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  1. They played similar to the c taper lites I had before with better dispersion! Playing the mmts this summer in the same head, mmts actually fly a little higher and spin a little more but have a feel I like.
  2. 5-PW Fuji pro 95 s flex, standard loft, length and lies, used 1 season, normal nicks and bag chatter from play! Bestgrips micro perf that still have lots of life! $400 SOLD TM Sim, 45”, D2, M4 flex, head in excellent shape, shaft has some paint chips, seems to be a common thing with Accra shafts for me! $325 SOLD LA Golf trono 65s with cally tip,used for 5 rounds, mint condition! $275 SOLD no trade interests!
  3. Never bought a putter for the headcover!!
  4. Great deal on the Memphis, have 3 garage Memphis! Favorite putter of all time!!
  5. My club maker has been waiting 2 months for a blue 80s! Going to have these out anytime soon?
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