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  1. Amazing clubs, so tempting. The National customs are 5-PW, no? Think header says 4-PW just FYI
  2. MP-4. Flying under the radar, but unreal feel and forgiveness for a pure blade.
  3. This season I went driving iron at *18 to help on those accuracy tee shots, and then a 22* hybrid for the long approaches. That leaves my next club a 5i T100 at 27*. That leaves me a big gap at a tough yardage, bc hybrid is probably ~220 and 5 iron is ~195. Those ~210yd par 3s are no fun. Fix? Probably bending the 5 iron a couple degrees strong or getting a 100s, just haven’t gone to the trouble. Not fully sold on the reverse driving iron / hybrid setup, but that iron is so valuable on certain holes. Need to figure it out this offseason.
  4. Great clubs. Doubt you will get markedly better performance, but there is no harm in trying! Sometimes you need to venture out just to realize how good you had it. Those mp-4s are all-timers...totally underappreciated. And it’s not like cavity backs have come a long way. I bagged a full set of mp4s for three years, then this season caught the TXG bug and switched to the shiny T100. Didn’t last and I just switched back to the mizzys. Couldn’t get used to the feel of the titleist, solid shots felt thin relative to the mizuno and didn’t see a noticeable performance gain. Will still probably try something new next year!
  5. Yeah I am not on here all the time, as much as I wish I could be. Life happens, but thankfully wrx posts don’t make you better at golf. Meant what I said, GLWS, combo is money.
  6. Amazing combo!!! If only it were 2.5” shorter (not what she said)! GLWS, great deal here.
  7. Is there no TX version? X being put in play on tour?
  8. Holy cow those irons. Let me save you the hassle of a BST post...
  9. I like that Duf. Agree with both. They are actually not super cheap - guy has them listed at $450 but I suspect there is room there (I was there for an hour, was the only customer the whole time, and guy said don’t worry, the Nike’s aren’t going anywhere). It’s a weird shop. Huge space and a full section of equipment that has been sitting there for decades in plastic. I walked around for 30 minutes in awe / confusion. Regardless of what I do with the nikes, next time I’m in I’ll take some shots of the more sought after vintage sets that are in plastic and post them. There are some gems that would likely go quick here. Happy to be free intermediary for this group if shipping gets covered.
  10. Quick survey for the blade hos: so I am walking through a nearby golf shop the other day that I haven’t been to before because it’s in a random run down strip mall, and I stumble upon a treasure trove of vintage club sets. Hogans, some Wilson’s, a bunch of 90s game improvement stuff, and then BAM...two sets of original nike forged blades, one in stiff and one in regular, heads in PLASTIC. Now despite my swing I am mildly obsessed with blades, and I have had an eBay alert set on these bad boys for two years keeping an eye out for a well kept set. I am playing mp4s and love them but am ready to try out the mp18s for upcoming season. So...now for the survey...what do you do? A) forget the new blades, get the Nikes and just figure out the lofts later. Match them with a nike carry bag from eBay and basically have the American-equivalent of the wrxr bag full of Japanese forgings that no one has heard of and regale your foursome with talk about how you’ve never felt anything so SOFT, never mind the 11 handicap B) forget the Nike’s - great find but lofts are wacky, grooves are non-conforming (technically in 2024?), and MP18s are going to eventually be just as legendary. Stay in the now. C) Buy them, keep them as a keepsake, hit them at home for fun, etc. Play the MP4s another season, they’re great and wait for the MP20s in October. Maybe even the P7TWs when they drop... D) Buy both sets and BST one or both because WRX is full of blade hos that can’t resist. Take profits and buy a TX shaft because you know my 105SS needs that low-low treatment...
  11. Haha, took my first set of blades out today for the first time. A balmy 36 degrees with wind. Hit one 4-iron thin and I had to sit for five minutes to get feeling back in my hands. Loved every second of it.
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