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  1. First I want to say thank you to everyone. I will be reading and rereading everything. I left a lot out to not bore people in my OP. Yes I had a major back issue. Today I'm 99% normal 99% of the days. I took a 6 lessons between 2012-2014, read 5 Lessons, and at some point, I had it "figured out". Tee to green my friends couldn't touch me. While 260 isn't going to get me on the tour, I only played about 11 rounds a year, but went to the driving range all the time. I loved to practice. The day I distinctively remember the problems, I had just played 9 holes at 4 over. I had some time l
  2. > @b_f_c_99 said: > Your original post you said you didn’t think you were casting. Well you are, I’ve never seen a worse cast. I’m actually inclined to believe this whole thing is a gag and your doing that intentionally. Not a gag. I've got better stuff to do than a 1 year gag.
  3. > @SNIPERBBB said it: it’s just a super slow movement. It doesn’t look like you’re going after it. No expert, but I assume if your pro could find a way to time your release a little better you could still get more distance out of the same swing intensity. > > > It is true I'm not going after it in those videos. However, swinging with everything produces no extra distance. The faster I swing I get more outside in and wide open face angle. I did have herniated disk previously. I still get back spasm but not tearing pain like I used to.
  4. > @Krt22 said: > What did the tour pro you got lessons from work on you with? I'm not a pro but there are some glaring power robbing flaws that should be fixable with a good instructor. Swing inside out. Rotate shoulder more.
  5. What I find interesting is that I've never seen myself swing. I see all the issues you all mention, but I don't know why it all changed. I started playing in 2011. From the start I hit 200 yards with a driver. Once I was hitting 260 I felt I personally needed no more. I was happy. Then one day I can't hit 150. I'll post another angle on my swing.
  6. > At this point I would love to see a vid of your 98 MPH swing and current 70 MPH swing. There has to be a glaring difference or you've had a catastrophic physical change. Unfortunately I do not have an old video.
  7. Here is video 1. I have a few more to crop down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDdk-bhoVKk&feature=share
  8. I'll upload the video after I edit it down. In fairness to the pro, I started lessons with him this summer. I've gone it alone up until this summer. So it's been 3ish months with him although my 7 iron average hasn't changed. 85 yards. Here are the recap numbers after 30 minutes of hitting.
  9. > @Golfbeat said: > Guys, without him posting a video this is anybody’s guess. Either this is trolling or something very unusual is going on. This thread does not make any sense without a video. I promise this is not trolling. I will post a video soon. I am ready to quit the game over this change.
  10. > @"Golf Scientist" said: > Have you checked your driver for damage (cracked face, cracked shaft,etc). The loss of distance for the other clubs could easily be explained by a speed loss that can be explained as mentioned by others "holding" things (like the wrist cock), jerking, thrusting body parts, etc. Try borrowing the driver of someone who hits it the distance you used to, and see if their driver goes any further than your current. > > In your mind where do you think speed comes from? Some times people get incorrect concepts in their head. When you used to swing your clubs
  11. > @Z1ggy16 said: > "A picture is worth 1,000 words". > > In this case... post a video to this thread of your swing. Down the line, and face on. I'll post next time I'm at the range.
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