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  1. Currently: -SuperSpeed Sticks -The MISIG (one band snapped mid use almost cuasing injury and now im afraid to use it) -Orange Whip -putting mirror -Swingshirt (cant bring myself to wear it on a full range)
  2. Went up to Vermont to golf last wekeend with my brother, and a couple childhood buddies and i highly recommend it if anyone is looking for a different golf weekend getaway. We rented an airbnb in Manchester which is a pretty cool little mountain town with 2 good size resorts and lots of shops and restaurants. About a 7 hour drive from DC. unseasonably high temps in the high 70s made it easy and we were able to comfortably eat and drink outside after each round. First round was at Okemo Valley golf club in Ludlow. Heathland style course built in the mid 90s.
  3. All the courses i have played around here (DC area) are double riders, but will provide single carts if the player asks and they have the carts. No extra fee that i have seen yet. Still no rakes, ball washers, water or touching the flag stick. i would not feel comfortable sharing a cart and would probably walk if i got there and told i had to share.
  4. i tried going driver over the trees there yesterday. Didn't work out too well.
  5. Was he tested before rhe first round or when he arrived for week on Monday? PGA is not requiring players, caddies, instructors and trainers to isolate at a team hotel after they arrive and take the initial test. So he may of caught it during the week from going out around town or from someone who was out and about and maybe not showing symptoms yet.
  6. If the players, caddies, instructors, and trainers are not quarantined after they arrive and take that initial test then whats the point. As soon as they go out around town or out to restaurants they are potentially exposed and bringing it back to everyone at the course and they wont test positive until the next tour stop.
  7. Watney 1st player on PGA Tour to test positiveApparently he tested negative when he got to Hilton Head beginning of the week, then woke up today with symptoms and tested positive. Guess it shows the vulnerability of the testing program that without total isolation between events a player can arrive and test negative before he builds up enough of the virus to trigger a positive test then go out and possibly expose a bunch of people. Who knows how many people he was in close contact with between the day he arrived and this morning.
  8. That touchless system is great. Played Northwest on Sunday and the pool noodle was about level with the hole, so the ball would just roll right over it. At least 3 putts we all agreed were in when they went right over the noodle. Congrats on the ace!
  9. Hey Cydiego and Golfday. I posted about the same thing a few months ago then Coronavirus immedietly happened and all courses shutdown so probably a good idea to post again. Same boat as you guys. Also, moved last year from Florida and looking for a game. If you guys or anyone is interested in a round please let me know. I'm in Bethesda, but good with traveling.
  10. Report: VA gambling law could help pave way for Redskins stadium Looks like that bill passing means the Redskins will move to VA. I've heard Synder's dream for years is to be able to offer in stadium sports betting.
  11. I was at the API a few years ago and Bryson on that tee turned and hit his tee shot straight left down the previous hole and got home in 2 from there. No one had any idea what he was doing.
  12. Hey Everyone I posted in the travel and pairings section and got recommendations to post here. My wife and I recently moved to DC for work and to be closer to family after living in Orlando for 10 years. Would love to get out and play/meet fellow DC golfers as I really dont know anyone here. If anyone is interested in playing or if anyone ever needs an extra person please let me know. We are currently renting in Bethesda, but willing to travel for a round. I shoot low to mid 80s and really excited to play again and play some of the local courses. Thanks in advance, Nick
  13. Thanks Citygame for the response! I will do that now
  14. Posted this in the travel section, but probably a good idea to post here too: Hey everyone now that the weather is turning nice I think it's a good time to post. My wife and I recently moved to the DC area after living in Orlando for the past 10 years. I'm looking for a round if anyone wants to play, needs an extra person to round out their group or knows of any leagues in the area they would recommend. Little bit about myself. 37 years old. shoot low to mid 80s. We are currently renting in Bethesda, but willing to travel a bit for a round. Skill level doesnt matter just looking for playing pa
  15. 3 buddies and I were very lucky to win the lotto for Masters Monday practice round tickets and looking for a round the day before. We are renting a cabin in Eatonton and I was wondering for Reynolds Plantation do you have to live or be staying in the community to play there? Any other good public course recommendations in the area? Can't wait for this trip. Thanks in advance for the responses.
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