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  1. I agree with @hagimihale on all counts here, and I would strongly advise something stronger than the S+ for both your speed and what you're used to. Heavy tipping may help, but 120mph is elite tour speed and that will very likely overpower that shaft and leave it feeling loose and tough to control based on your previous preferences. The S+ in anything other than TX flex is going to be the softer "retail" profile meant for more average swing speeds. At 120mph I would be tipping the stock X-flex no less than 1.5" and even that might not make enough of a difference.
  2. That Rogue Black is actually their mid soft design, so it's a pretty friendly shaft actually. Basically the fairway counterpart to the driver shaft.
  3. I think that is starting to get into nitpicky semantics territory there, an area that the mods have addressed. Grips aren't the item being sold, the irons are, so they are obviously different. The driver in this context is the item being sold, no matter how you "dress it up" so to speak.
  4. Torque won't change much with tipping. Out of curiosity, what are you seeking low torque for? Lots of misconceptions out there about torque so it might be useful to check in case you're ruling out shafts you maybe shouldn't be.
  5. Interesting, does he go from an 18* hybrid down to a 24* driving iron? Feels like a huge gap unless he has those irons bent strong.
  6. Seems super similar to Tiger's 56* grind yeah? Worn leading edge grind with trail relief swept in more aggressively in the heel.
  7. I really do wonder if that is just outdated at this point. I have only ever seen anything close to 56* on tour issued bonded "Max" fairway wood heads, and even that is very rare. A few eBay stores have drop down specs for multiple driver heads and the lie angles always look like this: I'm sure you could make the argument that these are the "unused" stock that would potentially be undesirable, but I don't necessarily believe that, and even then you'd still see a 56* or 57* slip through occasionally and I never have. Even 58* is extremely rare.
  8. Any indication where the numbers were coming from? Swing speed/ball speed/smash factor/launch or?
  9. That should definitely add stability and bring down spin on those putts.
  10. Those sneaky Taylormade fairways doing what they do best, hiding under other company's headcovers.
  11. Thank you for following up, its those differences you speak of that are why i'm excited about it, more below. Based on the EI profile that was posted, here is what we're seeing: The left is from Fuji, the right is the Fit2Score profiles of the Motore Speeder Tour Spec VC .2 wood shaft (red) and the Tour Spec 9.8 hybrid version. Right out of the gate I want to clarify that i'm not saying this is just a rehash of an older shaft. Every company has their own profiles they tend to iterate on and this one in particular feels pretty unique to Fuji and is one of my favorites (the Diamana W-Series copied it a bit). It is a very stiff butt section that loses stiffness more quickly than something like the Ventus Black, but not as quickly as the Blue, so it looks to fit between them. That rapid but more linear stiffness loss IMO creates a loading sensation similar to a traditional mid soft "Blue" profile, but firmer and a bit more stable. This is my idea of what "powerful" feels like in a shaft. The immediate haulting of that loss in the middle and the very flat progression to the tip creates a ton of stability. This profile has seen a lot of longevity on tour with guys like Stricker (Driver), Oosthuizen (Fairways and sometimes driver), and Justin Thomas (fairway) still using the original Motore Tour Spec shafts. The thing i'm really stoked about though is the other bits Fuji mentioned because the ONLY downside to these original Motore shafts to me was feel, which was a little harsh to me at times. The newer 40/70ton carbon formula with the Velocore tech sounds really exciting because if there is anything we have learned in recent years its that companies have figured out ways to make very aggressive shaft profiles feel much better than in the past. I don't even know what the whole "Spread Tow" weave brings to the table but anything that adds stability without adding weight is good in my book, and reading up on it and how its a construction method that requires less resin to impregnate also has me optimistic about feel (the less resin the better from a feel standpoint on average). https://gernitex.com/resources/spread-tow-carbon-fiber-fabric/ All of that combined with the fact that this profile isn't really anything like the rest of the Ventus lineup reads like a homerun to me. I was curious how they were going to follow up something as successful as the Ventus and this looks super promising.
  12. Understood. I ask because i'm actually excited about it given my previous experience with the EI profile that was pictured and I think it would be really useful in conversation for the purpose of differentiating it from the current Ventus lineup since it is indeed a different design. If the shaft is what I think it is then it is something I really want to test and that archived EI profile would be helpful IMO, but i'll leave it out if you don't agree.
  13. Trying to find the lowest spinning version of a shaft in a "softer" flex is a bit like trying to find jeans that fit differently without changing the inseam/waist measurements. Yes there are different cuts/styles/rises that will make a difference to a degree, but at the end of the day you need correct measurements. Shaft launch/spin is a function of deflection, and stiffer flexes will deflect less. Staying within the "Stiff" category is going to limit what you can do, and even then a shaft is not going to do very much. How high is "too high" exactly when it comes to launch and spin? Unless you have launch data to support that feeling, you might want to adjust your view because at 102mph club/153mph ball you need a decent amount of both launch and spin for optimum distance. Chasing lower launch/spin will reduce distance unless either of those numbers is fairly extreme, and if they are then you're looking at a mechanical issue that no shaft is really going to help.
  14. As @Billfitz said you'll end up losing the score lines in that area in addition to likely the even bigger eyesore of sanding through the black coating on the face, exposing the more silvery titanium underneath. Faces can be resurfaced, Continental Golf on here has done it many a time, but you'll have a silver face afterwards. My suggested solution is to put a nice sandy ball mark upside your friend's head.
  15. Yeah this definitely feels like what many of us have observed over the years and was a big part of why Matt at TXG seemed to always produce numbers that looked a *little* juiced. Not intentionally of course, but he was a very low spin guy and GCQuad gave him a boost because of that. Preposterous as in low or high? Taylormade have long advertised 56*-60* as stock but either i'm missing something or there has virtually never been a driver released that was actually anywhere near 56* stock. Every single tour issued head I have ever seen both in person and online has ranged from 58*-60*, so 59* sounds perfectly normal. And if there were any heads that we'd see on the flatter side, it would be the tour issued ones.
  16. Can I share the EI Profile from the previous archived product page or is that inaccurate?
  17. If you were replying to me then my question was aimed at the OP. I agree with you, although I think there is a correlation between height and success on average (taller is favorable).
  18. Just an amendment here, while the variable grams per SW point based on length can usually be fudged a little bit with the 2g per point rule of thumb, we don't want to do that with the extremes (longest and shortest clubs in the bag). It's around 1.6g per SW point at standard driver lengths which comes out to 19g of additional weight.
  19. How are you judging that exactly? Taller guys will typically go a bit upright, shorter guys standard or flatter. I think the only notable exception are guys like Kuchar with very flat swings.
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