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  1. @brendan6q66bro I would kill for that oil can!! So beautiful
  2. VR Pro Blades are so sweet!! How can you argue with this bladey deliciousness?!
  3. I have my only hole in one with the MP4’s (6 iron). Love those clubs. That being said, I play the MP64’s.
  4. so funny! Yeah I can hear the practice green talk now... "man you wish your 'toe-hang' was like mine don't ya?" Lol
  5. Yes I agree. Don't want to change my stroke whatsoever, and don't believe in a straight back-straight through stroke is consistently achieved due to physics and the way our bodies work. Therefore I don't see a face-balanced putter making much sense (speaking solely for myself). Guess I have a lot of studying to do. Been playing for 30 years and FINALLY came to the realization of putting being the key to being an ACTUAL good player. Lol. Time to suck it up and do what I've been avoiding so long. Practice a good putting stroke. Thanks man
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