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  1. Play a round from the forward most tees & see what you shoot Play a round from the tips & see what you shoot Keep track of these stats Ball in Play off the tee (Par 4s & 5s only) - If you have to drop, punch out, or layup then your ball is not in play # of Shots it takes to get within 50 yards of the green (not including your tee shot) - this will show you if you're missing iron shots in the right place # of Shots it takes to get in the hole within 50 yards # of putts missed inside 5 feet
  2. Start a 2 feet ... make 5/5 (if you miss a putt, putt the remaining for practice & also to feel frustratation of not being to start the new set of 5 right away) Then go back to 4 feet ... make or miss long with in a foot beyond the hole 5/5 (same idea as before on missing ... though if you do miss after the practice putts go back to 2 feet) Then go back to 6 feet ... make or miss long with a foot & half beyond 4/5 (if you miss two same idea as before ... though still go back to 2 feet not 4 feet then go back to 8 feet ... 3/3 make or miss within 2 fe
  3. Play it like a normal round ... take your time & go through your process Try to shoot a low score Though there are going to be no eye balls on you ... the pressure isn't going to be the same as playing with your buddies
  4. Lookout Mountain is another good track around there
  5. The course I played in college had 5 par 3s & 5 par 5s I worked at a course with 6 par 3s & 5 par 5s. They exist ... but Most courses are 4 par 3s & 4 par 4s because golf hates change Alot of courses in Asia I believe are par 72 because Augusta is Par 72 In my opinion, more course should be par 64 to par 68 with length of the course being 4000 to 6000 yards
  6. Start with drill I gave you ... one handed shots (use a sand wedge) When the club gets to around knee high in the forward swing your body stops moving & you start to stand up just slightly. Personally I'd want your chest a little bit more left at impact & your handle a little bit more forward. You do 'flip' at the ball a little bit. That being said ... I personally think its difficult to correct a swing with just a video ... I want to see ball flights & have you hit a variety of shots (not curves, but heights & distances) Many golfers practi
  7. Im a PGA Instructor & your swing is fine If you want to work on your release practice hitting balls one handed: hit a 15 yard shot with just your right hand & then hit a 15 yard shot with just your left hand, finally hit one 15 yards with two hands. Next do the same for 30 yards, then 45 ... then do 15 again, 30 again, 45 again. This will teach you to learn the feel for 'your' release & you learn how to control the club equally in each hand When you play keep track of the following stats # of penalty shots Approach Shots inside
  8. Every Par 4 over 400 yards avgs over par on tour Every Par 5 avgs under par When you watch golf on TV ... You are watching a small sample size This years US Open played fined ... one guy finished under par Pebble Beach would have been fine if you made it a par 69 course (make 6 & 18 par 4s). Winning score is now around -5 (I don't see a problem with that) Shinncock played fine Oakmont played fine Chambers played fine Pinehurst played fine Merion (the shortest US Open) the winner sh
  9. I grew up in Troy & I got lessons from Paul Toski (PGA). We teaches out of Sanctuary Lake in Troy. Alot of what I learned as a kid was skill based & Paul took us out to the course a ton to work on our game.
  10. Lets say your typical drive is 250 ... so your typical 8 iron goes maybe 145. So you should be fine on most par 4s and par 5s ... so I would say its not a bad strategy for playing towards your strengths. Though I would work on getting into a better impact position ... because notting being able to play 7 iron to hybrid is going to make it very difficult to shoot anything below 85 ... unless you play absolute perfect 50% fairways is pretty good for a golfer that is trying to break 90 ... it matters more where you are missing the 50% 1) are you able to hit a sho
  11. Unless you can hit a 3 wood 250 yards or playing a course less than 6000 yards ... you need to hit your driver as much as possible. A mishit 4 iron goes no where compared to a mishit driver.
  12. 1) Setup - making sure the clubface is point some what straight at the target & that your arms are relaxed. (I personally prefer the club to be hovering but not super pickey) 2) Clubhead knee high in the backswing (we can call that takeaway) - I like to see that both hands/arms have moved the clubhead back & chest has started to rotate a little 3) Impact - pressure is forward & clubface is pointing at the intended start line for the shot If your setup has issue then your takeaway is going to have issue then your impact is going to have issues.
  13. The stability shaft isn't going to make a big difference for a 10 or higher handicap ... it isn't going to help you control speed nor is it going to correct a face that is point 6 inches or more left or right of your target at impact. Now if you near scratch or better, then it will help you a little bit ... but it isn't going to make a 5 shot difference Golfers who are better putter often have shorter first putts. Therefore they are hitting better approach shots & better short game shots.
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