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  1. As suggested above and also try the weight in the toe
  2. Isn't there a Modus 105?
  3. 2 par 3 eagles, 2 birdies 5 par 4 eagles, 7birdies 1 par 5 albatross, 1 eagle -28. Not bad on a par 70
  4. Pained me to vote no. I think he will win 3 more in the next 7 years, and then either contend/ win one more a la Tom Watson 5-10 years later if he is still health enough to play. So 1 short or tie. I'm young so didn't see Jack play but I already think Tiger is tops or at least equal in the conversation.
  5. 1. Not a forged head...probably cast like the P790; 2. The carved back is likely to provide some perimeter weighting...prefer the clean look of the P790 myself; 3. With the 7 iron at 33* the lofts appear to be more reasonable for a normal distance...no more 220 yard 7 irons..,.. lol It says forged right on the toe?
  6. Make all left numbers - and right numbers positive, take average. Ends up -9.7
  7. Just got a D4 so interested to see how it plays relative to my callaway dbd
  8. I just got one of these off eBay, protopype 80x and took it out to the range, was nearly keeping up with 915D4 and felt like I couldn't miss the target. Bought it after reading this thread and always wanted to try an original protopype, Really solid combo
  9. Is the rogue max the red graphics low launch or black graphics mid launch version
  10. Wrx is the best place for everything from golf stories to equipment sales and has the best people.
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