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  1. Scotty Cameron Tei3, which was refurbed. 35in long, and the putter is showing some minor signs of rust...$245 OBO Two edel wedges.. 58/53 (53 is a 50 bent 3 degrees.) They are bent .75 degree up... $70 OBO for the pair.
  2. I try not to hit my wedges hard. The only time I will swing full is when I need to hit something high with spin. But I have 1/2, 3/4, and full swing numbers wilth all of those clubs.
  3. That's awesome! I've been looking to buy a whole set of Hogans to have a little vintage bag!
  4. I dont think that will leave it "raw" as described. You just stripped the black finish off.
  5. I had a similar issue. My course had 3 dog legs right. I do one of two things. 1. I would hit my 2 hybrid. I hit it high enough to get over the trees, and have it draw back in. 2. I would hit a "stinger" driver.. doesnt look anything like tiger's. But it works. Tee it down low, choke up, and open your stance a hair. Once you practice this it is a really reliable shot. You will hit a nice low cut. It take off a solid 20yds or so.
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