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  1. So this happened tonight at the range. Hopefully they will take care of it.
  2. I just started using the sensors. Got a a good deal from Taylormade. I haven’t had any issues and have found them very accurate. I have no issues adding shots if I’m OB or the ball is lost. I don’t even notice the weight of the sensors. I have an Apple Watch so I’m looking forward to not having the phone in my pocket. For me the data it gives you as far as where you are losing and winning is great for me. The most annoying part is it doesn’t always catch tap in putts. I’m curious to know if the people that have issues have the newest version of the sensors.
  3. I will look at the TI or Max versions. Need a S flex shaft or head only. This will ship to Las Vegas, NV Thanks.
  4. Callaway Epic Flash SZ 5w head and head cover. I am the original owner so all the marks are from me. Pics show condition. Need 1-2 business days to ship. $115 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  5. Clean pulls with a .355 tip and Stiff Flex. Bought for a build and went a different route. Asking $130 shipped. Thanks Lengths are as follows: 4i - 37.25 5i - 36 5/8 6i - 36 7i - 35.75 8i - 35.5 9i - 34 5/8 PW - 34 3/16
  6. Don’t post pics of the lady friend in there. Lol
  7. 6 dozen total Brand New Srixon golf ball. 5 dozen are Z Star and 1 dozen is Z Star XV. Full Disclosure that a few balls will have a black sharpie mark through the name of the ball. The mark was made by me as I was going to play these before I found my go to ball. I have found at least 2 sleeves that have the mark (I did not check all of them). Selling all 6 dozen for $125 PayPal shipped. I need 1-2 business days after payment for shipping. Selling all together and will not break up. Thanks
  8. I finally found my ball that I’m going to play going forward so these have to go. These are all the newest model. Not willing to break up the lot. Selling for $175 shipped. Thanks!
  9. I tested the g410 Plus LST against the SIM. I felt for me the SIM was the clear winner. Spin, distance, ball speed were all higher. I’m not a great golfer by no means but I definitely don’t have any issues hitting a fade or draw when need. I felt like I had no control with either PING I tested. Just my 2 cents
  10. I have never liked a Callaway Driver, but have always loved a Callaway fairway wood. Funny how that works out.
  11. I enjoy the RX over the Zstar and Zstar XV (which are the balls I always play). I have a 110 swing speed and don’t see any distance lost vs the X or XS. It spins on my wedge shots just how I like. I bought a dz to try out with some golf galaxy coupons.
  12. I actually put my epic flash SZ 5w against a SIM TI 5w. I used the exact same set up that I currently have. A stock Tensi Blue. The Sim felt like butter and was very forgiving however it didn’t not beat my Epic. Number for me were almost exactly the same. Same spin, ball and club head speed. Even the same amount of roll. To me it just was worth the extra cost for now.
  13. I play 5-9 p790s and have a 46° Jawz for my PW. Can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.
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