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  1. Bryson-Tim I think it’s time to learn the “new math”! Tim- I quit!
  2. Forget the hecklers. I want to see Williams react to BDC when he goes 6 or 7 Steve? How’s about hitting’ the green mate!
  3. Harris English, 2 W's in his first 249.....and now 2 W's in his last 15 -Good on him! Sorry Hickok didn't get his first W but that was a pretty good showing
  4. Ya bunch a beer snobs! LOL! It's not like they paired it with a Matt's Beer Ball!
  5. Why not wait? It's four shots in your round. You're not making people wait on every shot. So you hit a dribbler.... it's still moving forward. Drivable par 4? Same answer. Why not wait? Hitting into people is avoidable. A chance at hitting a par 5 in two......or drivable par 4 -shouldn't be.
  6. I think you'd have a better chance if you played and did not practice.
  7. Who are these "Great Players" not being celebrated? Bubba should......play golf.
  8. Can't speak for the Motocaddy's. But, (a separated shoulder from my rugby playing and a neck from wrestling) I love my Alphard E-wheels and from not paying cart fees it has already paid for itself. As far as walking without the bag strapped to my back. I can still walk 36 a day and not need a bottle of tylenol.
  9. I can't believe no one has said Long Island...... Bethpage for golf and 20 minutes away is Connetqout State Park with it's Trout hatchery. If you want to go a little ( a lot) farther you could go out to Montauk and go after Striper's on the fly and play Montauk Downs. Travel a little north about two hours and you can fish Roscoe too and there's a few good courses up that way too.
  10. They didn't tell you to just drop some crazy glue on that? I had PGA Superstore tip a shaft an inch......even though I didn't ask them too!
  11. People are so stupid. I have partners that are active and retired LE and carry. You never know when you are going to run into the (wrong) person in this type of situation. Just dumb.
  12. Is that a carbon steel 611 tri-sole? Welded neck? Was that hand softened by Byron? What a gorgeous putter!
  13. Too late now, but could you have called Callaway customer service and explained what happened? I had a Ping driver break/crack the day before a tournament. They had me drive to a PGA superstore and pick up a new head while I was on the phone with them. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about...... and you don't stand over every tee shot expecting a "catastrophic miss". LOL!
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