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  1. If interested in breaking up a set let me know. I'm looking for a hybrid cover.
  2. I have a collection of headcovers, im probably never going to do anything with. As always I will entertain trade offers. Im not looking for anything in particular but maybe a swag or betti towel. RWB set Driver, FWY, Putter - $400 Two face Lincoln- sold Cookie 2.0- $180
  3. Keep me posted if you need a golf partner, I live in GR and plan on playing American Dunes and I am also playing Erin Hills that weekend.
  4. Ive got a limited Capone headcover. Still sealed in the bag. $125obo
  5. Im moving back to that side of the state, I would be down to get together.
  6. I will go through the trade offers tomorrow. Cash is still king.
  7. I have a 1/150 BB8w. I loved this putter but it can’t beat out my old trusty betti. Played about 5 rounds with this. $500 cash is king but I am a club hoe so I’ll listen to fair trade offers (irons, high end putters, etc)
  8. I'm out here working in LA and looking to play some golf. Anyone in?
  9. I know it's a long shot, but I'm driving from MI to CA this weekend and was thinking of playing Karsten Creek, but was wondering if there were any members that would want to play as well.
  10. I play TM RSI TPs they can be found cheap and they are a great forged CB. The PSI forged where a bit longer than my RSIs but I thought the RSIs had a better feel. Maybe try the new Mizuno JPX tours if you want new.
  11. I play with someone like that as well. Great guy, former college Lacrosse player, crushes the ball. But doesn't have a clue where it goes half the time. So I just keep hitting it steady 270 down the middle and beat him pretty routinely, even when we play the back tees (6750). He did beat me last night though... Damn me trying a new putter out.
  12. Why not just pull the shaft and but a UST frequency filtered Shaft. They are only $30 and it would save you any hassle of messing up the putter. And that way if you want to go back to the counter balance it's an easy swap.
  13. It's kinda crappy to leave behind a friend who wants to play. But at the same time I get it. Myself I'm a high single/low double digit HCP and I invite my neighbors out weekly even though the shoot high 50s/60s for 9. I really enjoy their company but I also don't really invite them for my 18 hole weekend round. Because I can only look for golf balls for so long. But for you, (idk your swing) really crack down on chipping and putting. I started out as a 30+ HCP about 5 years ago and I saw the quick drop in score was by that. Also log all your stats so you can see where you are blowing up. I've played with 30 HCPs that would hold their own with me for 12 or so holes they would just a huge blow up holes. If that's you, then your game should improve quickly. I'll also add, try new equipment. Sometimes theirs just bad juju with the club. Really what it is, if you're not confident in the club, then you're not going to hit it well.
  14. Stoke play or Match play? I'd say match play you'd have no chance, even stroke play is hard to give up that many strokes.
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