Standard length and loft. Arcos insert in grips. Used 9 holes only. Only a few light marks on some faces. Everything else mint. $925 CONUS drop to $old
  11. Very good condition driver with very light wear and will ship with both shafts. $old in record time
  12. As described. All specs standard. Used less than 10 rounds. Lamkin Sonar standard size grips. NOT SOLD
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