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  1. [url="http://www.bettinardi.com/product/studio-stock-2/"]http://www.bettinard...udio-stock-2/ [/url] After multiple views, it is the Studio Stock-2 for me. Thanks for the opportunity .
  2. Although I do want to go spend a weekend at OCN soon, I wouldn't call it a resort. The on-site rooms are meant for golfers, no real extra's like a pool. But it does have a nice range and I do love the courses. Another option that won't kill the budget would be PGA Village in Port St Lucie which is about 30 min north of Palm Beach. Three very good courses and with a great range right next door. No on-site housing but hotels and condo's next door.
  3. Two other courses in the Fort Lauderdale area are Jacaranda and Plantation Preserve. These courses are in Plantation which is in the center of the county. If I had friends down who wanted to play golf, these two plus Deer Creek would be the daily fee courses I would recommend first. I do enjoy play the Norman Course (Pines) at Pompano Beach, just be aware this is a municpal course and the maintenance can be an issue. But the last time I played there the greens were in good condition. I'm assuming you are coming down to see the Cardinals games in Jupiter. A course in the same complex where the Cardinals play spring training is Abocoa. I haven't played it in a couple of years, but I have always enjoyed the course.
  4. From a guy who just bought a mallet putter but regrets it, this putter is what a putter should look like.
  5. In my group of mid-handicappers, we have a payout for 3 pars in a row. I was working on my 3rd hole which was a dogleg to the left with a canal on the left. After snap hooking the driver into the water, I had no shot on the green because I was no where near the bend. After laying up, I had about 65 yards to the pin. I hit my 60 degree wedge and bounced once into the cup.
  6. I did get an email from OCN earlier this week that they have shut down Crooked Cat for 2 to 3 weeks to fix the problems.
  7. Has anybody had a knee surgery for torn meniscus? Wondering what to expect. How long before I can start playing, rehab, etc
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