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  1. Ping G425 Max 9* with Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 60x (direct from ping) Length 45 1/4” (the club was ordered without Arcos, so this is actual length,) Condition is new in plastic. no trades. includes headcover. I will sell the shaft separately, but not the head. Price: $ 695 shipped Srixon ZX5 Driver 10.5* , with Tensei CK White 60 X flex. Length is 45 1/4” Used in one range session. Includes headcover and tool (both still in plastic) Price $395 Shipped.
  2. For sale only: Srixon ZX 4 Utility (23*). Shaft is Graphite Design Tour Ad 95x Used for a few rounds, in excellent shape. Standard length and lie Price $275 shipped
  3. Well after a relatively short wait (4 weeks, so not too bad) my g425 max with tour ad di shaft arrived on Thursday. Hit it on the range and a quick 9 holes to test it against my current gamer. I took it out for 18 today and the first three tee shots went dead straight. After a few more I started to say to myself that I didn’t like the sound of it. The it started cutting/ fading more than I am used too. Went to the range after the round because my back nine I hit it like crap, So I go to put some lead tape on the heal and find that the entire bottom blew out on it. Totally crazy, and I will ca
  4. Never said I didn't like it. I have a hand welded scotty that has been in the bag for a while that isn't going anywhere.
  5. Lab Directed Force (DF 1 Custom) Arm Lock Putter 41.5” Jumbo Max Grip KBS Gloss Black Shaft Lie Angle 77* Standard Shaft Lean 5* (effective loft 7*) Used on a putting green 1 time comes with original white magnetic headcover Sold
  6. According to the grint the average score of a 4 index is 78.9. Lydia Ko;s scoring average was 70.26 So I think you can compare that scoring average to the scoring average of LK/LPGA and quantify the answer rather easily.
  7. I played AD IZ in 6x (in Ping head), and recently switched to AD HD in driver (ZX5 Head). I actually went with AD-DI 6x in 3 wood (ZX fw head) and have found lots of success (and speed). I went with the lighter 3 wood head for a little more speed, and it feels similar to the 7x (maybe a tad softer)
  8. I was told by their head of HS sales they expect ZX5 heads to be in on April 14.
  9. Most 4's might not shoot 29 on a par-3 9 hole course.
  10. No Srixon love either, and this is their best offerings in FW and Drivers, but marketing plays a big role in what people come in and ask to hit or be fit for.
  11. Srixon ZX5 10.5* with GD Tour Ad-HD 60x Srixon ZX fw 15* with GD Tour AD-Di 60x
  12. For Sale (No trades) RTX Zipcore Tour Rack Raw Wedges 50. 56 and 60* Tour Issue DGS400 Shafts, 1/4* Long and standard lie Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard Grips These club have been used for two rounds of golf, they are in excellent condition. Sold as Set $330 shipped 50* 56* 60* For Sale (no trades) Srixon ZX 20* Utility (3 iron) Tour AD 95x Shaft, standard length and lie Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard Grip Used in one round, excellent condition Sold
  13. ZX7 irons 5-PW (6 clubs) Shafts Tour Issue Dynamic Gold s400 (these are upcharge shafts btw) 1/4” Long 1* upright Tour Velvet 360 standard grips used for one round and a few sim sessions. Sold
  14. This isn't fair to us righty's!!! I was ready to buy this! I guess I will wait until you offer it to the right handed golfers! JK... Great looking bag, good luck with the sale.
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