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  1. Bought the head last year from a fellow WRXer and only hit it about 20 times - it’s in great shape. This year I picked up an M5 and like it, but not the shaft - so here’s the leftovers. M3 head, HZRDUS 63 gram stiff shaft, standard length with the stock TM tour velvet grip on it. Will ship with a generic white/blue TM head cover or an M1 or M5 head cover (your choice). $120 shipped. Not interested in trades.
  2. Purchased from a very respectable WRXer. Byron Morgan 006, 365 grams and 34.5 inches (extended from 34”). Putter has both a sight dot and line, but the paint in the line has been removed - see pictures. Brand new Wilson putter grip, I only used it 3 times. Beautiful putter, just can’t knock my gamer out of the bag. Asking $400, interested in trades for putters around 35 inches and TM M5 driver heads.
  3. Top notch A+ seller here. His clubs actually look better when you get them in your hands - pictures don’t do them justice.
  4. Somebody please buy these - everytime I look I get closer and closer... $500 is a hell of a deal too. Must resist......
  5. Holy hell what a sick looking set of clubs. I really wish I could buy them!
  6. I apologize but I do not know the weight - I consider it a light putter and I used a few strips of lead tape on it when I played it. I played 8-10 rounds with it, removed the tape and used goo gone to remove the residue. Also - the face of the putter is NOT shiny. When I originally purchased the putter it was shiny, but the deep mill caused it to have a “rough finish” type of face. PutterLounge warned me about this before doing the work - it is not their fault and I have the utmost respect for their work and communication.
  7. Putter was originally purchased from a fellow WRXer. It had a gold finish and played at 33” I sent it to PutterLounge for a restoration. It’s been refinished in the original black finish, reshafted to play 35”, deep milled, sight dot added and “GO IN” punched into the bumpers (that’s what I always say when I think I hit a good putt). They also did great work with the paint (see pictures). I’m asking $300 - I love this putter but the greens in Colorado don’t have the speed for this kind of “pillow touch.” Putter will be sent in a Scotty Cameron Milled Putters headcover. Trades for a Futu
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