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  1. I think that is a decent point, yeah. I think i'm just a bit confused with how unnatural some of these positions are and ascribing some sort of intent to them. I've been playing 30 years and I don't think I could make this swing if I tried and frankly I have no idea how it is even happening, hah. His downswing is like someone doing an exaggerated drill, so I guess compared to what he is doing now he'd should almost feel like he's going way over the top in transition?
  2. Your overall lines/positions here and in the more recent videos from our PM's are definitely much better and more manageable. I definitely want to see how this translates to hitting balls before I say too much more, but one thing I noticed that probably needs addressing first is this: Your hands are VERY far apart here and your grip does not look very secure as a result, especially in your left (gloved) hand. The overall "strength" of them position-wise is alright (although the top hand looks a bit weak), but I imagine you're cheating your hands further apart like this because it feels be
  3. Without video we can only speculate as there can be several reasons for this.
  4. Braxton said what I would have as well. You're absolutely right in that you can't handle all these things in the time you have during the swing, which is why you need to avoid creating things to handle in the first place. From my first post: "you can't correctly rotate when you're stuck because your hands/arms need time to get unstuck". The problem is, as you mentioned, you don't have time to do this, and that is when things break down. Your hands are still miles behind you in the backswing and the club is still pointed the wrong direction. You have done a better job of not going inside imm
  5. Harder cast steel will need a LOT of elbow grease if you're going to go that route. Think about how deep the dents are and that you have to remove that much metal to get rid of them. Usually this is left to media blasting, i'm not sure i've seen anyone accomplish this with pads.
  6. Interesting info, was that from an interview somewhere? To be fair, the very first bit says "Unless he puts it in play on Thursday" which he did, so... I was also JUST thinking about all the weird excuses he came up with for not playing in the previous Olympics. Zika virus, then trash talking the whole idea saying it was stupid, then saying he didn't know which country he'd represent.....it was just a mess. I like the guy, but his putting isn't the only thing that gets yippy sometimes.
  7. PING has long used some pretty non-standard ferrules and ferrule sizes so Socrates is right, send it back to PING and they will take care of it unless you know someone that specifically has experience with PING clubs and has the right parts.
  8. The day that they give in to "irregardless" is the day I lose all hope.
  9. I think it would be hard to argue that you didn't do enough "diligence" here. If you're cool and non-confrontational about it while owning that you're of the pickier sort and the GM is also cool then a replacement at cost seems like it would be a great solution. I hope that works out.
  10. You're being obnoxious and contributing nothing to this thread. Also anyone willing to go through the effort to justify their incorrect use of an informal phrase while not catching the fact it states your usage is due to either sarcasm or lack of education and is not generally corrected due to its informal nature is extra obnoxious.
  11. It has been a lot less common in recent years, but his P790 2i has often had the 105g HZRDUS Black in it, same with the SIM Max Rescue. He has swapped between the HZRDUS and his PX7.0 in the P790, with the HZRDUS basically being the closest thing to his PX's in terms of profile, balance point (low), and overall stiffness. Back in 2018, Honda Classic:
  12. Correct. The TCB actually isn't in the Maltby charts so I am not sure where that one would sit to be honest. Based on the design/shaping it looks like it is likely slightly lower CG than the X-Forged CB, but beyond that I can not say. Based on all the other irons in the line up though there is no way it has an MOI up where the Titleist and JPX irons are.
  13. JPX 919 specs from MG$: Regarding soles, I believe the newer Titleists are thinner soled than the older models, but other than that I can not really comment. I have not compared them either so I can't comment on feel.
  14. Agreed with the wisdom about carbon steel. I would never keep it in the trunk of a car with heat and humidity, that is literally what people do with wedges that they WANT to rust. Your headcover is likely hanging on to plenty of moisture, so combine that with the conditions and where you're leaving the putter and that is a recipe for quick oxidation. If you love the putter and want a fresh start with it and maybe a more durable finish, send it to BOS Golf or The Putter Spa and have it restored/refinished. EDIT: My gamer is carbon steel and was refinished by BOS in Black Oxide back arou
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