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  1. I am declaring my RTX4 experiment over and a failure. I committed to the 50* wedge this season and I find it, overall, to be a terrible club for my game. 1) It feels/sounds equally harsh on well struck shots and slight mishits, providing no beneficial feedback. 2) It digs way more than any other off the shelf 50.10 wedge has a right to do and far more than any wedge I've ever carried. 3) It lacks spin compared to my old Nike VR forged that will be coming back into my bag for my next round. The only thing it had going for it was passable looks in the raw finish.
  2. Well, they didn't ask, so what if they sent a different model? Again, my point was, let me make that decision. Ping sent the same clubs back, so the point is now moot.
  3. I play Belgrade a few times a year (well, usually). I like it, great views, and the deck overlooking 9/18 is a fabulous post round spot if it's open. The only negative of the course is the bunkers, I think they just go to Hannaford's every spring and buy out the entire stock of kitty litter for the bunkers. Tee shot on 1 is such a beautiful view as is the practice green. There is no range, but they do have a hitting cage to take a few swings before the round. Steer clear of Yogi and Boo Boo. :) I wish ME would get rid of the 14 day waiting period to play golf! I have a hard time believin
  4. I think I'd be a bit annoyed if I sent one set in and without any notice or approval they sent another set back. At least let me make that decision!
  5. Not sure why changing clubs all the time is a badge of honor. Chasing a moving target makes improving difficult.
  6. Disagree, perhaps off mats or inside, but once you get outside it will differ. I've been trying to adjust to a RTX4 50x10 wedge this season to replace an old Nike VR Forged 52x10, the leading edge on the RTX4 just wants to dig, while the Nike agreed more with my swing. Same guy, same swing, different results from an OEM wedge. I was able to get the RTX4 for essentially nothing, so I am considering giving up on it and trying something else...i'd just like to swing a few on the course vs blindly buying only to find out the club doesn't work well with my game.
  7. Good theory, confidence with a club is important. I'll get some more time with the club before I make an decisions. What I need is a quiet day on the course to drop a few balls from around 110 yds and in to experiment.
  8. Willing to pay more for a ball? No reason it can't be done with RFID, at what point is it simply not worth it though. Would you pay $20/ball? $15? The market that will pay that is pretty small. IMO...
  9. Anyone have any news on when Maine may open to non-residents? I've not been able to find anything yet. On a side note, the people who run the Sunday River golf course e-mailing list need to get a clue. They are bombarding me with emails to come play...yet as a MA resident I can't.
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