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  1. As the post is about white hot putters I guess I should have written about getting the neck on a real/white hot version. The putters mentioned are not the real thing. I dont recall seeing a O Works that wasnt a fang though.
  2. Makers can put a slant neck on every freaking putter version in the world but we cant bleeping get one on a 2-ball?!
  3. Did a little digging on the sites for hollow body offsets 7I's im mm Honma 3.2 790's 2.7 HMB 3.2 i500 2.28 Cobra 3.0 Onoff couldnt find for fun Apex 3.0 Apex pro 2.8
  4. Ugh! Was happy I found the Nike I've been looking for. Then I scrolled down.
  5. Those look fantastic! Too bad Im a graphite regular guy. Great price also.
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