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  1. PM sent on the Covert - [color=#282828]Matrix Ozik 7M3[/color]
  2. [quote name='lever2ooo' timestamp='1422329210' post='10825233'] I have the exact squareback as the one with the scratch. Its an amazing putter [/quote] yes, it is. very underrated. glws!
  3. Not to sound all weird, but how tall was your daughter before she outgrew these?
  4. Are you willing to part the Proforce V2 shaft from the Titleist driver? If so, PM me your price. Thx!!
  5. [quote name='series10' timestamp='1376468914' post='7673612'] I play a 52, 56 and 60. Happy with this setup. 56 gets played for most shots around the green and approaches inside 100. 52 110-100, 56 99-81 60 80-in (depending on pin location also). Have entertained the thought of packing a 64, but thought better of it. [/quote] Great minds think a like, because i was going through the same thing. I currently play 52, 56, 60, and have a 54, 58 sitting in the closet. I was thinking of trying out 52, 58, 64, but like you, thought the better of it.
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