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  1. I’ll be there Friday and Saturday. Pretty sure there is 5 or so hive guys going Saturday
  2. I did. Can’t remember what I spent, $3xx or so I think? Work trip, like Sawgrass, free stay and airfare, so worth it to me.
  3. $550 was sawgrass. Lol. Was worth it because all the stands were up. Otherwise not really to me.
  4. Solstice is up! https://sites.google.com/view/thehivegolfclub/2021-solstice?authuser=0
  5. Order my new driver, March 9th…..still not here.
  6. Happy to pay $115 to someone for one of the PM polos
  7. Seat warmer is TD but I think it’s $105 for the entire day at River Downs, entire course is ours. 8somes to finish.....they won’t say crap about it! New course, new experience for most and it will be a fun time. I don’t care where it held, just happy to play golf all day long and not deal with other people.
  8. Was not the first choice or second choice. Courses in 2021 are NOT giving deals or give two craps about groups or outings. They will get full rack rates at any time, any day. The old deal we had with Little Bennet, doesn’t exist anymore. It would be $110 for two rounds with nothing after. At the full mercy of the course, no scheduled tee times, etc. that goes for every MoCo Public course. Best option, find a course that will rent it out for the entire day, with a pretty low price, and provide $2 beer specials! For once, we don’t have to worry about a Wednesday night league or that 9 holes are closed for this or that. board and tournament committee are always looking for members who wish to step up and help run and organize events. Please let me know if your interested in helping! rant over. don’t get me started on NW and the long grass ruling......one of my least played courses just because of that.
  9. Got the “sweatshirt” today. More like a long sleeve shirt with a hood. It’s nice, but Deff not a sweatshirt. Fits true to size.
  10. https://www.footjoy.com/ohana-collection.html
  11. If anyone has a spot open on Saturday AM, let me know, wife let me out to play.
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