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  1. Specs below in the first picture (from my order confirmation email) . Putter is brand new (received 12/14, shaft was in back order for a few months so by the time I received this I was onto another putter that I am putting real well with and it is off season here in NY) it was taken out of the plastic, rolled on carpet once. If you are looking for this putter and shaft combo good way to save a few $$ and avoid the LA Golf backorder. Sold
  2. Feel free to PM if interested, would sell shaft(s) and head seperate.
  3. 3 wood Sim Ti 15* Head, shaft - Taylormade Tip Tensei CK series White 70x, 43" Good Condition, very small scratch just above face, not noticeable at address, otherwise normal face wear and not pop up marks. Shipped in US Sold
  4. All shafts are from Taylormade Directly. (All are Gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard Size Grips) Taylormade Diamana Limited Driver Shaft 60x (Plays 45 1/4" installed, shaft un-inserted is a fraction over 44")Sold Taylormade Diamana Limited FW Shaft (3 Wood), (plays 43 1/4", shaft is a fraction over 43") $Shipped Both for $sold
  5. For Sale: Tour Edge Exotics 19* EXS Pro Hybrid With Tensei Grey AV 75x , tour velvet 360 standard grip, includes head over used for a few rounds, minor wear on face and bottom, top line is clean no sky marks or scratches. Sold Srixon Z u85 4 iron Utility 23*, Modus 120 Stiff, standard length and lie very good Condition, used 10 or less rounds, standard size tour velvet grip. $100 Sizemore XM-2 Tour Proto Center Shafted Putter 34”, Aluminum and Copper Head, includes weight Kit with light and heavy weights, and two alignment sight line plates (inter
  6. Norcal putters will, he just did my t22 limited and it came out perfect (this is a picture of my putter on his instagram).
  7. 1. Long Island, NY 2. Range 0.5-1.8 this season (current 1.2) 3. Yes play and/or practice almost daily 4. Srixon Combo z585 4-5i, z785 6-PW; Modus 120x (soft-stepped 1x) 5. Feel and Looks (when looking down at them, topline and offset) 6. Yes, would enjoy sharing and comparing.
  8. I have hit all three irons. I currently play the z585 in my long irons. I can say that the Z585 are more forgiving of all three listed, and longest of them as well. I also found them similar in length to Cobra Forged tec (2020). The srixons feel so much better/give better feedback than all the other irons mentioned.
  9. This video explains ball position for this putter. I found it helpful. Bottom line is that you have to play the ball slightly forward to get the face to sit square. Good luck, they make a great product
  10. I have been fortunate that over the past 20 years to belong to a club that has been recognized as the club having the lowest average handicap in the nation on several occasions, by the USGA and several golf publications. Our members range from a plus 4 to a 14, with the average falling around 6ish. Our championship flight in the club championship was +4 to a 1.8 (25 players). Many of our members compete in the local Metropolitan Section events. As you can imagine we have pretty good games on the weekends as well. I play many rounds with legit pluses and real low indexes frequently
  11. Not sure of the shaft offerings, I ordered them with Tour Issue DG S400's, but not sure of its an upcharge (I am getting PUD discount). I did see someone post that earlier in this thread and I think it is likely accurate as it was for the z785 and 585 series.
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