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  1. Anyone with a strong grip and fairly closed club face had any issues with this?
  2. Added picture of bottom of club since I forgot in original post.
  3. Selling Ts2 16.5 FW with Diamana D+ 80 X - Plays 42.5" - Not sure on tipping. Brand New Golf Pride Tour Velvet + 4 Grip Face/crown clean and normal bag chatter on shaft Price: $150 SOLD Will trade for TSi 3 9* Head (I'll add cash)
  4. Hitting the same club to different targets that are various distances and doing this with different clubs throughout a range sesh. Definitely don't think working on different swing mechanics/feels at different times w/ different clubs throughout a range sesh would be beneficial.
  5. I'm a 1.3 and I normally shoot 73-78. In the last 10 rounds I've shot a 67 and a 82. I'm definitely a streaky player.
  6. But his head is moving towards the target and down in the backswing then up and back during the downswing?
  7. Jesus Christ, the OP is probably a head case with all the different opinions being thrown at him. Listen to what Monte said or just get a online lesson with him.
  8. +1 on this one, open stance in bunkers has never worked well for me.
  9. You can tell wrist conditions by the club at impact (i.e. flipping/shaft lean). You can see wrist conditions on backswing and top of backswing with normal speed. Most of the time poor wrist conditions on the downswing are caused by swing faults earlier in the swing anyways.
  10. When you EE you have to stall rotation in order to hit the ball causing loss of speed.
  11. I was told by one of the best Hip specialist in NC I needed surgery to repair my hip labrum b/c of FAI. But instead I listened to my PT and kept doing PT instead of the surgery and the hip feels fine now. I do spend time stretching and strengthening my hips on a daily basis and especially before golfing but I can deal with that. If you haven't done PT I recommend trying that for a few months.
  12. What helped me with this EXACT same issue was trying to keep back towards target longer and keeping my right knee from kicking out early. Both of these feels keep me from spinning my shoulders too early. It's helped shallow the shaft and I've definitely been hitting the ball a lot better. T Black shirt photo is a before and the red shirt is after.
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