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  1. Kind of a long shot. if you have one and aren’t married to it, I’d love to take it off your hands TIA
  2. As a (still) OG user or the RIP Alpha - I had to give this a go. Usually play a 70g stiff in my driver - bought a 55s and 65s to switch try a lighter shaft in my driver and 3wd. so far - 55s in my sim2 8* playing @ just over 45" and its a beast...very anti-left (for me) i can swing free/easy and let it fly.
  3. There's just a small sense of hope when you see "PENDING" on your app only to have it say - sorry you suck, go home - no shoes for you!
  4. Hello Team - Just doing some spring cleaning about my Barn Proshop. Please PM me if you have any questions All prices are OBO & Thanks for looking Lowball offers are still offers so fire away! Cobra ZL Driver (Zero Limits Head & Adapter) 8.5* - Price: $65.00 $50.00 obo Cobra F6 Driver 9.5* - Price $85.00 $70.00 obo Taylormade Aeroburner 3wd, 15* (YardBirds, Tour issue, loft 14.4*, FA 2*) - Price: $60.00 $45.00 obo Adams Tight Lies 5wd, 19* - Price: $40.00 $30.00 obo Package Head Deal: $175.00 Fam
  5. Contact this member: deejaid He’ll set you on the right path - I bought some persimmons a from him and he’s a wealth of knowledge on em and refinishing
  6. A few years back - a thread was started for Brand new z945 irons @ TGW for $384 shipped gotta be my best pick up as I still play those irons!!
  7. Props to DeeJaid! Great Member/Seller here - I'm a card carrying member of (his) Persimmons Club!! Dont Sleep on his Crack Clubs!!
  8. LEGIT Tourstage Irons! I played the 705 Type-S years ago. GLWS - who ever picks up will love em!!
  9. We will see - I too am curious on how it works, I'm a tinkerer so this will be a fun learning experience.
  10. bending done via the motor? I have no clue - but i'll grab some clubs from local thrift shop to experiment on.
  11. Hello Golfwrx. Curious if any has info/experience with this Loft/Lie Machine. Only info I have is: All Star Golf Sales & Leasing Co. - Precision Set Loft & Lie Machine My search online has yielded only adverts from 1975. Background: Buddy is a pro and they are cleaning out their proshop, and found this machine in the back. Head pro says it still works just hasnt been used in a long time...so its coming to live now with me. Just curious on how it works and what not...and if anyone has used one before.
  12. Item(s) For Sale: 1.) Titleist TS3 9.5* Head: Used 1 season - Clean topline, light marks on bottom. Most wear on face. Price: $190 $SOLD/Shipped OBO 2.) Hzrdus Black - Smoke Shaft: 60g, 6.0 Stiff, length = 44.5" Price: $80 $SOLD/shipped OBO 3.) Hzrdus Black - Smoke Shaft: 60g, 6.5 X-Stiff, length = 44.5" Price: $old 4.) Diamana D+ 70, X5CT Stiff, Length = 44.0" Price: $old Combo Pricing: $250 $Sold/shipped (Head + Hzrdus Black) Please PM me with any questions
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