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  1. Yeah watched it. Again, my opinion. Hey Tiger, your dad was a womanizer. They raised you with no thought but making you a golfer. Wow, Tiger, your ex-caddy feels like you should still be friends....etc. Whether you feel (your opinion) they went easy or not. It felt like a cheap hit piece. YOMV.
  2. My opinion. Tiger finally seems at peace with his life now. Playing PNC with his son. Shedding his "aloof" personality over the last few seasons-Enjoying golf. This struck me as a hit job. I don't condone the behavior of his past. But, it's done why the rehash?
  3. Does 15 times include a breakfast ball?
  4. 5 years ago? That's a long time to warranty a shaft. IMO.
  5. Yeah, looks like he may have assaulted his wife and another women-according to press reports.
  6. I hit both 425 LST and 425 Max yesterday on a simulator with the Ping Tour 70, AV Orange 65, and the Rogue White 70 -all in X flex. SS is 115-118 with a 0-to +1 AoA. In my small sample, about 75 balls hit, The Max was higher spin than the LST for me about 600-700 on average. I'm going to bring my gamer 400LST in and compare it to the 425 LST with a Ventus Black 6X and a TPT 14 LKP LT LW and see what happens between those two.
  7. I like my Big Moss Admiral it's 6x15
  8. So what you're saying is the pressure got to you? LOL! I had a South African player (rhymes with peazy) tell me I stink after slicing a tee shot -He was actually consoling me LOL!
  9. I couldn't answer for them. I go every six months now to my dermatologist and have my ears, temples and cheeks checked. My reckoning was I had a a good size chunk removed from my shoulder blade about 4 years ago. It scared me pretty good.
  10. I wear this one by Kooringal https://images.app.goo.gl/sBy5ZZuM7ob7Fa9R9
  11. A little different but, in the same vein. I had my daughter who is 5 now at a golf travel show with me two years ago. At one of the booths I was talking to a rep when another rep at the booth pulls his phone and starts taking photos of my daughter. I just looked at the guy like, WTF are you doing? He quickly put his phone away without a word. I asked him what was he doing? He replied your daughter is beautiful!..... in what I'll call a creepy way. I've never hit someone so hard in my life. When the cops arrived I explained why I hit him The cops asked to see his phone......he had photos of 7
  12. Nothing yet. Will be testing the 425 Max on Jan 5th. I've heard really good things from family down in Australia. So we'll see.
  13. Do most of the new driver heads have pretty much static weights? Really just changing the amount of weight not really the placement? I heard Ping was not really satisfied with the 410 weight distribution(supposedly it messed up the MOI with how much the weight moved) Even the new SIM2 has no real adjustment. Interesting if they all go that way.
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