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  1. Couple things for sale tonight. Not looking for any trades. 1. AD IZ 6x with Tm 2* tip. 43.5 inches grip to tip. SST pured. Awesome shaft, just not for me. $200 shipped 2. Callaway MD5 60* 8w, straight from the factory. It has 4 rounds on it and a couple chipping sessions. I picked it up to compare to my other lob wedge and just prefer one with a bit more bounce. $90 shipped.
  2. Title pretty much says it all 13.5 degree Epic Flash Sub Zero with pured DF70 stiff, tipped one inch. Face and topline look great, there is a slight mark in the clearcoat where my alignment rod got under the headcover and put a slight rub in the clearcoat. $220 shipped OBRO. HC included
  3. Driver- Sim max 9.0, one click closed with Ventus Black 6x, untipped @45 inches 3 wood- Sim max 15* with AD IZ 7x @ 43 inches 5 wood- TM M5 19* with V2 4&5 iron- TM 790 bent one degree weak, Project X LZ 6.0, plus 1/2 inch 6-9- TM 760 Project X LZ 6.0, plus 1/2 inch PW- Jet Black Vokey 46*, Project X LZ 6.0, plus 1/2 inch GW-50* TM MG2 Sb, Project X LZ 6.0, plus 1/2 inch SW- 56* bent to 55* TM MG2 Sb, Project X LZ 6.0 plus 1/2 inch LW- Callawy MD5 60* 8W grind. Factory shaft Putter- TM spider, double bend copper @34 inches Rangefinder- Bu
  4. Watching Tiger hug his kids after winning the Maters last year. The story coming full circle with his dad and now his kids. I actually shed a tear.
  5. I have messed around with different armlock putters at the store and just can't get into a comfortable stance with the shaft running up my arm. I use a Spider x putter and put a pretty good forward press into my stroke before pulling the trigger. The back of my putter is off the ground a good 1/2 inch. Here is what I am thinking... Grab an armlock and chop it down to 34 inches (my normal putter length), put a superstoke counterbalanced grip on it and see how it does. My only concern is the weight of the putter head. Seems like most of them are around 400 gram heads. Would the head weig
  6. When you load your pictures use the "upload image" icon. It's the icon to the right of the smiley face, don't use the icon that resembles a paper clip.
  7. Just one item tonight.. Direct from Taylormade, Ad di 7x 3 wood shaft. Came with my M5 but moved on to a different setup. Shaft is standard length, see photos. No scratches I could find but the "7x" graphics are worn a little. $165 shipped firm. The ONLY trade I would consider would be an AD IZ 6x driver shaft with TM tip.
  8. SS wristlock grip, used for one putting session. Professionally pulled, core looks clean as far as I can tell. $20 shipped
  9. M5 rocket with Atmos Black Tour spec 7x shaft. Awesome combo, just didn't fit into the yardages I needed any longer, who am I kidding, I am just a club whore! Face shows signs of use but the topline and crown are in great shape. There a a 3 pin size nicks in the paint visible in the pics. Headcover is a generic callaway HC. Grip is a nearly new MCC+4. $250 shipped Nearly new Md5 60. 08 wide sole wedge. Picked it up to try against my 60.12 wide sole and just sticking with the one I have had for awhile. I hit 15-20 balls with it and a handful out of the bunker. Factory shaft and gri
  10. I have been testing both versions of the 2020 Bridgestone balls. I have found the BX to be extremely accurate and incredibly long. The BXS was much softer off the putter which I prefered but the BX outshined the BXS in every other category, at least for me. Both balls were great in the wind. The BX was a hair longer in the irons but that could have come down to the strike or where it landed on the green. The thing that sold me on the BX was the consistency. Ballflight was very consistent from shot to shot, just a very strong piercing flight with plenty of height at the end.
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