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  1. I have been perfectly happy with the blue T 7 wedges in 56 and 60 degrees. No complaints about feel or performance. My only dilemma is what to replace them with when,the time comes.
  2. At 69 I carry a 12 degree driver, a 4 wood, and alternate between a 9 wood and an 11 wood. Plus a 20 degree Adams hybrid. The high lofted fairway woods allow me to elevate shots in a way I can no longer do with an iron. They are magic for me.
  3. I bought six dozen at $25.00 A dozen and feel that this is an excellent ball, good feel and adequate distance. I have not noticed any durability issues but don`t hit it very hard these days.
  4. It feels a tad more difficult to maneuver than my ancient Speed Cart, but very well built and gets a lot of positive comments.
  5. Even worse. As I close in on 70 I have found space in the bag for a Rogue 11 wood. The lineup goes driver, 4 wood, 20 degree Adams 9031 proto hybrid, and the 25 degree 11 wood.
  6. I recently picked up a Z 745 driver which is a glue on head rather than ten adjustable. It is marked as proto type 6, and I have noticed other prototypes with different model numbers. Does anyone have any info as to the specifications which support the different numbers?
  7. I have two, and they are excellent quality. I always use a push cart so can't really comment on ease of carry. The Sun Mountain site has an excellent price on the 2019 stand version.
  8. You might want to take a look at the Sun Mountain canvas/leather bag. It's got a throwback look and seems quite well made.
  9. Check with Maui Golf in Kahului; last time I was in they were offering 36 hole packages on Lanai for something in the neighborhood of $ 300.00, which included the cost of the ferry. That is not too far off the kama'aina price.
  10. Both courses are terrific. Sevillano is a difficult track with tough sight lines if you are unfamiliar with the course. Play it a couple of times, and it will be a favorite. Always in terrific condition. I know Stevinson has had some condition issues recently, but at one time I lived nearby, and it is one of the best tracks in Northern California. A
  11. I'm always complaining that my thrift store excursions locate clubs that appear to have been dragged behind a pickup; however, I did score today, a set of Spalding Elite MV2s which are near identical to the Top Flites I played way back when. $10.00 for the 2 thru PW
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