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  1. Hmmmm. Not sure why. My work laptop let me use the link and that laptop is super selective of what websites it will let open
  2. Looks interesting, especially for someone who tends to get a little handsy at impact... Pure Swing Products - Precision Impact Golf Training Aid I am hoping someone has tried it and can give some feedback on their thoughts.
  3. Distance was pretty similar between the two sets for me, the 770's may have been a very little bit longer, but not enough to sway me one way or the other. I will say that I do like the looks of the 770's better when looking at them from address, and definitely when I a looking at them in the bag. I hated the George Foreman grill look of the 760's
  4. I jumped on the 770's as soon as they came out and I was testing them against my 760's. Then my entire bag was stolen from my truck one night but the 770's were under the back seat in my truck and they didn't see them. That is how I ended up with the 770's over the 760's. I really liked the 760's. Feel, distance, performance was great. The only thing I didn't like was the preworn leading edge. I am a picker and the 770's seem to be just a LITTLE easier for me to hit. Maybe its just in my head....
  5. dre72

    U-510 v SIM DHY

    I picked up a Dhy 4 iron to replace my 770 4 iron. I have been impressed with it so far. It flies higher than the 770 4 iron and goes just a couple yards longer but the biggest difference is the fact that I can get it to hold greens much better than the 4 iron.
  6. I think I am more confused now than before I asked, LOL. To clarify, it was not a low line drive type of ball flight so there wasn't a chance of the ball skipping off the water. If I understand correctly, I should have walked up to where I thought the ball landed and searched that area. If the ball wasn't there, I would have walked back to the drop zone and played from there? Is that correct? If so, that seems a little redundant to hold up play. This is one of those situations I need to have a good understanding of with all of the amateur tournaments I play in.
  7. Playing in a money game yesterday, we come to the 18th hole with a lake on the right side of the fairway. I hit my drive and push it a little right and we all see a splash when it lands. I go up to the drop zone and play from there. As we are walking down we find my original ball in the middle of the fairway. No one is questioning if it is my original ball, my markings, the number ball I was playing etc... Right where it looks like it landed the lake is very shallow and you can see some rocks just below the surface so it must have gotten a fortunate ricochet. Here is the qu
  8. 2020 770’s 4-pw, stock KBS stiff shafts. Standard LLL. Clubs are in great shape, 20-30 rounds on them. Ferrels on the 8-pw have separated a tiny bit. This is purely cosmetic, just wanted to point it out. Pic of the worst one included so you get an idea. SOLD! Mavrik Subzero 15*3 wood with ventus blue 7s (with velocore). Top line is perfect. Face looks great, just a few very minor scratches from being played. 325 shipped TM M5 19* fairway wood. UST V2 7F5 shaft. Top line is perfect, tiny nick in the paint by the loft designation that cannot be seen at add
  9. 1. City and State? Washington Mo 2. Handicap? +3.7, all tournament scores 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? Zx7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes, including trackman testing 4. Current Iron setup? P770/p7MC COMBO 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? Updated V sole. Really liked my 745's and these look like a big upgrade over them. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely
  10. It sucks but clubs break. I have cracked Tm heads, Ping heads and Callaway heads. Cold range balls in a midwest winter and decent swing speed lead to equipment failure. Not trying to make light of the situation by any means but these things happen.
  11. Why not just buy another Titleist head and put the upgraded shaft in it. Cheapest, fastest route and shortest amount of time getting accustomed to the club.
  12. It’s just a bit stiffer than a regular stiff flex. I am around 105 this time of year and it handles that just fine.
  13. Ventus Blue with velocore 6s with TM tip. I got this directly from TM , just prefer the ventus black. This shaft was tipped an extra 1/2 inch over TM standard. 44 inches grip to tip. Played @45 inches in my Sum max. Sold!! shipped in the CONUS.
  14. dre72

    MG2 TW edition!

    I have the 60 and the grind is absolutely perfect for me. I have tried just about every lob wedge out there and the only other wedge that I have liked was the SM5 k grind. with the blunted leading edge I have been able to lay the club wide open, play it back in my stance, get the shaft in front of the club head and just hit down hard on the back of the ball. It comes out mid high with an absolute crap load of spin. If I need to hit it higher I just move the ball up in my stance. I actually have a brand new one in the back up bad with the plastic still on it for when m
  15. I am a picker. Pure pitching wedges barely ruffle the grass. For me the thinner the head the better. Something like a Ping I210 is completely unplayable. I am currently in 770's with p7mc's on the way. YMMV.
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