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  1. The only reason his driver was that swingweight was due to the extremely heavy grips he used to use, so the driver wasn't actually light I don't think. I'm pretty sure Bryson's driver now measures in a "normal" range due to switching to the JumboMax Ultralight version.
  2. I think he is asking whether or not it the fade tendencies people are reporting are related to strike or face angle. The two get conflated a lot when drivers are referred to being "biased" one way or the other, combined with the still nebulous claim/wisdom that heel/toe biased weighting impacts face closure rate. @getitdaily, the GolfTec CG measurements show the Sim standard being pretty significantly fade biased, so I don't think that is really a question.
  3. A vast majority of people would never be able to tell the difference between 1/4" of tipping. 1/2" is still pretty subtle for most. I would not worry about it at all unless it is going to bother you mentally. This will also depend on what length you plan on playing the club. Tipping is meant to offset the additional head weight, so if you plan on playing the 5-wood longer than standard then you may want to/have to decrease the headweight via a different weight cartridge, and this will further reduce the "need" for the recommended tipping.
  4. Everything looks fine to me. Right out of the gate, being a lefty makes it unlikely to be a fake because the margins/market make it not very practical to attempt. The fit and finish look consistent between the two as well. You can probably contact Titleist to verify the serial number.
  5. I do believe that is one of the components, yes. The shaft I believe is a version of the old Wilson Headspeed shaft which was known for being fairly soft, especially by modern, more heavy-headed putter standards.
  6. Valtiel

    2020 US Open

    I wouldn't even attribute it to being outplayed, more that for some reason he still hasn't figured out that you shouldn't be hitting the ball 200ft in the air when its windy. It boggles my mind with how good he is that he continues bashing his head into that same wall.
  7. That is a good point as well. More speed with 8-iron down to wedge means more effective gouging within the "bomb and gouge" approach. The clubs are mainly more upright due to his swing, not the one length thing, otherwise the crossover point, in this case his 7-iron, would have a more standard lie angle. Cobra's One Length sets do not have his lie angles either. Also 10 degrees is a TON in terms of lie angle and would be far far more than just a couple blades of grass in terms of rough interaction, especially in thicker rough.
  8. It may have been different aesthetically in terms of design and form factor, but like @storm319 said, it had the smallest and least effective adjustment range by a pretty significant margin when compared to its competitors, so it was really time for an upgrade. The form factor of the design also seemed like it was going to put a cap on how effective it could ever be, both in terms of horizontal weight movement and head CG given they would have been locked into designing around this tubular concept and the structure needed to support that shape it in the head. It wasn't going to be something th
  9. Hah thanks, that is exactly what I was thinking in terms of "I don't have any science, but it seems like it could be a thing".
  10. Just a random thought after watching all the rough related activities during the US Open. Is it possible the Bryson's extremely upright iron lie angles (~10*+ more upright than standard) give him a bit of an advantage out of the rough? It would seem like the more upright a club is, the less shaft/heel/hosel would actually be grabbed on to/twisted by deeper rough. To look at it from the opposite extreme, an iron that was bent significantly flat would, if i'm correct, come into contact with a lot more of the rough around the hosel area. Thoughts?
  11. Agreed, the EVO 757's are right there with the original Blueboard as being the progenitor of the soft mid "Blue" profile. Ventus Red and Atmos Red are closer in most respects then their "Blue" versions.
  12. Yeah I would imagine it is more of a feel thing. Rickie was pretty consistent with his soft midsection shafts for the last few years prior to the Ventus Black, which was a pretty big departure for him in a driver shaft. He's looking for something, be curious to see where he lands.
  13. Looks like Rickie started the open with the Ventus he's been playing, then swapped in a Tensei Pro Orange? Weird change, I think I remember him playing it for a second when it first came out. Dude is definitely searching.
  14. To add to what @Noodler said above, it is also confusing because it was a system devised when there were fewer variables. They didn't have a wide variety of steel shafts back then covering a 50g+ range like we do now, same for grips. When those two variables are relatively fixed, swingweight can be applied pretty universally. Once they start changing though, it completely goes out the window.
  15. The PO box. I also thought at first that maybe my old address was linked somewhere/to something in my eBay or PayPal and that somehow a wire got crossed there with the seller, but he only ever had my shipping address (the PO box) and the FedEx Shipping Center address I gave him to redirect the package. The hub supervisor in my area confirmed to me that the old address came from FedEx fetching it from a USPS database when they lost the address information during the reroute request. Why they didn't just reach back out to the shipper to recover that information I have no clue, seems like a bad p
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