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  1. 1) 2 Puma / Arnold Palmer collection polos - $90 shipped/ppd for both -each has been worn once and washed once, had to get them for a group tourney but not really my style -yellow has a small snag that I tried to picture, not sure how it got there but included for full disclosure 2) Fujikura Ventus Red 8TX - $240 shipped/ppd -Titleist Tip -Plays to 43" in TSi3, no tipping -Will Peoples build, logos on grip and shaft set to 1 setting -Like new, only hit a couple dozen times over the last 4 weeks 3) Callaway Rogue SZ 15* - $OLD -Tensei CK White (Boron Tip) 70TX -42.5", D3 -Callaway headcover included -Definitely seen some play but still performs well
  2. Got my call from PGA SS to discuss hybrid vs. fairway. I ordered a 9x HB Black, but Callaway doesn't carry the 9x Black fairway, so they offered an 8x Blue free of charge for their mistake. Can't wait to get it in!
  3. How do you find out about the TGW deals?
  4. I order the PGA SS version w/ upgraded Ventus. Will see what happens if/when it gets in... the 5w is a great yardage for me, so the versatility of the UW has to win out.
  5. Anyone got a connection go get one? Thanks in advance
  6. Can confirm - just went to a fitting, and the 19* UW was almost keeping up with a 15* fairway wood. It's a rocket. Hopefully the head allows for some additional versatility when compared to a traditional fairway.
  7. Hopefully if Callway is building them they'll build to their standards!
  8. Good looking out! Little worried about the length, PGA SS has it listed at 40" but Callaway's website says 41.5". Regardless, I guess we'll find out!
  9. Wesley Bryan carrying it on the latest video George posted...looks nice and clean, wondering if anyone can identify it.
  10. I think 225 has white paintfill vs black paintfill on the 221/223
  11. Heard rumors of the PT Forum coming back... any more news on that?
  12. I got a couple of extra direct from Callaway. Just call them up and they should send some out.
  13. Hope I don't jinx myself, but so far the difference has been -4 strokes on average score. GIRs are up for sure as well. My main problem with my previous set was random fliers that went 10-20 yards longer than expected which definitely cost me a couple strokes per round.
  14. did they do a direct comparison between the two? I've only seen the t200 vs t100s... regardless just crazy to think 2* less loft, and they go higher. Guess the tech really does work...
  15. Nice - GLWS these should go quick!
  16. There are a ton in the $90-100 range, but I also tried to keep it cheaper. Ended up going with Under Armor actually, happy with them so far. Not super cool colors or anything but for neutrals/normal colors they got 'em.
  17. Ugh 221/223 vs. t100/t200 combo is gonna be a reaaaaaal tough decision!
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