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  1. I'm by no means a swing instructor but the first thing i noticed is that you have no depth at the top of your back-swing due to your hands working away from you when beginning your back-swing. This video would help correct that:
  2. I play with a closed face and predominately hit a fade. If you can change club path/AoA you can play any shot in golf with this style. I never feel like I'm holding the face off for a fade or rapidly closing the face for a draw.
  3. I just watched some videos that helped me understand pressure in the fee throughout the golf swing. You can watch them on Porzkgolf IG stories right now (they will disappear in a while). Essentially he says you at set up your pressure should be in the balls of your feet. On the back-swing the pressure shifts a bit to the back foot but still in the ball of the back-foot until around P3 the pressure goes into the back heel. On the down-swing he says pressure into ball of the lead foot until roughly p5/p6 then the pressure is in the heel of the lead foot. I thought it was really interesting.
  4. Been working on the swing a decent amount the past 6 months. Took a few online lessons and finally took the leap to see someone in-person and it's really paying off. Started 2020 with a 4 handicap and it's down to a 1.2 as of now. Currently working on loading the trail leg more in the back swing while pivoting properly and not getting pressure into the lead foot too early. This has helped me stay on plane and even shallow the shaft in transition along with retaining some width in the downswing. Picture on left is a 60% swing where I'm working on exaggerated feels which produces a lot better g
  5. Drawing a line on my ball helped my putting 10 folds. BUT I learned pretty quickly you need to have your eye line just inside the ball or directly above it or the line looks off when you're at address.
  6. I played baseball from ages 4-17. I started golfing at a young age but didn't start playing more then 2-3 times a year until I was 17. Like you, I've always struggled with the longer clubs due to my first instinct in transition being rotate my upper body (pretty much an over the top move), this is very common for former baseball players. Adding more hip/hand depth in my back swing helped me neutralize my path club path into the ball. In one lesson I went from swing 7-8* left and 3-4* down with my driver to 0-3* right and neutral arc. Granted that was during an exaggeration type drill and swin
  7. I've been working on getting more pressure into my lead foot and earlier without pushing off the back foot. The two videos from AMG really helped me understand pressure shift, thanks for the share!
  8. The thing I've noticed the most with people that have short game issues is their back-swing is way too long. When i discovered how to properly accelerate through the chip/short shot and create spin is when my short game really improved.
  9. I've had shoulder issues and bicep pain, doing bicep specific physio did nothing for me. When i focused more on a shoulder impingement based physio plan I had a lot of relief. If the humeral head is high and forward in the socket there can be a a lot of pressure on the long head bicep tendon, if you don't create more space and give that tendon some relief it will not go away. There are physical therapist that will do video evaluations and prescribe rehab plans online, I recommend this right now if you cannot see someone in person.
  10. I like this explanation. I come from baseball so my first instinct from the top is rotate my shoulders and hips too quick and hit "at" the ball. Feeling like you stall the shoulders/hips a bit at the top and get the arms "in the slot" works.
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