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  1. Stu! Thanks for your response. Anytime I see you respond to a thread I know a legend is here! The part that throws me off is I can not find a set that looks just like these. The stamping is so small compared to other sets. I def think they are mac tours from the custom dept I just dont get the stamp.
  2. It is what it is. Its not for me but I dont hate it
  3. Small simple listing today Ping Zing 2 BeCu putter- Beautiful slant neck BeCu. My club ruler is packed up but it is either 36 or 37 in. I think its 36 based on my other putters. Tiger Shark grip in good shape. Looking for 95 shipped Zach Johnson Signed flag- The frame needs to be replaced but the flag is in great shape. 60 shipped
  4. No luck with NCW. Anybody got any more info or know where I should be going?
  5. I reached out to National Custom works on Instagram to see if they or Don White know anything. No luck so far. I think email will be my next step
  6. I saw his 4 iron and it has a much straighter muscle. Mine is much more rounded than the Personally owned ones. It would be cool if he did own these though.
  7. Lot Detail - Jack Nicklaus Personally Owned & Used 1978 Custom MacGregor 9-Iron ClubI found this. That leads me down the 1978 Macgregor line up.That led me here. The muscle on these irons look just like the Nicklaus ones. Lot Detail - Eleven Club (Including 1-Iron) MacGregor "the 985" Set. Stamped Charley PennaThis is the final link I could find. These are stamped Charley Penna but have the exact same design. It appears I have figured out the year. The biggest mystery I have is why are they stamped Jack Nicklaus not tourney custom. They also have no serial numbers which it appears is
  8. This is one of the more impressive things Ive ever seen on this site. Step length is 1 7/8. So if they are propel II shafts whats this mean? Does it get us closer to ID'ing the clubs? Im so lost on these
  9. Fair point. I just can't find anything on these anywhere. It's insane
  10. They don't look overly large. The set is 1-9 with no 6 iron. I took a flyer on them just to see what they were
  11. Here are the shafts. Grip caps say Golf Pride made in the USA. Also magnet sticks to club face
  12. Shaft labels have worn off. The hosel is blank. Any other ideas
  13. I'll get some pics up tonightWhat leads you to think Cast?Which market?
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