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  1. Apex UW is an option or maybe a 4-wood. And Callaway also has the Rogue ST 3 HL (16.5*).
  2. I coach juniors from ages 10-18, and I have seen many families/juniors do very well with the Ping Prodi-G set. The nice thing is they come in custom lengths, and Ping will reshaft them for free one time. These sets are good for kids all the way up to 5'4" or so. I also have this set for my own son (he is 14 now and just outgrew them), but he had them from 11-13 years old 5' to around 5'6" is when he outgrew them. The fitting for this set is more of a static fit. An authorized Ping dealer should be able to help you get the lengths correct. Do some research into this set there are several options, and good luck! Feel free to PM me with any questions.
  3. Vessel Player 3 stand bag. 6 way top. Citrine (Yellow, White and Black). Used in one round on a cart. ( I got this early December and the kids got me a Customized Bag for for Christmas, so this one will not get used). Rain Hood and Shoulder Straps still in the plastic. Price - Sold
  4. I ordered a 5.5 custom length/lioe, from PGA superstore end of October, and just go it yesterday. When I called to check on it in Mid December they told me shipping early January, but got it a little sooner. Probably figure 8 weeks.
  5. I have put them head to head for almost two weeks at the beginning of this season, and ZX7 was for me the clear winner. Feel, forgiveness, consistency and did I mention feel. You can't go wrong with the ZX7.
  6. I agree it Pandoras box, I know of a high level Am in our section who was a Physical Therapist by trade, but worked at a private golf center in Manhattan called Drive 495. This facility provided physical training as well as golf instruction. I am sure he worked on the weights and physical training site. I don't have a problem with this and it wasn't a secret. He also qualified for USGA events and there was never an issue.
  7. He did spend time competing as a high level amateur was my point. mostly at the Sr Amateur level. I believe he was a ranked player for some time. Also competed in the VA Amateur and State Open as an Am
  8. I believe Dr. Bob Rotella the author and one of the first sports psychologists to be out on tour working with tour players, competed as an AM as well. I remember seeing him in a few Sr. US opens.
  9. That was one of my first thoughts after seeing it as well
  10. or even better, run some youth camps do some instruction. Give/pass the game forward
  11. I have played a combo set of ZX5 and ZX7's for a full season after playing the 585/785 combo for two years (0-1 index). I actually started the season with all ZX 7's PW-4 because the ZX7 was so forgiving (585/785 I played 4-6 in 585s, 7-P in 785s), but a few months in decided to add ZX5s in 4 and 5 iron for a little more launch and softer landings in the long irons. My ZX7's were ordered a degree strong (not for more distance but because that is what had the best spin rates with the shafts I got). I worked through my set using a launch monitor to gap my entire set and get appropriate yardage gaps (did it first with ZX7;s and some irons needed a tweak a degree or so in either direction), I also did this with my ZX5's when I replaced my 4-5 ZX7 irons with them. I think overall the ZX7's in my set are generally a degree stronger than standard and the ZX5's are about a degree weaker than standard, and my gapping is pretty solid.
  12. You may need to eat crow for a few other things you said in this thread.
  13. I reporting as I saw and heard not spreading BS. You are lost in my point. Useless arguing.
  14. If you don't know how technology has impacted ball speed in heads, no sense explaining. Just look at the difference in drivers from 20 years ago and increased ball speed today. How did that happen? Some idiots on this forum just want to argue, been a member here for close to 17 years, this is why I hardly post anymore.
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