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  1. I have a set of Srixon 765 irons that have a very special set shafts in them. They are a half in short. I am looking to move them into a set of Honma TW-X irons. I was wondering if there was a way that I could figure out if they will be the same length in the Honma as they are in the Srixon. If they are shorter than the Srixons we have a problem. If they are longer thats fine we can cut down. Anyone have any way to tell? I was going to just do one iron and see but wanted to see if there was a way to measure before hand
  2. Simple one today guys! 34 in TP Collection Hydro Blast. Took it to a course to practice on the putting green. It didnt beat my PING for me. Overall a beautiful putter in great condition. 34 in KBS Shaft. Taylormade Lamkin Grip 180 shipped
  3. I would say a lot of it is feel. If you've used any of those for a prolonged period the screws start to come loose and then it's a kind of a pain in the butt and feels like a rattle
  4. Its the Majors Collection https://www.cobragolf.com/radspeed-majors
  5. Not going to add much new info here but I play my irons a half inch short and 2 degrees flat. Driver is at 45in could possibly go 44.5
  6. Ive tried everything. Towels that cool, pedialyte, gatorade,nuun tablets. I dont usually like pas sout or even feel sick. If you cant play in heat dont live in TX. Just like I dont play below 55 haha. I do get frustrated when I see the threads where people say things like "If youre under 65 you should have to walk" Then I look at their location and its like Vermont. I always think if I lived in Vermont I'd walk everytime too (side note Burlington VT is going to reach a balmy 70 on Wednesday)
  7. Honestly I never find a solution here in TX. I tell me wife all the time there just isnt a good way to not need more water. I eventually just simply cant drink more water without being sick.
  8. Pretty easy one today boys. All prices are shipped and are OBO. Im kind of lost on pricing for these so offer away Scotty Cameron Mid Sur- 33 in. Feels like a standard 70 lie. Dont have the measurement but it plays like a standard short putter. Has Stability Tour Shaft and a Superstroke grip. No peeling of the Pro Platinum finish. $300 PXG 0811 X Proto- 45 in 9 degree with Ventus Blue with Velocore. A great feeling driver just on par with my PING G410 and I like the look of the PING more. $350
  9. I was thinking a Ray Cook but with no stamping I wasn't sure
  10. I know this probably isn't real but I like the putter. What is this if not a Scotty
  11. Simple stuff today 1) Odyssey Protype PT 82- 34 in WIL NEED A NEW GRIP. Has a Winn installed but needs to be replaced. Still in good condition. IYKYK. $200 2 Ping BeCu B60- 34 in Super Stroke Traxion 2.0 Pistol GT. $100 All prices are OBO. Im also looking at trades. Nothing in particular send me your offers!
  12. I have a shaft that I played in a Speedzone. I got a 410 and wanted to use the same shaft. What is going to be the difference in length? How can I measure this?
  13. I am open to trades. Pretty much open to anything so send offers. If you wan to trade for the driver bring a good driver trade 1) Rogue 8.5 Degree TC Tour Issue Serial- Good Shape, Has a Speeder Evolution III 661 X Flex with a Callaway Red dot Tour Issue Adapter. Standard length. Can remove swingweight blocks! 225 Shipped. Will split head and shaft for the right price 2) Green Stripe Masters Cotton Shirt. Size Large. No Tears. SOLD 3) Blue Masters Cotton Shirt- Size Large No Tears SOLD 4) Blue Stripe Masters Cotton Shirt- Size large SOLD 5) Scratch DS Wedge- Forged 58 degree wedge. ICEMAN stamp KBS Tour shaft. Ribbed TV grip 40 6) Cleveland Classic 10.5 Degree A Flex- Miyazaki 39 gram A Flex 10.5 Degree 75 Shipped 7) Taylormade R7 10.5 Degree R Flex ReAX Shaft 65 Shipped G/Fore Peter Millar Size 12 White and Blue Shoes Good Condition- SOLD Everything is playable. I will combine the masters shirts to save on shipping
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