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  1. I bought the commercial fairway mat from all turf mats and bought a interlocking may from Academy to soften the blow. Very solid mat. Found it cheaper on all turf mats's website than on Amazon. Then paired it with with a rukk net. I did some reading on here and found the Rukk Net to be the best option and it's portable for when you want to take it somewhere else/need the space. It's great for grooving a swing and getting some rust off. I like it to when I'm working on some things and don't feel like chasing balls. Here is my setup with all of my training stuff.
  2. $125/month including cart of unlimited golf. Most days I play 27 holes if not more depending on day length. Don't get to use it much Jan-April due to job.
  3. Palm Desert - Canyons. Really enjoyed seeing the desert when I went out to California on business last year. Would like to see what it would be like to play a desert course.
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