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  1. Regardless, if you end up using any type of soap to clean your girps (generally at home) just make sure it doesnt have any sort of oils or lotions in it. Sounds hippy but something "all natural" works best just in case. Made the mistake of using a dawn knockoff once and left my grips oily and slick feeling.
  2. There's so many parts of the body moving at the same time that if just one is a fraction off tempo from the other, the desired result becomes undesirable. We forget sometimes they they too, are human. Asking this is also like asking why MLB pitchers don't just pitch strikes. And why the hitters don't always hit home runs.....
  3. Love the color of these but HOLY MOLY, $200 for a pair? I'll stick to my UA gear and first responder discount
  4. Waiting on an Autoflex shaft. Fairway Jockey building it and says there are "international shipping delays" that are causing it to be longer than expected. boooooo
  5. I've also noticed that after scrubbing them with water then actively drying them off that they get stickier. Too much so for me that it ripped my bare hand open actually.
  6. IMHO, take up that offer. Worst case is you confirm this is the best fit for you. Best case is you get something better and little to no additional cost (or even money back if its a cheaper setup).
  7. No..but yes. Its normal to not be able to stripe a brand new to you club right off the bat but not normal enough that you should be forced to play it. I would be calling them first thing when they open and taking them up on their 30 day guarantee.
  8. I realize this is a dead thread but for those that search in the future theres some great info here. I've been fit 3 different times on 3 different occasions by True Spec. I've found all 3 fitters to be extremely knowledgeable and up to date on the latest offerings and tweaks that can be made. The important part is USE THE DISCOUNTS!! Sign up for their emails if youre looking to get a fitting in the future. With the 3 fittings, I've only paid $75 and that would have been waived if I purchased this last time. I had a "full bag" my first time minus wedges/putter. I orde
  9. Hitting the range the day before. It always sounds like a good idea. I play about once a week and generally hit the range a day before to "see" where my game is at. Then I'll warm up the day of the round and I'm worn out and sore by the turn.
  10. The RIGHT tool makes the job easier. Idgaf about how skilled you are with your Snap-on 11mm socket if I'm trying to tighten a 10mm bolt.
  11. I get what you're saying but its also got some factors left out from each of us. I just see a ton of people miss long. They fly it the right distance, but rolls out to a 10footer now. IE: If your front edge is 170 and pin at 180, and you only have that 180 number -as many people do- you're either 1) landing 180 and rolling long or have gone left/right. If you hit front edge at 170 (pin at 180) and hit your 170 club, you're either landing short and rolling up pin high, or have gone left/right. The left/right miss is inconsequential and highly dependent of each particular hole. Of co
  12. Flag distance is irrelevant. Knowing front and where to miss is more important.
  13. With most of us searching for lighter weights, has anybody ever tried 3D printing weights for their driver? Considering its not in an impact area I'd think it'd be a viable option. Just need to get ahold of the CAD files.
  14. KBS Tour V w/Mizuno 921HMP 175 carry
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