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  1. Just placed a order for Titleist t100s with DG tour issue shafts. Any idea what Titleist turn around time is? They said up to a month, but I was hoping someone has ordered a set recently. Thanks
  2. Vokey TVD wedge s400 DG tour issue shafts. 52M 56M 60K Black. new golf pride golf grips. 150 shipped.
  3. These clubs are hardly used. Grips are like new Z cord with one wrap. 716 AP2 4-8 one degree flat one degree strong. 9-W are MBs same loft and lie as the AP2. Clubs are std length. I haven't played much in the last couple of years. My guess is they have maybe 20 rounds at most since I got them. Shafted with AMT tour issue x100 soft stepped X1. 550 shipped to your door.
  4. Like new 917 D3. 8.5. head only. I will also include a dozen Prov V1x with the purchase. 210 Shipped.
  5. Played a round yesterday with them. Good ball, not great. Sticking with the Prov X.
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