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  1. Playing a par 3 course and playing one ball and putting everything out is great practice Its honestly better iron practice than hitting balls at the range
  2. If a golfer doesn't have length or avg at putting ... the odds are just not in their favor Holing out from outside of 50 no matter the score is rare So you have to be able to drive par 4s and reach par 5s in two ... still make a good length putt normally Some courses don't have drive-able par 4s or the par 5s don't encourage scoring It makes sense to me
  3. most scratch golf are prolly avg 12 ft from 30 yards ... tour pro are 10% prox from the distance away Scratch golfers typical miss get to the front of the green, tour pros are still hole high, most single digits are in an area from 20 yards short short to the front of the green It's easier to putt it close when you are closer to the green Practice with proper fundamentals and parameters are the answer beating balls isn't practice
  4. Do you think this would work??? I have tried 4-5 (38in), 6-8 (37in), 9-GW (36in). wedges at 35.5" I want to try the following 3 iron 18* 38" 4 iron 22* 37.5" 5 iron 27* 37.25" 6 iron 32* 37.125" 7 iron 37* 37" 8 iron 42* 36.875 9 iron 47* 36.75" PW 51* 36.5" GW 54* 36.5" SW 57* 36.5" LW 60* 36.5 The logic is that I want tighter gaps at the bottom of my bag where I need to be more precise versus having tighter gaps at the top where Im justing trying to hit the green versus being hole high with a w
  5. I currently work as an Assistant Pro at a Resort in Wisconsin and I teach in Palm Desert CA during the Winter time
  6. So you have 16 players and 5 rounds Do like 75% handicaps Stage 1 - 36 Hole Stableford (5, 3, 1, 0, -1 ... Net Eagle to Net DB) Top 8 Players Advance to Stage 2a & Bottom 8 Players advance to Stage 2b Stage 2a - Scores reset ... 36 Hole Stableford (8, 4, 1, 0, -2 ... Net Eagle to Net DB) Top 4 Players advance to Stage 3a & Bottom 4 Players advance to Stage 3b Stage 2b - Scores reset ... 3 Rounds of Net Match Play Win and Move on ... Play for fun rest of the trip
  7. I am from Michigan Jason Guss is very good (including his whole staff) Kyle Wittenbach
  8. I watch the putter head as it moves back and then as it swing forward my head begins to swivel towards to the target From 5 feet and in I look at the hole The ball isn't moving!!! Honestly shouldn't be that complicated
  9. I think a great hickory format is play from around 5400 yards with 4 clubs (Brassie, Mashie, Niblick, and Putter) you must wear: 1) long sleeve button up 2) vest and tie 3) pants 4) Classic Footjoys 5) Sunday Bag 6) No Rangefinders or yardage books (ideally no sprinker heads) Persimmon Format 1) 9 clubs (driver, 1i or 3 wood, 3i 5i, 7i, 9i PW, Sw, Putter) 2) Wear solid color top with like 5 buttons and matching plaid pants plus a rope hat 3) Play from 6300 yards 4) Yardage Books yes, Rangefinders no
  10. Have you ever practiced your aim???? 1) Setup a tee 3 feet away from the ball 2) Stand 1 Foot behind the ball 3) Look at the tee & take a deep breath 4) Close your eyes and walk into the ball 5) Hit the Putt with your eyes closed 6) Repeat If you make 5 in a row move back to 4 feet, etc If this gets to easy ... setup a right, middle, and left tee all about foot apart You should only really need to use a line on straighter Shorter (less than 10 foot putts) Longer Putts are not really make able ... More about get
  11. I have a good friend in Denver area is name is Isaac Calden ... He works out of the X Golf in Denver (not exactly sure which location) He is young ... but extremely good
  12. If there is nothing in front of me ... I'm hitting close as possible (strokes gained) If there is something ... hit as close to the something
  13. For those saying he needs to improve his short game ... well yes and no If he had him hit 5 shots around the green (20 yard uphill chip fwy, 20 yard downhill chip rough, 15 yard side hill rough, 35 yard over bunker rough, and 25 yard bunker shot) and his avg prox was 20 ft If he was to get 'twice better' 10 ft ... his make % on the putt doesn't go up that much (so isn't gaining any shots) (Junior Golfers, College Golfers, and Pros are the only golfers able to putt better than their skill level from mid to long distance ... they have the time to grind)
  14. I no longer arm lock but I did for 3 years When I switched to arm lock ... I was already putting better than my skill level (somewhere between an 8 and 12 handicap) It made me a better putter for a period I say start by playing around with ball position find a straight and flat putt from about 4 to 6 feet ... hit putts from middle, mid front, and front ball positions figure out which is best I never found super long putts to be difficult ... partly because I was very confident and relaxed while putting with the armlo
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