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  1. 3 items up for sale tonight. Only trade interest is a Mack nylon or canvas bag. Item 1: Wilson Staff V6 Raw 5-GW 5-PW are shafted with Nippon 950GH stiff shafts with golf pride z cord grips logo down. Shafts were from a set of Honma irons - 7 iron plays 37”. GW has a true temper S400 and pure grip (clearly I couldn’t handle this one and it’s never been out of the house) Whole deal: $old PayPal and shipped USPS priority insured in the USA Heads only: $old PayPal and shipped USPS priority insured in the USA - you’ll need to give me a day to pull them apart Item 2: Ping 2021 Kushin 4 34” all stock with the exception of the grip. Price: On EBay PayPal and shipped USPS priority insured in the USA Item 3: Taylormade GAPR Mid 4 Head only, clean top line with adapter and cover included. Price: $old PayPal and shipped USPS priority insured in the USA
  2. #1 Geom Moe Raw Heads 21, 29, 37, 45 .370 hosel Used a handful of rounds, but not playing enough to justify two sets. Get them now instead of going through the pre-order process. $old shipped USPS Priority insured in the USA #2 PuttOut Mat and Trainer Went to a larger mat during lockdown and have no need for two. Smoke free home but we do have a dog. $old shipped USPS snail mail in the USA Trades: Center shafted mallets
  3. One item for sale or trade: Trade Interests: Other rare Cameron’s Tour Bettinardi Tour Issue Odyssey Willing to do a trade +\- cash Newport Oil Can 33/350 Original in “gamer” condition. Putter does not currently have a grip and the tour tradition grip will be included. There is no cover with the putter. $old shipped USPS priority insured in the USA
  4. ok Wrx, if you can’t read like the last guy don’t send me money... Trade Interests: Blade putter headcovers (TBC, Seamus, other cool stuff) Stability putter shaft- straight, both tips Item 1: Odyssey 2 ball 10s Length: 34” Loft: 3* Lie: 68* Grip: Lamkin Cord Headcover: Included Notes: Will include tour lock weight, along with stock grip (new) and weight (new) Price: Sold shipped USPS Priority in the USA Item 2: Odyssey Versa 330m Length: 34” Loft: stock Lie: stock Grip: Stock Headcover: Included - blue/black Notes: purchased used, in great shape Price: $old shipped USPS Priority in the USA
  5. Three pair of Bonobos lightweight 5 pocket pants All are Athletic fit 32x28. No smoke household, no rips, tears or major wear. We do have a west highland white terrier. Colors are bottom to top khaki, beach head khaki and heather gray SOLD for the lot. Shipped usps in the USA.
  6. How many high balls has Jim had? Pretty hard to mistake Cory C with Colin M...
  7. Side bet... Langer or Freddie makes the cut?
  8. Trade Interests: Not interested in anything unless you want to trade me something worth significantly more than the items I have for sale...I’ll gladly take a set of 770s or an 009 off your hands. I’m not going to waste your or my time responding to lowballs. Shipping: All items priced with USPS Priority Shipping in the USA. If you want insurance let me know. Discounts for multiples. Item 1: Taylormade M2 10.5 (head only) This has been around the block and back a few times and is reflected in the price. I do not have a headcover. Price: $old Enjoy your Sunday and stay classy.
  9. Dude... CamiCo, Piece of Time, Copper, Private Reserve, looks like a green nylon... looking forward to the rest of the pictures
  10. While I didn’t hit a ton of balls with the TSi3 during my fitting due to my low spin numbers, I wouldn’t say that the driver is unforgiving. With that said, in my rounds and range time the TSi2 has been a different level of forgiving on both low heel and high center. I’ve been to the local top tracer range a few times to hit balls. In the picture below the purple circle is the TSi2, the light green is my previous driver. It was around 35* when these were hit.
  11. https://www.odysseygolf.jp/putter/stroke-lab/od-strklb-blk-ten-s-trpldt-jv.html these look decent
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