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  1. A few years back - a thread was started for Brand new z945 irons @ TGW for $384 shipped gotta be my best pick up as I still play those irons!!
  2. Props to DeeJaid! Great Member/Seller here - I'm a card carrying member of (his) Persimmons Club!! Dont Sleep on his Crack Clubs!!
  3. LEGIT Tourstage Irons! I played the 705 Type-S years ago. GLWS - who ever picks up will love em!!
  4. We will see - I too am curious on how it works, I'm a tinkerer so this will be a fun learning experience.
  5. bending done via the motor? I have no clue - but i'll grab some clubs from local thrift shop to experiment on.
  6. Hello Golfwrx. Curious if any has info/experience with this Loft/Lie Machine. Only info I have is: All Star Golf Sales & Leasing Co. - Precision Set Loft & Lie Machine My search online has yielded only adverts from 1975. Background: Buddy is a pro and they are cleaning out their proshop, and found this machine in the back. Head pro says it still works just hasnt been used in a long time...so its coming to live now with me. Just curious on how it works and what not...and if anyone has used one before.
  7. Item(s) For Sale: 1.) Titleist TS3 9.5* Head: Used 1 season - Clean topline, light marks on bottom. Most wear on face. Price: $190 $SOLD/Shipped OBO 2.) Hzrdus Black - Smoke Shaft: 60g, 6.0 Stiff, length = 44.5" Price: $80 $SOLD/shipped OBO 3.) Hzrdus Black - Smoke Shaft: 60g, 6.5 X-Stiff, length = 44.5" Price: $old 4.) Diamana D+ 70, X5CT Stiff, Length = 44.0" Price: $old Combo Pricing: $250 $Sold/shipped (Head + Hzrdus Black) Please PM me with any questions
  8. OMG - I forgot the first rule of fight club GolfWrx!....so sorry!
  9. If you love the RIP Alpha - why not just keep playing it - you can still source them. I still rock the Rip Alpha in my 3wd and use a hybrid shaft in my #3 driving iron and 4 iron....and they rock. But am curious to try out a RipX....but if you like something and its still available, why not stick with it?
  10. Snodork


    HAHAHAH - I currently game a 2017 M1 440cc @ 9.5* (with a KKXD 70s) and absolutely love it - its a low spin monster and still performs with the current offerings. I recently purchased a sim2 9* w/ HZRDUS Black RDX 70s. I've only had it on the sims a couple sessions so not enough garner a valid review. One thing to note - the Stock Sim2 comes in @ 45.75" and a swing weight of D5. I current driver is 45" @ D3.5 so i'm getting used to the weight and added length. Also the head size compared to the 440cc is something I gotta learn how to look past.
  11. Pics of New SC Grips added. Each Buyer of the remaining Putters can pick one of the two grips below to be included for free (if purchased @ full asking price)
  12. Wow?! That’s aweful..
  13. This is a very helpful thread. I've been very curious to try the Ventus Black (7s) - I just ordered a SIm2 with a 70g HZRDUS Black RDX. Very curious as this will go head 2 head with old faithful (440cc 2017 M1 + KKXD 70s)
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