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  1. No. They limit Black course reservations to once every 28 days. I played 2 weeks ago. I might try a walk up
  2. Some of the guys on here may be able to give advice. But, I would suggest go see sports physical therapist.
  3. Lets be realistic......A 4 could beat Tiger right now!.....Or could he?!
  4. Who said he sang in English? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b5tyITSTPQ
  5. He's gonna find a nice karaoke lounge and sing We are the Champions with his caddy. Xander Schaufflee will then come up and sing The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald but, substitute his name in the lyrics. Wil Zalatoris will sing Happy .....just because. Dustin Johnson will take the stage and show off his hidden talent of yodeliling to Zamfir. They will sit and drink hot sake all the while wondering? Why Jordan Spieth set the whole thing up and didn't show
  6. I think you can do it.......yeah! I really do! Screw these naysayers! LOL!
  7. I just want to thank my kids for the Super HD TV for Christmas. I honestly was shocked that it was Fred Ridley who answered the phone when I called it in..... but, he did thank me and I got four tickets for next years Master's out of it. #Sorry Abe not sorry.
  8. Bingo! Bango! Some of the privates around me equate to $500-$750 a round.
  9. I tried the Black 6X, it was different. It launched at 17* and spun between 1800-1900.....high knuckle balls that went straight. The TPT just had a more penetrating flight and gave me more roll out. I think if I'd never played the TPT the Ventus would be the shaft I'd play.
  10. Ha! I feel like you have the most input. Yet, you're talking into a void. Why carry? I know you said the newer bags are lighter. Why would the cart be a PITA?
  11. By "worst possible pro golfer" is that code for someone? Is the 4 cap JonesScott? There's a lot of gray area here
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