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  1. > @MisterMittens said: > Am I seeing things, or are the MBs and CBs stamped with 820? > > Seems curious to move away from 720 since the hybrids and woods moved away from 820/919. They're 620's actually, based on Titleist's email. I'm not following why they went 620 but maybe someone else knows. That bag full of MBs looks sweet!!
  2. The title of the thread is misleading... these were not released for the API... Scotty released these as new options in the Custom Shop you can add when you send your putter in to get modifications. People seem to be missing this in the comments. Either way they aren't bad, and while they weren't created for this event, the Arnies Army is a neat coincidence with the toy soldier cover.
  3. Was going through some things today and came across these. The Under Armour is braided, brand new but has been sitting around awhile and may be dusty. The white Adidas belt is brand new and kept in the bag it came in so no dust there. I also have a used matching black belt I will throw in as well. So 3 nice belts for $30. PayPal only, will ship within 24 hours and provide tracking. Lower 48 only please. Thanks for looking!
  4. You have to be a club cameron member or wait until they hit ebay Thanks If you're not a member and going the eBay route, wait a few weeks and the prices will plummet. They're most expensive right after a release (obviously) but once a little time passes you could maybe even pay less than retail, or at least far less than what people will be asking for later today after the release.
  5. Definitely a cool looking cover, although they will mess it up by putting "4th Major" instead of the Circle T on the regular release, but it beats the heck out of the cow heads and other crazy stuff lately. It has a small market with it being so location specific... but will sell out fast anyways
  6. Wow, looks like the other putter was just temporary until TM could make an exact replica of his old Newport GSS he took to them. I prefer the chromo bronze Scotty from a looks perspective but that's still a great looking putter. Hope he putts as well with it as he did with the Scotty.
  7. That 60* wedge is sweet. So much custom work I'm not even sure what model it started out as. Looks like some kind of modified K grind... would like to know more about it.
  8. Man that thing is ugly. But if it works who cares. And that headcover is B.A.!
  9. definitely check with DD's before ordering from Vokey, will def save you a few bucks!
  10. This is awesome, really glad they decided to go with all the loft/grind options.
  11. His bag is looking nice... but it's a lot more boring than before. I miss free-agent Rory's WITB's
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