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  1. I have the m4 flex and I’m around 105 and it’s plenty for my swing, couple guys I play with are over 110 and they think it feels like an x flex! I do have a camo ventus coming to try, now that winter has shown up it might be awhile before I get to try it!
  2. Currently playing the tz5 in my SIM, and I’d agree that sometimes it doesn’t feel like it loads, but I get great results! Last year I had the 661tr in my M6, very stable and has better feel than the tz5, didn’t get the distance I do with my current combo, could be the difference in the heads though! I still game the 757trs in my fairways and they’re great performers, I would like to try the 661tr in my sim but unfortunately sold it with the m6!
  3. Just got a set with the 105 MMTs and love the feel, been playing a set with the Fuji pro 95s for the past 2 seasons and they were great! Just get a little more height and feel with the MMTS!!
  4. Great looking putter! I own a chocolate Chicago, my favorite putter of all time!
  5. Rose Gold Memphis, 35”, double site line, 1* loft,stoke lab shaft, mint condition, has Bestgrips GT-L pistol, also have original grip if preferred! $340 Pro SL Black/lime, 10.5 medium, brand new! $135
  6. Have 3 full, with 2 extra underneath right hand! Use some grip solvent when I blow them on, no issues with them being firmer!
  7. Chicago is an amazing putter, super price! If didn’t own one already I’d be all over that!
  8. golf4fun

    Srixon Z785 Irons

    Srixon 785s for sure, tried the mp20s and mmc’s and went back to my 785s! Thought the 785s were more forgyand felt better
  9. HMBs 5-pw, project x lz 5.5, standard lie, standard lofts, plus .25 length, Bestgrips microperf! Used 2 rounds, look new! SOLD Toulon Garage Memphis, 35” Rose Gold finish, 1* loft,stroke lab shaft,has new Bestgrips pistol grip, also have original grip I’ll ship with it! Excellent condition! $350 No trades!
  10. Srixon irons, TM woods and Toulon garage Chicago and cally wedges
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