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  1. Going to be hard to beat my… never mind I say the same thing every year, and every year I try the new one….
  2. I think I’ll be keeping my quad and seeing if I can get a deal on adding the other data. Thanks for the insight. I knew id get the help I needed.
  3. Club data is $4k (maybe less) I’d probably come out ahead if my calculations are correct. I don’t know, just figured I’d get other opinions. Thanks
  4. Need the opinion of the vast knowledge of the Board here. Would you sell a GC Quad that does not have all the club data unlocked (what I have now) to get the GC3 so I can can a few extra measurements? I’ve been told it will work direct with my FSX 2020 and courses I already have. Thanks in advance.
  5. I thought so at first too, but I’ve pressed on it multiple times with no give, I’ve tested it on my quad with no drop in ball speeds either.
  6. First up is a Tour Issue SIM2 Max 8* head only. 8.8 loft, great 248 CT. -.1 face angle. Spec sticker included. Hotmelt was added neutral front so head weight is not 197.3. It has a scratch on the bottom and an alignment rod scratch/mark on the top that barely noticeable (I purchased covers after that happened). Because of the scratches I’m looking for $475 shipped. Great head great ball speeds, just went back to my regular SIM2. next are some lightly used shoes - Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour , 9.5W worn only a couple times. $75 shipped OBO Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Caged Wings Limited Edition - size 9. $75 shipped OBO
  7. Not sure if I need to do something different or take a long break or what. I reached 118-119 with my Driver a few months back and now I can’t seem to top 116-117. I do protocols at least twice a week when I’m home and it feels like I’m stuck in a downward trend. First thought Is trying a new/different routine or adding the super speed C stick. Any advice is welcome.
  8. Brand new SIM2 Ti Rocket 13.5 w/ Tensei AV 75 X Flex. Looking for $old Shipped.
  9. Taylormade SIM2 8* Head, excellent condition, hotmelt has been added to 196.7 gram total weight. Looking for $old shipped. Taylormade Hi Toe 58/10 wedge. Used for the past 6 months. Still tons of life left. Project X 6.5 shaft, soft stepped X1. Taylormade Z Grip. Standard L/L/L. Looking for $100 shipped.
  10. I’ve had issue lately with my Driver only. It will pick up club head speed on pretty much every club except Driver. Very frustrating because it hasn’t had this problem in the past. Any answers you find would be appreciated. I’ll probably call Foresight this coming week and will add answers when found
  11. I never hit the retail version, but with a .2 FA it’s pretty neutral, I could fade or draw (sometimes overdraw/hook )
  12. Very well taken care of, super high CT (235/238) Tour issue Original SIM Rocket 14 (actual 14.5) w/Ventus Blue 7X Velocore. Plays at approx 42.5 inches. Unbelievable club, just need more loft now. if wanted I can include a SIM2 fairway cover. Looking for $old
  13. I’ve hit the Blue 6X, 7X, and Black 6X, 7X I’d love the Blue 6TX Going in my SIM2 8* Driver! thanks
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