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  1. IT/Communications setup for broadcasting. One of my friends from my college days actually does this for a living for PGA and LPGA tour events. He's constantly flying everywhere even during the pandemic. If i didn't have a family/kids i'd love to be in his shoes but i'd be away from home too much for me and my wife's liking
  2. I've played several times in the rain but never walked except to and from the cart/cart path to where my ball was. Quality rain gear, shoes, and gloves will take you a long way. i didn't bother with my umbrella once i got the afore mentioned gear (i actually use the umbrella more for shade then i ever did for rain cover while playing). I kept the rain hood that came with my bag on and had a towel covering them on the inside and another on me to wipe my hands and grips. oh and by rain i mean up to light shower/drizzle with light winds. Any more and I'm probably not playing
  3. i usually wear some type of compression tank/shirt/long sleeve under my polos to help mitigate nipple bulges. Since I'm a messy slob almost all of my white golf polos are from Uniqlo since they're pretty cheap and fit me fairly well. I had a few white/other color Nike polos that i liked a lot and were slightly thicker material than usual but i had to chuck both of them after i couldn't get the coffee or food stains out
  4. 1. City, State: Fairfield, California 2. Handicap: 17 3: What King 3D Printed model do you want to test? Grandsport 35 4. Current Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying a new putter? Feel and looks 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? yes
  5. 14-way for me, i've accidentally left a wedge around the green before but was lucky enough for someone to turn it in to the pro shop or chase me down to give it to me. A slot for every club makes me remember if i left anything or not
  6. scratch would be ideal but I'll settle for a single to low teens handicap
  7. Hey All! So i recently picked up one of those 10x10x10 golf net kits that come with the metal corners where you supply the 1" EMT conduit for the pipes for my simulator build. Due to space limitations in my garage and wife demand that she can still park her car in there, i was going to build an 8x8x3 cage in the back but i wanted to be able to pull the remaining 6-7 feet of the net out by hanging it from some ceiling mounted curtain tracks (i have 10'-ish ceilings in the garage). I was wondering if this idea was feasible or not and how heavy duty do i need to go with the tracks? I was hoping t
  8. 1. How will a SeeMore putter could help your game? I was always fascinated by SeemMore’s alignment system and I think it would help me with my aim 2. What is your handicap? 19 3. Location? Fairfield, California 4. What style of putter do you tend to prefer. Blade 5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your putting? Lag putting is good but I suck at reading greens 6. What type of facility do you primarily play at (ie public vs private), and how would you rate the greens? Public, decent to good greens 7. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its
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