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  1. Yeah but he shot 52 at oakmont 60 years ago
  2. Wow i havent watched much golf channel the past couple years and didn't even know he retired.. Very sad
  3. paulshack

    PNC 2021

    U didn't think I was seriously pondering which one she ws thinking did u buddy
  4. paulshack

    PNC 2021

    Wonder if Elin wants them to win or lose
  5. paulshack

    PNC 2021

    Who's bubba playing with that man has running shoes on
  6. I just hope the playoff hole is settled in a hell in the cell
  7. No it was just decided that nobody care because we all wanna see chirpy deathmatches instead
  8. Always a fan of Bryson but gained alot of respect for him this week
  9. Wasn't the Sunday I was hoping for but I'm. Still drunk and happy well done USA not sure what the Europeans have in store from here
  10. Majority of tourneys are lower like that.. The majors and DC fly by the 50 page mark pretty quickly Also the Ryder cup is just f****** awesome
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