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  1. Nice little sale here. Need to get rid of everything. Don't hesitate to make offers. 1. TEE CB pro hybrid 19* x stiff kuro kage shaft. Won this at an event and don't need as I don't play hybrids. Brand new in original box with head cover. Start it out at $old 2. Mizuno mp 64/69 combo set. 3-5 mp 64s 6-PW 69s. KBS C taper 130 x stiff shafts ss stepped once from factory. All serial numbers are same. Only owner. Drop to $300 3. Taylormade White SLDR 460 12* head only. In great shape bought from another Golfwrx. I use the 430 head never really got along with the 460. Start out at $old 4
  2. [quote name='RossRules' timestamp='1439321360' post='12118294'] Michael, FU for making that putt! ? [/quote] Haha it tried to stay out. It was one of those putts that you walk up to just trying to get close but once you hit it you have that oh s*** moment that might just go in. Had to redeem myself for missing that 6 footer.
  3. Thanks for the compliments guys. Still don't know how that 40 footer went in but that was a ton of fun(still telling my friends about it lol). Being my first lesson I didn't really know what to expect and really just went in to it wanting to soak up as much as I could. Came away very impressed with Monte's knowledge and thoughts on the swing and golf in general. Definitely worth the investment if you want to get better at golf. Enjoyed being around everyone talking golf everyone was awesome(all of Monte's stories are great, I could listen to it all day if we weren't there trying to learn how t
  4. All PMs replied to. I also want to let everyone know that I will be going on vacation for a week starting Saturday. Anything paypalled by 2pm tomorrow will get shipped before I leave.
  5. [quote name='KillerBgolfer' timestamp='1437340886' post='11979996'] any pics from the top on the #1 wide? [/quote] Yes just posted
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