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  1. Hate to say this - but I was there. I was volunteering for this qualifier at Sandcreek which is my home course. This was a sorry comment on the maturity of a very few people. But it was also an unwarranted blemish on the reputation of a first class course and a first class tournament. What you have heard is probably accurate - a player and his caddy/father thought theEarth should stop turning because said player was having a bad day locating his stray golf shots. Unfortunately, everyone, even the most patient among us has a limit. When playing partners reached their limits, fisticuffs ensued. It was handled appropriately and will not result in much action going forward. But still, it’s a real throw back to the ‘20s and ‘30s when thing like this were common, but not in public. This event is news because it is unique. Hopefully, it will remain unique and only effect the wrongdoers, not the innocent third parties.
  2. Ping Eye2s are a wonderful iron set, if you know how to play reasonably well. In fact, I think you might find some support for the proposition that the "2s" had a significant influence on the design of many modern clubs. However, you might find that the older shafts may not fit you well. It might be worth while to have a club pro or other knowledgeable person check to see if you are hitting a shaft that is appropriate for your current situation. It may be that the shafts are too stiff, to heavy, etc. As for the woods in this set, the same situation may exist. In my experience, steel shafted woods are not as forgiving by any measure as modern composite shafted clubs. The laminate heads are smaller than modern clubs. While this doesn't directly effect their "hit-ability", there is at least a psychological impact when you look down a very small head as compared to one of the modern, large headed clubs we play today.
  3. Great to see this forum is still alive and well after all these years. We old types may not be the accomplished golfers we once were. I don't know about you all though, but I am still having as much fun with this game as I ever did. Seems my sense of humor is the only piece of original equipment I have left. After reading many of the posts, I can see most of you still have yours as well.
  4. Sad last days of a fine course are upon us. Twin Lakes will close at the end of July and return to its pre-golf status as a tree farm. I've heard stories about the reasons for this. But the why isn't really important. The course is privately owned. The owners don't owe us anything except a great round of golf. They did this and more every time I played there. I'll especially remember the first and eighteenth holes and their long carries over water are hard on a West Texas boy like me. Good bye old friend. I've always believed that every course has ghosts that come out at sundown to relive the great shots, the happy camaraderie, and shared dreams of those who played there. They'll still be there. Unfortunately, they won't be joined by new friends. The days of Twin Lakes are numbered. If you had the pleasures of meaningful or just fun rounds or need to find a few, hurry. Time is very, very short.
  5. Great golf story. One of those that will grow and morpñ over the years. Wouldn't you love to hear it 25 years from now?
  6. It's been said by better prayers than me that it's the archer not the arrow. Usually it's applied to a situation where someone wants a new set of clubs to fix an old swing flaw. This time, it's using old equipment to fix a problem. I'm guessing that there is something about this putter - the sight line, the feel of the grip, the shaft length, the weight, etc. But who cares why. Go with it and enjoy it. BTW, it's great to see this forum is still prospering. Thanks to all participants in this wonderful and informative forum.
  7. Getting excited about a forecast high of 47* on Monday. Wonder how many of the Senior Men's Club will make it out? Bet at least 1/2.
  8. Congratlations, my friend. Wonderful collection.
  9. Questions involving giveaways and other contests are routinely discussed. I have heard the above suggestion and I assure you that it and any other idea with merit will be a part of any future discussion. Thanks for the ideas, MNoonan. Please keep them coming.
  10. Thanks for your participation. I'm not sure if there is anything to be gained in pursuing this.
  11. This topic is a very, very good example of a completely worthless thread. It is now closed. Violators will be dealt with. Have a good day.
  12. At some point every so often, I have to explain a very important concept. Several years ago, I wrote a post that I was very proud of then and which has proven very useful from time to time. Please read it. Afterwards, I have a few more points to make. [i]Let me share something from the Forum Rules:[/i] [i][b]Community Posting Standards in Detail[/b][/i] [i]1. Being considerate and respecting each other.[/i] [i]1.1. Treating others the way you want to be treated is the key component to preservation of the site’s goals.[/i] [i]1.2. While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, or purposeless inflammatory posts.[/i] [i]For anyone who needs the above explained, I'll do my best. The minute you direct a post away from the topic and instead, take the opportunity to direct your post at some problem, observation, etc.regarding another community member, you are in violation of our rules. Period. You may have a wonderful suggestion for improving the moral character, world view, or logical processing of another member. Wonderful. Send them a PM. If they wish, they can engage in a scintillating conversation that will make both of you better people. Or you can slug each other until you are verbally black and blue. Or they can block you. [b]The point is, whatever transpires, the rest of us won't be forced to share whatever transpires. The point also is, if you do ignore the above Forum Posting standards, you are in danger of becoming an issue I have to deal with. I don't want to have to deal with it, but I will.[/b][/i] [i]Stay on topic. Avoid being profane. Stay off each others case.[/i] [i]Have a good day.[/i] In the last few days, [b]there have probably been more reports of posting issues arising from this thread than from any other thread I can ever remember.[/b] Sadly, it is simply too late for this kind of "be nice, boys" warnings. Instead, [b]I am going to shut down this thread[/b]. It is achieving nothing. I am very tempted to send several people associated with this exercise in [b]juvenile, backyard chest beating[/b] on a long vacation from using the posting rights available to members of good standing. [b]I simply cannot allow this kind of atmosphere to spill into other areas of the community.[/b] The potential ramifications of this thread are too profound for unilateral actions on my part. Instead, I am going to ask my fellow moderators and the ownership of GolfWRX to join me in discussing what measures to take on the perpetrators of this nonsense.[b] I am not referring to good members who unfortunately stumbled into this thread. I am referring to several members who have used this thread to bully, chest thump, and engage in purely useless posting behavior.[/b] I have no interest in listening to an further explanatory IMs, threads, or emails explaining why they weren't part of the problem. There is already a huge written record for us to refer to while making our decisions. I would suggest that it would be very wise for all those involved with this silliness to be very, very careful of their actions the next few days. Have a nice Open Championship Weekend.
  13. Good members - For various reasons, I have not been involved in any of the issues discussed in this thread until now. However, because this thread has elicited so many reports and mod activity, I decides to read through the thread, if nothing else but to make myself aware of the issues in case I was called on to deal with a report about something related to the thread. After some time and energy, I'm not sure that I can say I am any better off relative to the issues. However, I can say the following:[list] [*][b]Tone it down[/b]. Finger pointing, conspiracy theorizing, and the like do nothing but exposit all involved to very unfortunate actions from the Moderating Team. Please, if nothing else, smile when you post. [*][b]GolfWRX forums are not designed to facilitate multiple posts between members on issues that involve only them and have nothing to do with the rest of us. [/b]This type of conversation is perfect for the our personal message system. You can use a PM to discuss and hopefully settle any issues to which you are a party. You can even include more than one person if necessary. [*][b]Stay on topic. [/b]If you don't know the original reason for the thread, read the first post. Don't believe that the last poster(s) address the OP's original question or point. They may or may not. But if you are off topic, you expose yourself to a moderator's attention. [/list] With this said, this thread appears to have run its course. You can expect it to be closed in the very near future. With the above thoughts in mind, consider a final post on the OP's initial theme or thesis. Remember, take the high road.
  14. Nice. How do you get you clubs on that sled, anyway?
  15. [quote name='yedi015' timestamp='1404676773' post='9647267'] I am so psyched!!!!!! I finally broke 80. I have been flirting with it for a year or two and finally did it. Today I shot a 76 on a par 71 course. 13 par's and 5 bogies. I was an up and down machine and had 29 putts. Had some issues with long irons but made up for that with short game. Well anyway wanted to share my excitement. Thanks for reading. [/quote]Congratulations. I hope you had a great time doing it!
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