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  1. Thanks, sounds like a good plan.
  2. Leaving Boston, can fly into either Atlanta, Montgomery or Birmingham. Going to play Grand National. Capitol Hill, Ross Bridge and Two nights at Farmlinks. What’s the best . I can use multiple airports (prices are basically the same. Just trying to figure the best route from one sight to the next. Thanks
  3. How good is old Toccoa farms? Would like to a buddy trip there. Coming from Boston we’re all over 60 so we don’t need courses like Reynolds or any of the high end courses.( where all past are prime.) Just need solid golf. We played last year at arrowhead pointe and enjoy, just to give you idea of what would best for us. Thanks in advance.
  4. Harmon is a great place to play and practice. I play weekdays. place of play is usually very good. Hope to see you there.
  5. I'd say that she was very fortunate in her parents. She sounds like a class act. she is a class. When she got back last year I ask here what country has the best food? She said the U.S.A of course!
  6. We have a retired carpenter from Ireland, with hands the size of sledgehammers. He took up golf at the age of 66 (now he is in his mid seventies ), he struggles to break 100 and he is one of the first members of the club that she asks to fill her foresome.
  7. yes it was, she's a great person. Last year, while she was getting ready to tee off on the first hole at our club. Even though I'm not close to her caliber of player, she turned and ask if I wanted to join her and her dad. She's a classy young lady!
  8. red soxx

    Sky valley

    Going to north Georgia in April of 2018, playing u.g.a,arrowhead pointe, catheesee (hope I spelled it right )is sky valley worth the add on. Can play currahee but only bring one guest. 8 guys going.thanks peter
  9. River course at kingsmill not as good as others mentioned in my opinion
  10. Quote me 168 for 36 at capital hill judge/senator in April of 2018
  11. Called their reservation team yesterday, the said they would but package for 8 golfers. Quoted 203 pp
  12. 175 plus tax 203 total
  13. red soxx

    Ross bridge

    Looking to do the rtj trail in Alabama this upcoming April. Is Ross bride worth the $ 205 greens fee? Going to play all 3 at grand national 2 at capital hill and all day at farmlinks. We will be staying in Jacksons gap Alabama. Thanks
  14. Has anyone played it. If so what public courses in Alabama (rtj) would you compare it to as far as pure golf thanks
  15. your first trip to the trail i would on day 1 play lake or links at g.n. With the short course as a warm up you won't be disapointed. Then play 2 at capitol the judge and either of the other two then drive back to grand national and play the other long course then back to Atlanta. Keeping driving down Ross bridge and farmlinks are great but you need more time to play them all if you can. They have a special on how many years the trail has been open on that date you pay a dollar a year I think this year is the 25th except Ross bridge
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