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  1. These are both standard spec with Lamkin Sonar Mid installed. Both are mint condition. Shipped CONUS. Driver $400 Fairway $200 Both $old in record time
  2. As described. All standard specs and built by Srixon. Into these for close to $1500 with tax and shipping. $975 CONUS
  3. Used a couple of rounds. All standard specs from Mizuno. You may want to bend the forged 4 iron weak to blend a little better as it is standard loft now. Retail $1312.50 plus tax. $950 CONUS Now $875 NOW $old
  4. Should be d2-d3...actually a touch heavier than steel with recoil.
  5. Standard length lie and loft. Built by Callaway. Tour velvet 360. Mint condition. $800 CONUS
  6. All standard specs. Stiff in 4-10. 11 iron has regular flex. Mint condition. $old
  7. All standard specs from factory with tour velvet align grips and modus 105 stiff. Mint condition. $old
  8. Didn't try them enough to offer a good opinion...maybe modus 105 stiff.
  9. Agreed. Should have been $999.99 Knowing Ping they would close their account.
  10. Bought these from another member. Mint. Shaft just not for me. 4-UW Black Dot and Power Spec. Standard length. Custom pured Oban CT 115 R+ flex. MMC plus 4's installed on all but the 4 iron. The last owner removed it to prove the shaft and flex because there are no labels. I just paid $950 and trying to recover what I can. How about $old CONUS.
  11. All factory standard loft length and lie. Brand new Lamkin Sonar grips standard size. Used 10-15 rounds. $725 CONUS
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