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  1. UGH, of all the times to not have money These are beautiful. GLWS
  2. Man! Why do you do this kinda stuff! Lol!!!! I would love to have this even though I don’t see my 2017 M1 440 getting kicked out of the bag.
  3. Good day fellow WRXers! I have just one item tonight that needs a new home. Odyssey O-Works Marksman that plays at 33 inches. Putter is in excellent shape as well as the headcover! I put a Super Stroke tour 5.0 on it and used it for 2 rounds. Putter just didn’t work out! Looking for $75 shipped OBRO!
  4. WOW! Beautiful stuff... must have been a driver vs driver vs driver competition! lol
  5. hondarob


    I have no doubt that shafts play a huge role in the performance and likeability of a club. I'm not insinuating the SIM2 is bad I just feel like its a case of trying to make something better but creating something equal as its predecessor with a different look. I mean how much better can you make drivers in todays game? Everything is maxed out and there isn't much more to be done IMO.
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