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  1. My last high end tour putter from the collection. I think this will move quite fast as I see these go quick when they pop up for 4000 without a tour cover 3500 includes HHH CT Cover!!!!, Original CT shaft+CT Grip. Perfect Gamer The incredibly rare 330g/35" 009 model (almost always 340/350) This is one of the early 009 CT heads designed for a 35" shaft per scotty recommendations at 330g/35, 340g/34, 350g/33 to keep optimal weighting This head has had it's oilcan finish updated as well as paintfill to further protect the carbon steel. There is original pitting/rust on some area's of the putter from when it's finish should have been updated sooner (near toe/face). No grinding/remilling was performed to keep original head weight per request and sits perfectly at 331g. Two Tone Oilcan Finish. Blue'd Sole+Bumpers/Dark Top All Original Milling/Headweight ♕HHH CT Cover (nearly new) ♕Original CT 35.5" Shaft (clean) ♕Black CT Grip (clean/light play) Nearly impossible to find these under 4k in good shape. Rare stamping models exceeding $5000+. This would make an awesome guilt free gamer. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I see your trade interests are more face balanced style. Any trade interests for my Circle T Midslant(near face balanced) for your champions choice+money? Thanks!
  3. Napa is taken, Pro Plat 350g is taken 350G GSS NP2 & 1.5 Flowneck remain
  4. Good catch! I have the Circle T version of that putter and it is Carbon but you're right the retails are actually not! I can't tell the difference between the 2 as they are both milled the same.
  5. 3 Amazing Offerings Left From The Collection. We're now halfway through the collection selloff. Everything has been moving so fast! I can continue to fund my degenerate Circle T buying. Thanks Guys! Scotty Cameron Deep Milled Napa 35" ✦Deep Milled+Super Clean ✦Brushed Black Oxide ✦Brand-New Napa Shaft 35" ✦Brand-New Black Matador SC Grip ✦Brand-New SC Headcover Looks and play's like a $1500 stick SOLD Scotty Cameron 350G Pro Platinum Newport 35" ✦Ultra Rare 350G Newport Head (rounded bumpers) ✦Good Gamer Shape (refinished by Titleist at some point) ✦Brand-New 35" Shaft ✦Brand-New Grey Scotty Grip ✦Original Grey Pro Platinum Cover You don't find these under $600 anymore! True mint's fetching $750+ Guys don't like to let these go. As close to a Circle T 350g 009 as you can get without the $4000 price tag. SOLD Scotty Black Sea Mist Flowneck 1.5 33" ✦Deep Milled ✦Nice Gamer Shape (rounded bumpers) ✦Original 33" Scotty Shaft ✦Original Black Fish Scale Scotty Headcover ✦Choice of good shape scotty grips (currently has superstroke on it) Getting harder to find for a fair price. Plays identical to the Circle T flowneck version of this (I have both the CT/Retail version) only 350 Scotty 350G GSS Newport 2 Studio Style 33" ✦Crazy Rare 350G Head ✦Original 33" Scotty Shaft (they only came in 33") ✦Original Scotty Cameron Headcover ✦Original Scotty Cameron Grip Very comparable to a GSS inserted super rat (I own one) hard to tell the difference when the super rat is setup to be 350g with interchangeable weights. This is absolutely the way to go when you want the super rat feel for 1/10th the price only 450
  6. I have some! Pm me what you're looking for :)
  7. 2 Awesome Offerings Remain. Priced For Quick Sale! I'm covering all shipping costs & paypal fee's for Goods & Services. #1 Miura TC201 Irons 4i-Pw Stiff-Flex Precision Rifle 2* Upright $2300 New I would be listing these at $1500 if they didn't have the lie adjustment marks on the soles only $1275 #2 Scotty Cameron Circle T Midslant Blade Includes Original CT Headcover Includes Original CT Shaft Iconic Old School Handstamping Extremely Rare In Midslant no coa but authentic as you could ever hope for. You can't find these in this price range anymore. small knicks and scratches from play but nothing that would effect playability Probably a $2500 putter without the date on the toe. I'm unsure of the significance behind it. only $1700
  8. ✦3 Awesome Offerings From The Collection✦ Priced at my lowest. I'm covering all shipping costs & paypal fee's for goods & services. #1 Nike Vapor Pro Forged ✦The Real Deal Forged Models Not The Cast Speeds/Pro Combo's ✦3i-Pw Near Mint ✦Original DG S300 Stiff-Flex ✦Original Nike Golf Pride Grips I've seen completed eBay listings in near mint for $750-900! SOLD #2 Mint Gen 2 Circa 62 Black Flowneck ♕Ultra Rare In Lefty (super limited production run) ♕33" with Original Shaft Label ♕Scotty Grip Included ♕Scotty Headcover Included These game out for 800-900 on the lefty games pages! only 650 #3 Mint Gen 1 Circa 62 Chocolate Carbon Flowneck ♕Ultra Rare In Lefty (ultra super limited production run) ♕"Made For The Tour" version with no finish. crafted/milled raw ♕35" Original Mint Shaft Label ♕New Grip Included ♕Scotty Headcover Included only 700
  9. Nope lol! I made a mistake. This is the California Limited Edition!
  10. 2 Awesome Pieces From The Collection #1 Robert Allenby's 009 CT Carbon Includes Newish Circle T Shaft Includes Newish Circle T Grip Includes Scotty Cameron Headcover No coa available but authentic as you could possibly hope for (please see pictures) I am not adding value with the tour player association as 3500 is the true lowest end of 009 price ranges You don't find these for under $4k anymore! only 3500 #2 Napa California Limited Edition Includes Original Shaft Includes Original Headcover Paintfill Updated (old paint was flaking) I have seen completed listings on eBay for these from $1000-$1800 (depending on condition). Also pricing on the lowest end only 1000
  11. Good to know on the Proto if thats true If you look closely there is small mushrooming on the Titleist back as well as the T stamp and the Titleist is actually stamped multiple times over. It's not engraved. All stamped by Scotty himself I do think he used an arbor press on the Titleist portion because it's really clean. He definitely handstamped the T and S. Cameron portions.
  12. 3 Rare Scotties Priced To Move No coa's as all 3 of these putters were crafted before coa's were issued or even obtainable from Scotty but all 3 absolutely 100% Authentic #1 S. Cameron Coronado Smooth Face Flowneck Handmade By Scott Cameron 34" All Original AM&E Leather Cover/Shaft+Grip I know handmade Scott Cameron models can go for $3000+ especially if a Newport head but I'm not trying to gauge here on any of these 3 putters #2 Santa Fe Sole Stamp Tei3 Flowneck (original flymilling) Restored or original mint condition have completed listings on eBay for $1200+ 34" Very Rare In Sole Stamp Version Original Headcover Included Original Shaft+Label Perfect Gamer! Play Now & Restore The Finish Later only 700 #3 SCM Crown Proto Flowneck Handmade? I was told SCM also means Scott made the putter but I'm not 100% positive. 34" AM&E Replacement Cover All Original Shaft+Grip I seen an identical model but in silver finish sell for $2400 on collectingcamerons.com but it was true mint collectors display condition. I believe he made 2 of these and I have the black one
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