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  1. Up for sale - 1. Tour Issue SIM2 Max Head. 8* (Actual 8.5, O FA, 245 CT). Didn’t beat out the SIM2 8* looking for $old shipped New Headcover included 2. Ventus Blue Velocore 7X - 44.5 inches. Taylormade adaptor - No tipping. $275 shipped 3. HZRDUS Smoke Blue limited edition USA - TX - 44.5 inches - Taylormade Adaptor - $old Shipped 4. Spider X Shaft. Pulled from Spider X head. Great shape. KBS black putter shaft. 33.75 inches (putter played 35.5 inches) Grip is limited edition Open Cha
  2. Would love to get ahold of one as long as the FA isn’t to open. Thanks
  3. Send me a message some time and if I’m available I can get a round in. I play mainly at Shoal Creek near Liberty, and Falcon Lakes over on the Kansas side. Lots of good public options, but tee times are sometimes hard to find mostly because of tournaments
  4. Send PM on - Like New Fujikura Ventus Blue 60 Gram X Flex Velocore w/ Golf Pride MCC Black and White and Titleist Adapter 44"- $200
  5. Man I wish they’d come out with a navy colorway. Lots of white and greys, not a lot of darker colors
  6. Where all have you played so far and what are you looking for?
  7. If true I really need to hold off on buying more TP5X... I have 6 dozen and contemplated getting more. Thanks for the heads up
  8. I hope that’s not the Open Championship pack. I’ve passed on the first 3 hoping they’d be better.
  9. Going to lock this as I found the other threads on it. Sorry
  10. Curious if anyone has tried the new Stack system speed training system. Looks pretty interesting as it has an app that continues to change your routine based on results. A little up there in price considering you have to purchase the system and radar to get accurate results. Any insights would be welcome. Thanks
  11. Brand New Tour issue Spider X “Blank” short slant Head only with headcover. Fresh pull. Looking for $300 obo. Excellent condition Taylormade SIM 2 8* w/ standard length HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 6.5 flex 60 gram shaft. Head has been hot melted to 197.3 grams and swing weight is D5. Absolutely a bomber, just going a different route. Looking for $old shipped. no trades at this time.
  12. Well done Tiger is all I have to say. One of the top courses I’ve ever played, blessed to have had the opportunity. Played from the 6900 green tees, played one of my best rounds of the year. -2 70 with 4 birdies and 2 bogies. Pared all of the Par 5’s with some near misses or it could have been better.
  13. I’ve been lucky to grab a single tee time here and there, but they are slammed busy I know. There was a last minute cancellation at Payne’s Valley today so I switched from Ozarks to Payne’s.
  14. Thanks but the ultra short throw projection pretty much comes from the top of the unit almost straight up, which is why it only needs to be set 12-18 inches away from the screen. I could get that one and cut a hole in the top but I wouldn’t want to dish out almost $300 to need to cut a hole in it.
  15. Anyone have any ideas or can point be in the right direction to protect a floor mounted Ultra Short Throw projector. I have one on the way for my system and want to make sure to protect it. Most of the premade ones are for short throw 4-5 feet way and this setup will only need to be 12-18 inches away. The image gets sent very vertical so the other ones won’t work. Thanks in advance
  16. I usually love BOA shoes. Consistent pressure on the top of the foot. These are great just wrong size.
  17. Got these and unfortunately they are the wrong size... Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour - BOA version. Size 9 Wide. Awesome looking shoe. Looking to get $old shipped.
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