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  1. Forgive the potentially stupid question, but is there actually profile data on the Autoflex? I'm curious how you came to the conclusion that this was similar.
  2. I agree with @highpro. Based on the one video we can see (the face on one) you have an extreme early extension/flip caused what appears to be an attempt to completely restrict your hip rotation. That first move of your knees actually widening and your weight going to the outsides of your feet is bizarre, can't say I have ever seen that before... ...and that is one of the first problems in addition to what looks like a pretty wristy and narrow takeaway with a lot of clubface rotation. You're going to need to completely rebuild how you go about moving your body to sort this out because
  3. Anyone have any relevant tip to graphic measurements for the KK XD? Someone posted them awhile bag but the image was lost at some point. Thanks!
  4. Yeah I have cross threaded those before, it feels exactly like you described. @tbone18 is right.
  5. There some really good things going on here, but a few foundational problems that you'll want to look at. Hip sliding however is not one of the things I would worry about. First, as a taller skinny guy, you need to get into a good athletic posture to keep yourself grounded throughout the swing. You're standing very narrow, flat footed, and straight with your legs, and you're bent over pretty far at the waist. This is a pretty unstable looking foundation and you should get yourself as little more "poised" for motion at setup. A bit more knee flex, feet wider apart, and your weight towards t
  6. The main things going on here are some of the pretty common flaws/faults that you're getting away with (not always it seems) due to being athletic and strong. There are some big reroutes/compensations going on that will leave you subject to getting "lost" at times. Fixing those compensations is the key to keeping things on the rails more consistently. Everything is pretty solid at at address, but then the first issue comes in Panel 2 with how flat and inside you take the club going back. Compare this position to someone more neutral like Rory... ...and you can see that you've gotten
  7. The LTD/LTD Pro and the 2016 M2 were/are definitely recognized as special, and for good reason. They exist in a performance/forgiveness sweet spot that is probably the most effective "jack of all trades" zone for driver CG placement, but the next step will be something around 20% higher in MOI with the same vertical CG location as the LTD Pro. By 2021 standards, the Cobra and the M2 are pretty middling in terms of MOI/forgiveness, and this could be improved upon without raising spin too much if the CG is kept down. Other notable big performers that exist in the same "2016 GOAT" territory a
  8. I think there is one "unicorn" performer left in a head that is truly high MOI (by modern standards), very low CG (also my modern standards). I think that will really be the last "it beat everything else by 10+ yards" type of club, anything else will be the product of a better fit over something else. I don't think it is a surprise that this head doesn't really exist yet, its either due to material limitations or the knowledge that it really is the end of the line, therefore lets take our time getting there.
  9. As someone that really prefers the shallow face, what is it about it that bugs you? Correct, it was shared earlier that there is a small screw in there like the ones one the face of the original SIM.
  10. The Ventus Blue does seem to lose stiffness a little faster than something like the AD-DI. It could be that faster stiffness loss from 38" -> 24" that you were feeling. An interesting observation about handle stiffness and perception, the old "Big Bad Low Spin Shaft" thread had a number of written shaft reviews from testers, and several of them made a note of preferring the CK Pro Orange over the CK Pro White because "they didn't like that soft handle feel" and that the Orange was more stable. This I believe was before EI Profile info had been released for the Orange, but there was th
  11. I think you probably just found some really closed ones, which are common in big box stores. I've put down half a dozen SIM 3-woods set neutral and I definitely saw at least +/- 3* in terms of face angle. A couple have sat open, most seemed to sit slightly to moderately closed.
  12. Picking a shaft based on feel and results is obviously the way to go, but there is a point where claims made about a shaft's profile based on your personal feel can be disproven. This is not my interpretation, this is measured data that contradicts Fuji's vague handle/mid/tip adjectives, which you yourself posted above. I question your interpretation of what you feel because it also happens to line up exactly with what Fuji claims, but is not supported by any other 3rd party EI profile measurement and is even contradicted by their OWN EI profile displayed on the Ventus shaft page. Again, r
  13. Shaft always follows the swing. Loft/CG tweaks are done to the head if a performance change is needed.
  14. There are only a couple fairway wood shafts on the market that come in fairway specific lengths, otherwise 99% of them are cut and tipped from 46" blanks, including the HZRDUS.
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