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  1. I haven’t seen, but does anyone have an idea what lofts will be offered? I’m hoping the 8* stays in the lineup
  2. I would like to see pics if anyone has them to check out this concept being talked about. Thanks .
  3. I was wondering the same thing this am. I just switched back to this years TP5X and can’t wait to try the new one from what I’m hearing.
  4. No idea on mine. For whatever reasons items shipped from Taylormade in Carlsbad don’t show up on my FedEx app...
  5. My original ship date is Monday so hopefully that still happens as well...
  6. Tour Issue Taylormade SIM Max 8. Used for 2 rounds of golf and indoor range session with only TP5X golf balls. Hot melted to 198 grams. Good CT. See pic for specs. Comes with head cover and adapter. Looking for $old
  7. Brand new never opened Net return Pro V2 side barriers. Purchased last month and ended up not needing them. These go for $229 on the site. Looking for $old
  8. Love to see what’s coming, it’ll be harder than ever to beat my current set up though.
  9. I’m still confused as to why the grey/blue have not been released here but they are available all over the planet. They seem to come up with plenty of other color schemes
  10. I've played the TP5 since last year when I needed a lower launch with the M5. This year I probably should have tried the X with the SIM, but had so many left over TP5's I just stuck with it. Now with the sale I am trying some TP5X's of course, and hoping the new ones are good middle ground.
  11. Even though we got some snow yesterday here in KC, the forecast for the next few weeks looks very good to get out and play. Hoping somehow mine arrive early as well. I've enjoyed reading all of the feedback on here as well. Sounds like exactly what I was hoping for.
  12. I’m sure everyone is seeing the price drops on the TP5/TP5X everywhere. Is anyone hearing about a new version coming soon? I believe it’s been 2 years?
  13. I’m sort of in the same boat, ordered from a shop but haven’t seen anything from @TaylorMade Golf....
  14. Ordered mine on Sept 14 from a golf shop. I was told Nov 23 ship date and have not heard anything different at this point.
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