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  1. 3 Putters from my collection. My WRX+personal name can be seen in pic #1 & #2 (also listed on facebook marketplace) My prices are the lowest I will take and I will be covering all shipping costs & paypal fee's for every putter Scotty Cameron Concept X CX-02 (was $600 new) Near Mint Original Shaft+Label Original Grip Super Clean 35" Playing Length only 385 (price dropped from 415) Headcover N/A but reflected in price Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #1 Flowneck Super Clean Vintage Original Shaft+Label Original Baby T Super Clean 35" Playing Length
  2. Hello. Looking to add some Scotty Cameron Circle T putters to the collection or other rare scotties. Please pm me pics and price. Thank you
  3. Prices are firm. I'm covering shipping & paypal fee's for everything. #1 Another T22 Tei3 NP2 Offering new in plastic with sole tape/face tape/grip tape 35" SOLD #2 Piretti Savona 2 Elite (549 new) very clean with headcover 36" SOLD #3 Evnroll ER1 (475 new) Stability Shaft Upgrade with headcover solid gamed shape 34" only 275 #4 Scotty Cameron Golo Black Studio Deep Milled solid gamed shape with headcover (velcro not great) New Golf Pride Grip Installed 34" only 215
  4. 2 Unicorn Head Sets These are the original 1018 forged with artsy style iron #'s (not the mass produced grind models) Forged in Japan and handground by either Jeff or Don at the time These will rust/patina with use EZ1 5i-Pw (9.5/10) Tour Raw 1018 Forged 0.370 SOLD EZ1/AR1 Combos 4i-Pw (9.5/10) Tour Raw 1018 Forged 4,5,6 EZ1 7i-Pw AR1 0.370 SOLD
  5. 2 High Quality Putters *Admins/Moderators* I have name/date at bottom of pics* #1 Napa Bullet Sole I was told restored this model could fetch upwards of 4k based on eBay sold listings for Circle T Napa's. COA/Original Circle T Shaft/Circle T Studio Design Headcover Included. 34" only 2750 #2 T22 Newport Tei3 Limited (none Circle T) Limited Release T22 Newport with Face Sticker/Sole Sticker Original Headcover/Shaft/Grip New In Plastic These are running a tad over 1200 new on eBay 35" only 1025 If seriously in
  6. 1 Holy Grail Scotty 1 Nice Scotty 1 Awesome 3 Hybrid+3 Wood Set ------------------------ #1 Napa Valley Bullet Sole ☮✌Only a handful made in Lefty☮✌ Minty RH's go in the 13-15 range You won't find another in this shape for this price. Honestly, you just won't find another. Original Shaft Original Scotty Leather Grip Original Headcover Extremely Clean 35" SOLD ------------------------ #2 2020 Special Select Newport 2 Original Shaft Superstroke 3.0 Slim Grip Original Headcover Dual 15G Weights
  7. My last post for a while. Priced to move. 2 Top Notch Gamer's made by Scott Cameron 2 Upgraded Drivers ------------------------ #1 Circle T Carbon Laguna 2.5 Made By Scott New Circle T Shaft New Leather Handcrafted Scotty Stitchback Grip Freshened up oil finish USA SC Headcover Included (approx $200 HC) COA Included 35" SOLD ------------------------ #2 Circle T Carbon Mid Slant 3.5 Made By Scott Original Circle T Shaft Original Scotty Cord Grip Original Circle T Headcover COA N/A 34" o
  8. I seen the 1.5 version of this sold for 2300obo on eBay 2 weeks ago. I can't use it because I can't get past the topline ding/imperfections. I believe it would have been a $2400 stick being a Plumber's Newport 2. I'm willing to let it go at only 1650. $300 off my list. That offer is good for anyother wrxer's as well.
  9. If you can get over the topline ding/imperfections that's a solid tour stick. I will work with you on price
  10. This is a 1 of 1 Newport junkyard dog johnny carbon tour platinum. gamed mint. New Circle T Shaft & Handcrafted Scotty Black Stichback Grip It does have the coa (not pictured). I believe it was made by Scott in the early 2000's. Between 1999 & 2003 35" SOLD Circle T Newport 2 Black Fine Milled (hard to find fine milled versions of this model. almost always deep) Black Circle T Shaft (no label) Small Ding On Topline/Topline Imperfections. No CoA. Authentic as can be seen Will pass 7/7 factor coa for red border if ever
  11. My question was mainly if a 7 point handstamped crown on a very early 2000's model like this indicate made by Scott Cameron himself. I think it could be worth equivalent to a 009 with the correct provenance.
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