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  1. Does it seem to anyone else the TP5X may be delayed? Supposed to release this Friday and no shipping yet when I ordered the day they opened up. I really hope not, would love to being them to Florida Sunday .
  2. I’ve played 2 rounds with my set up, SIM 2 8* with HZRDUS Blue RDX. First round was 9/9 in fairways hit, great control and deep. Second round was off, but that was me dealing with all kinds of things that day. Still performs great, and more forgiving on off days. I hit my highest ever ball speed with it this past weekend at 174 and the smash factor on my gcquad is definitely better with the SIM2.
  3. Yep, then a guy like Koepka switches to the SIM2 and he has no obligation to. So much $ on the line they can’t afford to mess around for too long.
  4. Might be because some people who have them can’t get out to play with all the crazy weather.
  5. To do that ill have to get a bridge. I’ve been keeping everything unplugged (tV and Quad)until the laptop fires up, and haven’t had an issue yet, but it was only for a few days and I’ve been off of the system for a week. We’ll see if it continues
  6. Came down to Florida, fresh off the plane, not much warm up due to a Packed Driving range... hit 9/9 fairways with my SIM2 8 w/HZRDUS Smoke Blue... lots of great strikes, but the misses that still were in the fairway and pretty long was what Impressed me.
  7. My exact setup in 8* SIM2
  8. SIM Max Tour Issue 8* Head only w/Adapter. Actual specs are 8.5 loft, -.2 FA, CTA 240 - CTF 245, 60.8 Lie and 198.2 weight (w/adapter). I can add hotmelt if anyone needs/wants it. Mint condition. Looking for $old shipped UPS. SIM Ti Rocket 14* head only w/adapter. Mint condition as well. Retail head. Looking for $old shipped UPS.
  9. Thanks for all the insight. I’ve been lucky the last 2-3 times there hasn’t been any lag issues. I’ve tried to keep everything unplugged from the laptop while it boots up, then plug the quad and TV into it. The quad by itself seems to do fine. Once they run all their test I’ll set up a wireless bridge for the laptop and go WiFi connect on the quad. It sure seems like either the usb cable or hdmi are causing issues. Again I’m not a tech guy, so it seems odd those components would cause the lag.
  10. I put the SIM 8* up against the new SIM2 8* today when I got back home. Both in my HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX. At first the SIM2 was all over the place. Probably due to me trying to kill it. Even in that though, the ball speeds were consistently higher than the SIM. Launch was lower with the SIM2 so even with higher ball speeds and similar spin #’s, the carry was a fraction less than the SIM. On a whim I hit the HZRDUS Black that came with the SIM2, but knowing it was lower launch and spin put it on the higher setting.... instantly higher launch and the surprising thing was not much more spin
  11. Got my SIM2 8* today! Did a really short test before having to get to an appointment. I put 2 grams of hotmelt in. Sounds great and feels great. I only hit a few but one came in at 720 rpms?? Must have been a misread. The GC Quad read that and of course it had it falling out of the Sky immediately...
  12. Thanks. I know all custom orders ship from Carlsbad, and all “Stock” items usually come from a warehouse in Indiana. Guess we’ll see.
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