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  1. My club maker has been waiting 2 months for a blue 80s! Going to have these out anytime soon?
  2. Excellent condition, Bestgrips leather wrap grip! SOLD no trades
  3. It’s still all to confusing, the av raw blue is a $250 upgrade from club makers and the tx flex is $350! Is it because the large manufacturers price point is much better than clubmakers, not sure? Manufacturers have significantly raised there prices over the past few years, maybe it’s the better shafts.
  4. Thanks, I have another one that’s almost identical, only reason it’s up for sale!
  5. Rose Gold Memphis, lightly used in excellent condition, 35” , stroke lab shaft, 1* loft, has Bestgrips pistol grip, have original Toulon grip as well, headcover included! $325 OBRO Swing Caddie SC300, new last May, used a few times! SOLD FJ Pro S/L 10.5 BNIB, Black/lime $90 OBRO No trades!
  6. I’ve played them both and the trajectory is a little higher with the MMT. I prefer the MMT for the smoother feel, I don’t think it plays a flex softer than the SF though!
  7. Sim max 22* hybrid, tour ad-iz 85s, excellent condition, very little some and face wear! $250 Slighter Bellevue, 35, sound slot, haven’t used in years, collected way too many putters, figured somebody might want an excellent used putter! SOLD
  8. Too funny, was a titleist guy forever and bought the 765s and now have 2 sets of the 785s! Ford guy forever as well and just bought a KIA telluride!! Post just made me laugh!!
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