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  1. SOLD Pics tell the story. A few sandy range balls left some scratches on the face. Aside from those, this club is in exemplary shape. I found it to be every bit as long as advertised, but three drivers is too many. Hopefully it can find a good home here... I ordered this driver directly from Cobra with the UST Helium Black 5F4, which is still my favorite shaft in this head. That being said... dogs will bark, the sun will set in the west, and club hoes will buy shafts that they really don't need. I'm including a GD Tour AD MJ 5S and an Aldila NV 55S in the bundle.
  2. Scale has already sold... trying to edit my listing, but I think there may still be a few bugs to work out with the new software. Thanks!
  3. I recently acquired several pieces of club building equipment, some of which is a significant upgrade over what I currently own and use. Among those are my trusty swing weight scale and club gauge. I'm listing these two items here with the hopes are that someone may have use for them. They are fully functional, and helped me learn the tricks of the trade. Hopefully someone else can get many years of use and enjoyment from them. Maltby V-Line Swingweight Scale - $45.00 Shipped Maltby V-Line Club Gauge - $75.00 Shipped Unless you are offering up an 18-20 foot bass boat with a
  4. Garage cleaning day means selling clubs day... All prices include shipping to the lower 48. Like the clubs, but not the price? Make an offer. The only trade I'm interested in is an 18-20 ft bass boat with 250HP on the back. If you can't offer that, please stick to cash. Buy early and buy often! THANKS! Ping S58 Combo Set PW-6i $115.00 Tour W 47* PW, S58 9i-7i (purple dot), i10 6i (orange dot) No hyperbole or feeble attempt at wit... these are just a great set of irons. TFC 129 stiff; Ping 703 grips Ping Rapture J Spec PW-4i - The OG "Players Distance Iron" *SOLD - On their way t
  5. Graphite Design Tour AD MJ 5S Specs can be found here - https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/tour-ad-mj-shafts/ I purchased this shaft with a Callaway adapter, which I replaced with a Cobra adapter. There was a wee bit of tip prep visible after the switch, and my inner-OCD voice would not be quiet until I covered it - hence the ring ferrule. You will also notice a sight boo-boo in the paint about 1" above the adapter. This also got my inner-OCD voice chirping, so I made sure to align the adapter in such a way that the boo-boo is not visible at address when the club is in its standard setting. T
  6. If I heat the hosel of an MG wedge with a heat gun, should I be concerned about damaging the red plug? Thanks!
  7. BANG Dark Matter Driver Picture yourself rolling up to a big $ match on a course that... 1 - Has 14 severe dog-leg right driving holes that demanded no more than 175 yards of forward carry, and another 50 yards of turn. 2 - The tee boxes on those 14 holes are tightly lined with trees whose canopies are no higher than 8 feet above the ground. 3 - Your match-play opponent suffers from hyperacusis. Under those circumstances, The BANG Dark Matter driver is the ideal club!
  8. I ran into the same issue with a set of JPX825 Pro... I fumbled around with all manner of counter-weighting, etc. Static weight got wonky, and my frustration grew proportionately. The clubs weren't playable by anyone not named Thor. At the end of the day, tip weights or lead tape is the best solution. Tip weights would be my first choice, but lead tape is certainly less time consuming. Neither are particularly difficult.
  9. Thank you, sir. You have been very helpful!
  10. No tip weights. I can't remember the head weights... should have written them down on something more than a scratch pad. I will definitely make note of it if/when I rebuild! I suspect they were heavy to begin with, as my father ordered the clubs under standard length and with the stock 4.5 Project X Graphite. I believe Mizuno uses heavier heads for those builds. I'll scrap the lead foil tape idea... never really like the feel of it anyway. So that leaves me with D6 irons... not ideal. I suspect re-shafting the irons is the best way to go from here. Are there graphite iron shafts availa
  11. I recently too possession of a set of Mizuno JPX825 Pro's in very good condition. I love the way they look, sound at impact, and perform. They are every bit as long as my JPX919 Pros (although a bit less forgiving when I'm less than perfect). They were my fathers clubs, so there is that whole side of it as well. I want to use them as a travel/back-up set. Here is where I need some guidance (or perhaps an intervention): He played them 3* flat and 1/2" short on Project X Graphite 4.5. I need them 1* flat and +1/2", so changes needed to be made. My first thought was to reshaft. I found
  12. I have an old Fli Hi Forged fitting cart head with a screw in the back of the hosel. Is there an ROG issue with using this head if I use epoxy to affix it to a shaft and remove the screw? Thanks!
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