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  1. I'm curious of the semantics on a different scale after this is closed. I've volueteerred on the PGA and Symetra tour and both required payment FROM THE VOLUENTEER. They claim the cost is to cover food/uniforms etc. I've never complained about it since it's well worth the view for $25, but it makes me curious 1)why nobody has challenged it, and 2) what happens if this incident closes. Usually the course offers some sort of compensation of free/discounted golf if the voluenteer completes X amount of hours.
  2. I could see them doing a "dont let this be you!" thing and using him as an example. Theres also something I read that the PGA is ending their testing but that the players must bring a false test to each event every week on their own money. Definitely a huge push by the PGA to get the shot.
  3. I'm there with you. For intents and purposes though, months ago it was not recommended to get the shot if you'd had Covid within 90 days. His "not again!" remarks may have been an indication he potentially fell into that category.
  4. Oh no doubt. They've absolutely handled this situation the worst they could. I guess I meant "look foolish" as an ankle twister by the league that shall not be named.
  5. We cant forget that the PGA has a full legal team reviewing their rules to limit liability. I'm sure "forced to withdraw" is similar to "retired in lieu of termination." PGA can turn around and go "Rahm withdrew on his own will". Rules say he is forced to withdraw, but what if he refused? Is he DQ'd and now its the PGA's liability?
  6. Can somebody clarify a couple things I've seen pop up on social media? 1) "not again!"...did he have it already? 2) Rumor that he is recently vaxxed. I ask because of experience. In May 2020 I had Covid, full symptems and undoubtedly Covid with a positive test. October 2020 I PCR tested positive again BUT neg to a rapid and spit test. PCR was a false positive. The Doctor that did my rapid test said that the only way to rule out a false positive is a Rapid or saliva test from a laboratory and that the PCR is only machine verified. This machine is unable to tell between
  7. I admittedly havent paid much attention to LPGA, but I've voluenteered on the Symetra Tour recently and did NOT see any in play there. FWIW, youre 100% right though, it likely would benefit them more than PGA.
  8. Michelle Wie is on the pink koolade this week too. https://www.golfwrx.com/655484/michelle-wie-witb-2021-u-s-womens-open/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Latest&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=unused
  9. You clearly don't watch the Golf Channel. That guys face is seemingly on ever 10 seconds....
  10. I personally love these. Having the greatest trash talker in the sport miked up for 5 hours is prime TV. I'd MUCH rather watch these than have to hear Brandel for any amount of time.
  11. OP I did one at True Spec in scottsdale (down the road from CC) and absolutely recommend it. They had several different heads and every grip option available to try. They also would bend the club on the spot to get the right specs. We were able to determine with my Scotty that I was consistantly leaving the face open 1.5* at impact and toe down which opened the face even more. On a 10ft putt, I'd miss approximately 5" right every time. After going over my preferences between blade/mallet, we hit about 8 different heads for the "feel" part. Then we changed to a couple grips and head options to
  12. I agree with you here. I also question if a company departure has more effect than the signing. Like, for instance his PR team specifically making a statement about the TP5x.. do people go "oh the new callaway ball must be crap then!" and psychology starts process of elimination in their equipment decision? For instance, if Tiger dropped Bridgestone next year and TM's marketing ploy is "Tiger trusts the new TP5x." Do people go "oh man, bridgestone must be crap because even Tiger didnt like it!" ?
  13. I guess it was more rhetorical, but since were here didn't TM refuse to sign him back after his outbursts a while back? I get that he's "cheap" but those tantrums are also bad for the brand. As far as Day, he played his best golf under TM and went downhill at the end of his contract and during 2020 Covid shortened season. I dont believe its so far fetched to think that he could contend again. And i'll concede that Rahmbo is a different case. Adidas doesn't allow players to co-image their clothing so I can't imagine he wouldn't fetch more money outside of that deal now that Tr
  14. I just don't understand this. How do you let JDay and Rahmbo walk, but then turn around and re-sign Sergio?
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