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  1. Today for sale is a PXG 0311XF 3 iron perfect for use as a driving iron. The head has seen minimal play and remains in great shape. 125$ Sold Next, a Scratch 1018 DS grind conforming 56 degree wedge. Please note this was a demo head used for fitting but could be covered up with a small piece of lead tape. 75$ now asking 65$ Thank you
  2. For sale 3 to pw kbs $taper shafts. One round on these. .25 inches over Taylormade standard. Standard size grips with two wraps of tape under the right hand for less taper. 200$ shipped.
  3. Up for sale is a unique set of iron heads. 3 to pw satin finish tour issue confirming miura forged in 9/10 condition. Please pm with further questions. 1200$ obo no trades. Thanks pin 9/30
  4. For sale a set of P770 4 to pw with one round on them. KBS $taper 130 shafts. .25 inch over standard 1 degree up. 1100$ Lamkin crossline genesis standard grip
  5. For sale is a lightly used set of Modus 125x shafts. Please note, the 2 iron shaft was used in the set up I was playing. There is another 2 iron and 3 irons blank that have been abraded (Mods). Great shafts in great shape. 160$ shipped. Lengths are measured from tip to grip end. 2i 38 1/2 Inches 4i 37 1/2 Inches 5i 37 Inches 6i 36 1/2 Inches 7i 36 Inches 8i 35 3/4 Inches 9i 35 Inches PW 34 1/2 Inches
  6. For sale is a TA serial number head only with headcover Callaway Epic Flash Subzero triple diamond 9.0 degree head. The head is in great shape please see pictures. 280$ shipped. No trades. Thank you pin 9/5
  7. Hi all... I got mine in the mail last week and reshafted them with modus 120x. I played the hogan 99 for a long time. This iron reminds me of the apex 99 but it has more of the look of the apex 50 with the back blade on blade design. One thing of note... I had some people try to tell me the hosel diameter is .370 and the kbs in the irons from the factory are parallel. The modus 120x was a nice tight fit. I play in phoenix. I have 4 rounds on them in temps over 100 degrees. I have had zero problems thus far. Really great iron for sure.
  8. Just ordered from National Custom Works today. Truly an awesome experience!! I had to answer a questionnaire that really shed light on the way I like my irons to play, feel and look. Ari even asked for launch monitor numbers. I really appreciated the first class experience. If you're considering going the custom route, NCW is a must.
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