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  1. Haven't played the MMC's, but currently game the ZX7's. Maybe my favorite irons ever, if that means anything
  2. Just had my Odyssey 2ball Mid belly putter bent to an arm lock. It's at 7 degrees loft. Feels great & cost less that $5 to have my shop bend it & fit it.
  3. For Sale & Motivated! Ping G20 8.5 w/ Graphite Design P9003TX (tour x flex) Hit this about 5 times - needs a big hitter! Expensive shaft! Plays 45 inches. SOLD Rocketballz 14.5 Tour 3W w/ Graphite Design AD DJ 8X Love this club, just heading a different direction! Shaft is painted in TM paint scheme. Real deal. No HC SOLD Rocketballz 21.5 degree #4 Hybrid w/ TP Matrix Ozik 85 Stiff Club has a few dings on it, looks great from address. No HC SOLD Grafalloy ProLaunch Red X Flex w/ Authentic SureFit tip Plays 45 inches in a 910D3. SOLD Motivated to sell, definitely losing money on all of these :-) First to paypal to paypal get's em. Thanks! Paul
  4. A few websites had pre-orders and mentioned a release date of Feb 1st.
  5. Scotty did design a putter specifically for Matt & the greens this week, must not have worked out for him. Now that Rife is back up and running with several new designs in the works - they'll be making a play for him again. We'll see.. (source: mike shannon)
  6. Arg, too bad I just bought the 7M3,. good price w/ the tip!
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